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Ben Niedermeyer and Wife 2009 Captain Joe & Sons Best Dressed Customer of The Year Award Winner Joanne Pimp Artist Rob Dieboll

Ben writes- Hey Joey:  Great to see you and Frank yesterday and thanks for some great lobsters which we at last night.  Joanne wanted me to forward you the website address of our good friend and excellent artist Rob Dieboll.  … Continue reading

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All Three 2009 Greasy Pole Winning Walks On Video Only Here On GMG

2009 Friday Greasy Pole winner Jason Favaloro video from Mike Lindberg Stew McGillivray Sunday 2009- Stew McGillray 2009 Sunday Greasy Pole Win Video From Greasy Pole Doc Joe Stalline wins Saturday 2009 Greasy Pole Video from Mike Lindberg- Joe Stalline wins … Continue reading

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GMG Year in Review (2009)

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Sharon’s Fiesta 2009 Photo Album

Whew! 17 slide shows in 6 days! And I loved every minute of it! Tuesday Night Novena Wednesday Seine Boat Eliminations Thursday Fiesta 5 Road Race Thursday Fiesta Committee Reception Friday Women’s Seine Boat Race Friday Greasy Pole Past Greasy … Continue reading

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