A Cow and a Lobster Walked into a Bar and….

Try as I may, I can’t come up with a good punchline, but I did get an excellent meal out of it!

The Surf and Turf Burger at the Yard House in Lynnfield totally hit the spot during “Mommy and Daddy really need an evening out alone” night on Saturday.   Check out those chunks of lobster!  So good.

maine lobster sautéed in garlic butter, grilled asparagus, swiss and tomato béarnaise with fries

maine lobster sautéed in garlic butter, grilled asparagus, swiss and tomato béarnaise with fries

The Spicy Tuna Roll was pretty unbelievable too.  This photo doesn’t do it justice as we’d already ripped into it a bit, but it was huge and super yummy!

Spicy Tuna Roll: seared rare ahi, avocado, edamame, cucumber with wasabi soy sauce

Spicy Tuna Roll: seared rare ahi, avocado, edamame, cucumber with wasabi soy sauce

The Yard House

Good times, good eats….and the beer isn’t so bad either.

CAW Needs Your Help!



Our Mission: Cape Ann Wildlife, Inc. is dedicated to   rescuing and providing the necessary rehabilitative care to all injured,   orphaned or otherwise impaired wildlife during their confinement and adjustment   period with Cape Ann Wildlife to ensure their survival upon release back into   their natural environment.

Click Here To Visit Cape Ann Wildlife, Inc.

Got a snowy with a horrible wing fracture   Animal rescue league of Boston is picking her up in the morning to take her out to tufts, please pray she can be mended up enough to be an educational bird.

Got a snowy with a horrible wing fracture
Animal rescue league of Boston is picking her up in the morning to take her out to tufts, please pray she can be mended up enough to be an educational bird.

Cape Ann Wildlife, Inc. formerly Cape  Ann Wild Bird Rescue has been rescuing and rehabilitating many  various species of birds in Gloucester, Massachusetts since 2005.

Jodi Swenson who is the Head of Cape  Ann Wildlife, Inc.  is State and Federally Permitted to do so and  specializes in Songbirds, but has raised orphans of many species  including mammals like groundhogs, squirrels to rare oceanic birds  like common murre’s and dovkies.

You can Click Here to visit their website to Donate Cash or Supplies


St. Joseph Noveana 2014 Kickoff Night



I said it before and I will say it again, some of my fondest memories growing up were the times spent with family and friends celebrating the Feast Of St. Joseph.  Last night was amazing!  Two of my biggest mentors surrounding the Feast of St Joseph came to lead us in prayer last night at our family altar. Thank you Rosalie Foti & Sefatia  Giambanco Romeo Thaken,  for making the night extra special. Having you, Marie Silva, Jen Anderson, Ann Margaret & Francis Ferrante all in at the same altar was truly a gift . What a great warm up for the official start of the 9 days of nightly novenas beginning tonight  at 7:15.  It truly was a night that all who attended will always remember. 


Coffee Time with “The Godmother Sefatia”…If the photos could talk….



Thank you Parina~Godmother for making us laugh  you have a heart of gold and we all adore you!

I especially want to thank my dear friend  & GMG Contributor Craig Kimberley for filming last night…I’m sure he will be posting his amazing photography from last night on GMG soon.


Representing in Anna Maria Island, FL

Hope this email finds you well! This past week we spent some time in our favorite island in FL, Anna Maria Island. This island is just outside of Bradenton. While we were there we met up with our good friend Dee. Dee accompanied Diana Nyad during her swim from Cuba to Florida. Not only was she part of her team, but they used her boat as the guide boat for Diana during her swim. Needless to say we found a new home for GMG sticker! Here are the pictures of the boat. Thought you’d enjoy this.

How To: Take The GMG Sticka To The Next Level- Customizing


Huge thanks as always goes to Beth Swan who designed and Frank Ciolino and Shewsberry who print the official GMG Sticker which we give away free when you send in a self stamped and addressed envelope.


  • Free GMG Gloucester Sticker

    As long as supplies last if any GMG folks want a bumper sticker but can’t drop down the dock, just send a self addressed and stamped envelope longer then 7 and a half inches and I’ll drop one in the mail for you.
    Send the self addressed and stamped envelope to the dock at 95 East Main St Gloucester Ma 01930 care of Joey (put my name in big letters to make sure it gets to me)

Well the move is if you want to take the sticker to a whole new level is to cut an outline of the blue around the edges equidistant all the way around and round off the corners.

It gives The Sticka a totally die cut custom look. 

Send in your stamped and addressed envelope to get a new sticker.  Any self respecting FOB will get in on this.

Meet McGuire Center Director Tom Emmel at the Angangueo Monarch Butterfly Biospheres

Tom Emmel Angangueo ©Kim Smith 2014Tom Emmel, right

Our expedition to the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserves was led by Tom Emmel, Ph.D. Tom is the Director of the McGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity, which is part of the University of Florida’s Museum of Natural History. He is also the university’s professor of zoology and entomology and the author of over 400 publications, including 35 books. Not only is Dr. Emmel a professor and director of the center, he leads expeditions to research biodiversity around the world, including recent trips to Bali to Komodo Island to study the Komodo Dragon (with a great story of how he and his fellow travelers very nearly almost became Komodo Dragon supper), the Galapagos Islands, and Madagascar.

This was Dr. Emmel’s fortieth trip to Angangueo to study the Monarch Butterfly migration. His first trip was in 1980 with Dr. Lincoln Brower who had, at the same time as Dr. Fred Urquhart, discovered the Monarch colonies in 1975. In those first early years of conducting research at the biospheres, Dr. Emmel and Dr. Brower traveled on old mining roads, rode horseback to the colonies, and camped in tents. Today, there are well-marked trails with options for either hiking or horseback riding.

On the second day of our expedition, I interviewed Dr. Emmel at the top of Sierra Chincua Monarch Colony. He was also interviewed by a Mexican television crew at the summit of the Sierra Chincua biosphere. I am in the process of editing the interview footage and will have that ready to post in the near future. Amongst the many aspects of the Monarch’s migration discussed during the interview, Dr. Emmel reveals exactly how one counts millions upon millions of Monarchs and offers several theories as to why the butterflies migrate to the very specific climate zone of the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt. We cover the subject of Monarch conservation and precisely how Monsanto’s GMO genetically modified Roundup Ready corn and sorghum, and Bt-corn, are indisputably deadly to the Monarchs. You’ll be surprised at the results of the research that was conducted on our journey in regard to the numbers of Monarchs counted in the biospheres.

Monarch Oyamel tree ©Kim Smith 2014 copyThis photo was taken early in the day, before the butterflies awaken in the sun. You can see that the limb of the Oyamel tree is so heavily laden with butterflies, it appears as though it will snap at any moment. And oftentimes, the limbs do break! The butterflies  scatter and then regroup to another location.

Meeting Dr. Emmel and fellow expedition travelers was one of the most interesting and exciting aspects of the journey. You can’t imagine traveling with a more knowledgeable expert than Dr. Emmel. He is not only a world authority on all aspects of the Monarch’s migration, the history of the development of the biospheres, and the community of Angangueo, he also has extensive knowledge about a wide range of wildlife species and topics relative to biodiversity and the natural world.  He shares the information generously and with a sense of humor, too.

Ian Segebarth Craig Segebarth ©Kim Smith 2014Dr. Emmel’s assistants, brothers Ian and Craig Segebarth, are two of the brightest and most helpful young men you could hope to meet. Marie Emerson, who works in the development department at the museum was a joy and also super helpful, as was Josh Dickinson, who was traveling with his wonderfully fun granddaughter, 5th grader Zoie Dickinson. Josh Dickinson has spent a lifetime consulting on forestry management and he will be helping with forestry management at the Monarch biospheres. Josh also speaks Spanish very well and was tremendously helpful, especially when I locked myself out of my hotel room! Thanks again Josh for your kind assistance!

Zoie Dickinson ©Kim Smith 2014 copyZoie Dickinson

Sunday March 9th , 2014 Cape Ann Weather…

Marine Forecast….
This Afternoon: NW winds 10 to 15 kt with gusts up to 20 kt. Seas 3 to 5 ft.

Tonight: W winds 5 to 10 kt. Seas 2 to 4 ft.

Mon: SW winds 5 to 10 kt. Seas 2 to 3 ft. A chance of snow showers.

Mon Night: S winds 5 to 10 kt. Seas 2 to 3 ft.
Sunrise 7:01AM Sunset 6:43PM
First Quarter Moon Visible 59%

Thanks So Much To Donna And Rick for having us at GMG Mug-Up.. We had so much fun and really enjoyed meeting everyone !! Thank You …

Video Forecast Sunday March 9th ,2014… Enjoy thanks for viewing :)



“Yeah, but then I would owe God publishing,” says Pharrell Williams, a synesthete

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year or so, you’ve probably seen this guy.  He’s won 10 Grammys and was nominated for an Oscar.  Turns out, he has a condition, known as synesthesia, which causes him to “see” music as colors.

In this very short, fascinating interview, he explains what that’s like and muses with The Dinner Party Download host, Rico Gagliano, about a possible celestial “key” for writing music.

Honestly, it is worth 4 minutes of your time to listen to this interview.  Do it now.

OK, now that you’ve heard the interview, there’s still enough time to bop on down to Beverly at 3PM and sing along with Henri Smith and his band New Orleans Friends & Flavours featuring another Grammy winner, Charles Neville of the Neville brothers.  We’re recording today’s concert, so you, too, can be on a record with Grammy winners!  Seats are still available.  Get them here.

Then, back to Cape Ann for some good music on this side of the bridge.  See tonight’s full live music lineup here.

Mystery Rocky

As I left Sista Felicia’s house yesterday to go on a supplies run, I saw this jogger getting at it down the back shore. I scrambled for my phone to snag a quick shot. I was then inspired by this man. He wasn’t big, he wasn’t fast, he wasn’t young, but he sure as hell was getting it done. Who are you Bass Rocky? Does anybody know the mystery man?

View From SunSet Rock, Poles Hill

These photos are from 2006. It’s a great hike from the Poles hill path to Sunset Rock. Beautiful views of Gloucester, Annisquam River, Gloucester Harbor, our House and our pond.

Mary Barker Brightens Our Day

Hi Joey,

This winter has been so long, so cold, and so snowy.   I think most of us are more than ready for spring.   During the snow storm this week, I decided to brighten my day by going to Rocky Neck to enjoy some of bright colors and artistry displayed on manny of the homes and shops there.

I thought I would share some of the spots that helped brighten my day.

Mary Barker

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