WiFi Map

Please let us know of any free wifi hotspots on Cape Ann and I’ll add them to the map.

click the map for an interactive google map with live directions

clcik the map to find free wi-fi on Cape Ann

clcik the map to find free wi-fi on Cape Ann

23 Responses to WiFi Map

  1. john says:

    last stop deli in east gloucester offers free wifi

    also, i have a question about the paint factory, we at the ocean alliance are looking for people who worked there. we want to interview them and set up an area at the paint factory where their stories about the building can be listened to on tape. we need to find people who worked there and i think we could find many via your excellent gmg blog if you would be willing to post a note about our search for ex-employees there. thanks! look forward to hearing from you, love your blog, john

    • Diane Hill says:

      My dad worked there. He had to clean it out before henderson johnson moved there because their plant on duncan st. While cleaning he found some awesome books. Also a newspaper, I don’t remember where it was from BUT it was dated the day after with full account of Abraham Lincoln’s assination. We had it for years but it dissapred. A few years later. They had to do a lot of work on the building before THE BIG MOVE. I was a child then so my memories are vague. That’s the best I can do. EVERYTIME I see a photo I get misty.

  2. The Cruiseport Gloucester has had free WiFi throughout the entire building for about 5 months now.. There is a store at Whistlestop Mall (Elizabeth Anne???) in Rockport that is free and the idling commuter trains next door are always good in a pinch. The Greenery in Rockport has been down since their sale… In Manchester, there is also Cala’s Restaurant and the Gloucester Crossing Restaurant…

  3. Julie says:

    The coffee/sandwich shop on Bass Ave across from Charlie’s has free wifi too ;)

  4. Julie says:

    oops ya already got it lol sorry

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  6. Giuseppe says:

    Caffe Sicilia downtown main St. As WIFI since last week …..

  7. Nikki Champagne says:

    I noticed that the link to Bean & Leaf Cafe is wrong on the map. The correct address is: http://www.beanandleafcafe.net

  8. sandy says:

    Hi Joey,
    While having a little service done, I noticed Family Car Care on Pond Rd, Gloucester has a free wifi sign up in the waiting room. Thanks for the map!

  9. Elizabeth McLindon says:

    Are there any wireless hot spots in downtown Manchester, MA?

  10. Nan Olson says:

    Golden Living Nursing Home on Washington St in Gloucester also has a wireless connection. It’s a great way to keep the residents connected to the outside world.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Family Car Care on Pond Rd also has free WiFi. No log in required

  12. Family Car Care on Pond Rd! You’re awesome. When I make conference calls on my cell I like to make sure I have a great signal so I go to the top of Pond Road but now I’ll be in your parking lot looking at the conference slides while I talk. Next time I break my car you got my business.

  13. Anonymous says:

    just to let you know…. the Rhumbline has free WiFi for customers.

  14. Stephen says:

    Woodmans in Essex has free wifi also FYI

  15. Hello Joey – Bob Hastings introduced us at the Cape Ann Chamber dinner dance. Two places I use WiFi in Glosta’ that I am not seeing on your map are:
    1. Jalapenos
    2. The Rhumbline

  16. Mary H. says:

    Riverside Bistro restauraunt in Essex has free wi-fi and good food too!

  17. blackburnbistro says:

    Wally’s Blackburn Bistro in the Blackburn Industrial Park also offers Free Wi-Fi.
    Just come on in and ask for the password.

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