Note to Self: Never Leave Home Without My Camera

I really need to take a lesson from my fellow contributors and never leave home without my camera.  I’m fairly certain, however, that Murphy’s Law dictates that I will only encounter four deer grazing in a field if I am completely unprepared.

So, that having been said, I apologize for the photo quality, but 4 deer in a field in Rockport is a pretty cool grab even if the photo isn’t the best.



Pet of the Week- Easter


Clicking my heels and saying “there is no place like home” hasn’t worked, so I am giving Pet of the Week a try. I am an adventurous lady who likes to climb and play with those crazy automatic mouse toys.  I have a bit of an “entitled” personality but I am not a “high maintenance” girl. I have been here at the Cape Ann Animal Aid’s Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter for just about 7 months and think a change of scenery is long overdue, so how about you take me home with you?  For more information visit

Shout Out To J & L Welding- Thanks For Getting Us Back In Biz with The Quick Turnaround

I can’t say enough good things about Jeff and his crew at J & L Welding.  The cart that we use to transport our lobsters (and save our backs) busted mid-day.  Call Jeff, drop it off at J&L, back in business within a half a day.

Thanks Jeff  and Co-

Community Stuff 10/20/14

John Nasser submits-

GHS Field Hockey Qualifies for Tournament Play

Congratulations to the 2014 GHS Field Hockey Team for qualifying for Tournament play again this year. There are 2 regular season games remaining at home next week…this coming Monday, Oct. 20th @ 5:30pm and Wednesday, Oct. 22nd @ 6pm.





Friday Night Lights: Fun & Creative Vinyasa Flow With Live Music by Candlelight

Only 15 spots left!  Register ASAP to reserve your spot at this magical event on Friday, October 24.

Warning: yoga by candlelight has been known to cause epiphanies!

See you there!

Gretchen Hill

Owner, Saltwater Massage Studio


State Rep Debate Hosted by the LWV Airing on Cape Ann TV

State Representative Debate Hosted by the League of Woman Voters of Cape Ann

DebateLWVStateRep10-16-14Both candidates were in the Cape Ann TV studio on Thursday, October 16th, 2014 for a debate hosted by the League of Woman Voters of Cape Ann. Some of the topics covered by this debate include:

  • The New Governor
  • The Four Referendum Questions
  • Climate Change and Ocean Rise
  • and the Common Core in Education

LWV Debate for State Rep on Cape Ann TV Channel 12:

Saturday, October 18 at 11 am and 9pm
Sunday, October 19 at 3 am and 8 am and 10 pm
Sunday, October 19 at 6 pm
Tuesday, October 21 at 3 am and 11:30 pm
Wednesday, October 22 at 10:30 pm
Thursday, October 23 at 9:00 am


GloucesterCast 98 With Craig, Kim, Sista Felicia and Toby Taped 10/19/14

GloucesterCast 98 With Craig, Kim, Sista Felicia and Toby Taped 10/19/14

Topics include:  Cape Ann Restaurant Week, Franklin Cape Ann,1 Out of 5 Of Us Knew,  Lobsta Land, Ohana, Seaport Grille, The Sea Glass Restaurant, Lat 43, The Grand Café At Emerson Inn By The Sea, Mark Lodge Wedding, Destinos, Derek Kaloust, Giuseppe’s Closing Poll Results, Indian Food Misconceptions, David Calvo, Anmol, Memory Lane, Who Are The 1%ers That Say We Need Another Pizza Joint?, Lobster Pool Sold, Kim Smith’s Apple Crisp, Gloucester Gas Price Website and How I Can’t Understand Why Electricity Prices Are Going Up 35% With Lowest Oil Prices In Years, Home Heating and Open Floor Plans, Cape Ann Chimney and Hearth, Curcuru Ciaramitaro Wedding 1938, Captain Joe A Schooner Fisherman, Posture and Fatigue, Elizabeth Bish, Walk Like A Pompous Jerk For Less Back Pain, Treating Back Pain vs Preventing Back Pain, Sista Felicia Cannot Do Yoga Because She Gets Dizzy From Holding In Her Farts, Craig’s Obsession With The Alcohol Content In Every Beer He Drinks, A Glass of Wine vs A Glass of Beer, Bill O’Connor Asks- “Is It Up The Line or Down The Line?”, Carpooling Today, Tanya Frost Reynolds North Shore Walk For ALS, Joe Borge Sr From Lone Gull Finishes The Ironman In Kona Hawaii, 98th Podcast, Reunion 100th Podcast, Kenny MacCarthy, Manchester Athletic Club New Alliance With Tennis Academy In France, Going Back To Analog Appliances, Today’s “Industrial Grade Appliances” Are Made More Poorly Than Yesterday’s Consumer Grade Appliances,Thanksgiving Traditions.


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Joey Craig Toby

Lowest Gas Prices In Gloucester Website

I’ve had the link to this site in the sidebar of GMG for a while now, just another reminder now that the price of oil has been in a free fall so you can check to see who is in line and out of line with the rest.

Here’s the link-



Pollinator Gardening Tip: Deadheading

Tufted titmouse Baeolophus bicolor ©Kim Smith 2014Tufted titmouse ~ Baeolophus bicolor

In my garden design practice, the topic of deadheading flowers comes up often, especially at this time of year. The habitat garden is designed for people and for pollinators and the objective is to find a balance between the two. Esthetically speaking, to some, a garden only looks its best when every plant is tidily trimmed and every spent flower blossom removed. But to a hungry bird on the wing, an expiring sunflower or cosmos is bird food. Some plants should be deadheaded and pruned however, the next time you get a jones to neaten a plant, take a moment to look at it from the perspective of a songbird.

Black-capped Chicakdee Poecile articapillus ©Kim Smith 2014

Black-capped Chicakdee ~  Poecile articapillus

I like a bit of unruliness in the garden and don’t even deadhead cosmos any longer. They will continue to flower whether deadheaded or not. A few weeks ago while working with several of our wonderful HarborWalk volunteers, I was explaining what plants to deadhead and what plants not to deadhead, and why, when at the very moment that I was speaking those very words, three brilliant cadmium yellow goldfinches flew on the scene and began devouring the seed heads of a nearby coneflower!

American Goldfinch male Cosmos bipinatus ©Kim Smith 2014

American Goldfinch Eating Cosmos Seeds

And too, a batch of Echinacea not only provides mid-winter sustenance to hungry birds, the seed heads sure look pretty silhouetted by new fallen snow.

Coneflowers in the snow ©Kim Smith 2012Gloucester HarborWalk

Rockport Harvest Festival 2014

What a beauty of a day

For Her Dedication to the Arts & Culture

ann margaret ferrante


Please come and show your support and appreciation for our dedicated, hard-working State Representative, Ann-Margaret Ferrante, and for all her accomplishments on our behalf. This is a special opportunity to show Ann Margaret our gratitude for her support, “above and beyond” work ethic, and promoting the value of The Arts to economic growth for our community. Ann Margaret fights for us at the State level and has proven experience in securing the monetary support needed to grow the Arts on Cape Ann!


For more if call The Center @ 978-515-7004

Want to go watch meteor showers Aboard The Most Beautiful Boat in Gloucester Harbor?


Hi Joe,

Monday night is the night. We are leaving on the Lannon at midnight to head out to where the sky is big and dark to watch the Orionid Meteor Showers. We have invited a local astronomer from the Gloucester Area Astronomy Club to join us. Virginia Renehan is very knowledgeable and happy to share her knowledge of the nighttime sky with our passengers. Take a nap if you have to, but join us for one of the final sails of the season.

Cape Ann Animal Aid Fundraiser at Cape Ann Brewing 10/21, 5-9pm

caaa event

Cape Ann Brewing Company is hosting fundraiser for Cape Ann Animal Aid as part of the Restaurants to the Rescue Fundraising Series on Tuesday, October 21, 2014. 10% of all sales between 5pm-9pm will be donated to Cape Ann Animal Aid. The event will also feature a 50/50 raffle and a chance to win other great prizes. For more information or to make a reservation, call 978-282-7399.

Breaking News: The Lobster Pool Restaurant HAS BEEN SOLD and is Only Open for Two More Weekends with Myalisa and Company

Lobster pool Restaurant-rockport-sunset-©Kim Smith 2012Open for two more weekends only, this weekend and next. We’re going to miss you Lisa and Family! Best wishes in all your future endeavors!

lobster-pool-restaurant rockport ©Kim Smith 2012

The Lobster Pool is open for lunch and for dinner Friday and Saturday 11:30 to 8pm and Sunday 11:30 to 7pm. Their last day is October 26th.

Call (978) 546-7808 for more information.

Reminder: the Lobster Pool is BYOB.

See previous GMG post here.

lobster-pool-rockport-panorama sunset ©Kim Smith 2012




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