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GloucesterCast 97 With The Mohan Family and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 10/12/14

GloucesterCastSquareGloucesterCast 97 With The Mohan Family and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 10/12/14

Topics Include: Welcome to the Bitch Piss and Moan Club, The Mohan Family (-BJ) In The House, No Love From Brother’s Brew,  Revisiting the Bacon Maple Glazed Doughnut, Read Receipt On iPhone, Old School Love Notes vs Today’s High School Communication, New Cyber Bullying App StreetChat Tearing High Schools Apart, The fallacy of private internet communication, Colleges look at kids social media pages, Amanda feels that a small percentage of irresponsible teenagers makes an entire generation look bad, teen fashion today vs 30 years ago, Benetton Sweaters, Paulie Walnuts 275th Retirement From GMG, Dog Psychology, New Partner For 525 -Maria Seniti, Props to Joe Seniti, Freedom Fitness On Lexington Ave Magnolia, Giuseppe’s Closing,In Defense Of Joe and Memory, What Would You Like To See Go In The Space Vacated By Giuseppe’s? , Indian Food, Anmol, Would A Dedicated Steak House Make It Gloucester?, Fall Foliage Map, Amanda’s Find Animal Webcam Website, Done With Topsfield Fair, Post Of The Week- Paul Morrison Eclipse Post ,Paul Morrison Brilliant and Socially Awkward, Kim Smith Deathwish Post, Rotary Trivia Night, John McElhenny, Chad Konecky, Steve Saleeba, #Mexico,  Merideth Fine, Taste Of Cape Ann, Sista Felicia Post of The Week- Nichole Schrafft’s Taste Of Cape Ann Post, Wally’s Bistro, Roasted Tomato Soup, Macaroons, Stone’s Pub, Virgilios, Going Home Hungry For Fear Of Looking Like A Pig, Smokin’ Jims At Dogbar, Azorean Octopus and Tuesday $5 Tapas Deal





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Aurelia Nelson Gives Chazz Palminteri Sista Felicia’s Cookbook

A Bronx Tale is in my top 10 all time movies, my favorite scene was in the bar when the bikers came in and Chazz delivers the classic line- “Now Youse Can’t Leave.”  You gotta watch the YouTube clip of that scene just below this picture.

photo (93)

Aurelia Nelson is the host of Curtain Up on North Shore 104.9 and has been hosting the movie nights at The Harbor Walk.  Her show Curtain Up! with Aurelia Nelson airs Sundays 9 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.  You can listen to the last Curtain Up taped July 21 by clicking here

If you need a quick gift idea or would like to treat yourself and your family you can purchase one of Sista Felicia’s Cookbooks here-


Families At The 2014 Saint Peter’s Fiesta Parade Not Wearing White and Link To Fiesta Whites Slideshow



We had so many photos from the parade and Felicia was out to capture a special slideshow of all the folks wearing their Fiesta Whites.  Here’s the rest so we don’t leave anyone out-


2014 Fiesta Sunday Midnight Closing Ceremonial Procession Around Fort Square


Leaving the altar for the procession around Fort Square

Each year hundreds gather at the altar around 11:30 pm Fiesta Sunday evening, to line up for the ceremonial procession of parading St. Peter around Fort Square before returning him to the St. Peter’s Club window. This procession around Fort Square marks the official end of The Feast Of St. Peter.

Procession Leaving Fort Square, heading to St. Peter’s Club to return St. Peter statue to the Club window

The voices of parade goers screaming the St. Peter Chant “Ma Chi siammo Tutti Mutti”….”Viva San Pedro”  echoes’ throughout the downtown area of Gloucester.




Fiesta Whites- Pictures From The 2014 Saint Peter’s Fiesta Sunday Parade

Bringing it back old school. As long as I can remember it was all about wearing the Fiesta Whites when you were a kid. Felicia was out to capture as many people as she could in the parade wearing their Fiesta Whites- Enjoy the slideshow- there’s a ton of pictures for us to work through and a ton coming at you over the next couple day
Here’s the Fiesta Whites Slideshow (Remember next year if you can to dress your beautiful children in their Fiesta Whites So We Can Include Them In The Fiesta Whites Slideshow-

6/26/14 Seine Boat Practice In The Pouring Rain

Bailing Out The Seine Boats and Practice In The Pouring Rain
Sista Felicia covers this morning down at Saint Peter’s Park-

Seine Boat Practice-Ambie Sausages-Greasy Pole Shrine Photos Early Morning 6/25/14

Sista Felicia On the Scene Bringing You Fiesta- Hope You Enjoy!

Joe Novello And The Opening Ceremony For The Saint Peter’s Fiesta

The Pageantry, The Tradition- Sista Felicia has been doing a fantastic job
bringing this year’s Fiesta to those of you who couldn’t make it.
Props to her and props to all the families who put in so much energy to making it the best time of the year in our City.

Photos 5:30AM 6/24/14 – Saint Peter’s Marina Seine Boat Practices and New Altar Mural Pics

Sista Felicia comes through again with Seine Boat Practice Photos and Photos of The New Murals on The St Peter’s Altar

Buttermilk Blue Cheese Dressing


SistaFelicia-ButtermilkBlueCheese-0Buttermilk Blue Cheese Dressing


¾ cup mayonnaise

2 tablespoon tarragon vinegar

⅓ cup buttermilk

¼ teaspoon kosher salt

¼ teaspoon freshly ground pepper

¾ cup crumbled blue cheese


1 combine first 6 ingredients in bowl of food processor fitted with metal blade
2 process 30-40 seconds or until creamy dressing forms


There are many ways to make blue cheese dressing; basic ingredients always include mayonnaise, blue cheese, and one acidic ingredient like vinegar, lemon juice, or Worcestershire sauce, that is  blended together with, a cream product like; heavy cream, sour cream, crème fraiche, or buttermilk.  After countless times of making and serving this dressing,  I prefer to use sour cream or crème fraiche  when I need a thick textured dressing and, prefer to use  buttermilk when needing a lighter and looser textured dressing.  It’s all personal preference, and or what’s on hand in your refrigerator!

Read more

Viva San Giuseppe

An important and wonderful tradition that is continuing and being passed on to the younger generation.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

St Joseph’s Pasta Making Photo Dump

Hour 6 and Still Going Strong:

“LMAO!!!” From Rick Anderson – This is the kind of email that makes it all worthwhile.



I’ve been reading GMG for a couple of years now. (maybe even three). I’m originally from Gloucester and only visit once in a while to visit my wife’s relatives. She’s a Scola. I listened today to your pod cast for the first time and almost fell on the floor laughing so hard. I loved it. In response to some of your themes I would like to give my opinion. I have an asshole so therefore I have an opinion. The comment that the blog is going soft may be true but so what if it is? It’s your blog. If I don’t like it (and I love it) I’ll go somewhere else. I’m just an outside voyeur looking in on life from your point of view. You blog helps me keep in touch with the town I grew up in and love, Gloucester. I like how it changes from time to time and how it tends to meander based on what’s going on in the lives of your contributors. I remember Toby form HS and also his brother Barry. It’s nice to see people I used to know on your blog.

In regards to Donna or you posting pics of you kids and grandkids go for it and the hell with everyone else. It’s your blog not mine or anyone else’s like me who’s too dam lazy to start their own. In fact I like seeing the up and personal family pics. The comment that Sista Felicia was “marketing” her own book provokes this response from me “duh!”. Of course she has the right to do a bit of self-promoting on your blog. Do you know why? Because it’s your blog! I like the recipes and will most likely be buying the book for my wife. On a side note Sista Felicia should be on one of those cable cooking channels with her own show. Maybe you should take the next step and get her a producer and do a pilot. There’s no show out there that does Italian (Sicilian) cooking. I think it would be a hit.

The new format with the “read more” link to shorten the need to scroll is very nice though as you said it wasn’t a big deal scrolling through the pages. Fred Bowden’s pic of old time Gloucester is fantastic. I’d love to see more of them.

As a bit of constructive encouragement one thing I’d like to see is when you post pictures of people it would be nice to have their names. So many of us have changed in our appearance over the years it would help us who have been away from Gloucester put a name with a face. I know it can be done in all cases but if you could I and my wife would appreciate it. In the end keep doing what your hear tells you and to hell with the nay-sayers. It’s easy to tear things apart. It takes hard work to build something good. Keep up the good work since you are my only real connection that I have to Gloucester.


Rick Anderson

Hampton, NH 03842

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Look Who Stopped By The All You Can Eat Bird Buffet Today

PrintTodays cold  weather  brought a steady flow of visitors to our backyard buffet…





I am so pleased with the success of this bird feeder click link below to see how it was made

Sista Felicia’s Recipe For Feeding Your Backyard Birds

Posted on January 8, 2014 by Sista Felicia

GloucesterCast 11/10/13 With Guests Kim Smith and Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro


GloucesterCast Podcast Taped 11/10/13 With Guests Kim Smith Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

Topics Include: Donuts from Brother’s Brew, Gloucester High Only Plays 7 Regular Season Football Games, Passports and Olive Kitteridge Filming, Frances McDormand and Bill Murray in Town, Toby’s Psychotic Dining Expectations, Sista Felicia bringing The Thunder, Mass Office of Travel and Tourism, Betsy Wall and Catherine Ryan

Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan to Speak at Pigeon Cove Circle on November 21

Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan, known to her many followers as Sista Felicia, has written her first cookbook commemorates her family’s Sicilian traditions, lost recipes, and authentic dishes. Gifts of Gold: In a Sicilian Kitchen with Sista Felicia, begins with the end of summer and the harvesting of fruits and vegetables and celebrates all things autumn. On Thursday, November 21, Felicia will be the guest speaker at the Pigeon Cove Circle, providing an overview of how her cookbook was compiles from beginning to end.  

Felica’s cookbook contains delicious foods, easy-to-follow step-by -step directions, how-to photos, and beautiful photography, Sista Felicia’s cookbook has also been carefully crafted to highlight beautiful Cape Ann. Thirteen recipes are accompanied by QR codes, which directly link the reader to Sista Felicia’s online how-to videos on her website,[].

The evening will begin at 6 p.m. with a potluck buffet dinner and speaker at 6:45 p.m. Those attending the potluck dinner are welcome to bring an item for the buffet. There is no fee or pre-registration required.  All are welcome attend enjoyable evening.

The Pigeon Cove Circle is located at Six Breakwater Avenue in Rockport.  The Pigeon Cove Circle is made up of men and women throughout Cape Ann, a civic group who provide fund-raiser for community needs such a scholarships, and other needs on Cape Ann. Those who would like further information about the availability of the Pigeon Cove function hall are welcome to call Michelle at 978-546-1195.

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