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The “American Blogger” Documentary May Be The Biggest Crock Of Shitake Mushrooms Ever

I first saw this video on Barstool Sports but I’m thinking the whole thing has to be a joke, right? Like a documentary is supposed to capture people in real life, if you watch that trailer you would think that … Continue reading

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Where do you fall on the Whole Colbert/Park Thing

Anyone who has watched The Colbert Report more than once understands that his whole schtick revolves around being outlandishly satirical. This woman Suey Park claimed to have been a fan of the show for years but took offense to a … Continue reading

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“Asinine” is Clearly Missing an Important Letter “s”

If anyone happens to be looking for further proof that “asinine” should really be spelled “assinine” take a few spins around Blackburn or Grant Circle.  It’s fun.   I, for the record, will continue to spell “assinine” incorrectly, no matter … Continue reading

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Here’s your chance to tell the Government what you think of them spying on you

Normally I write about music in this blog.  But this is a blog — and the fact that you’re reading this post has most likely just been logged into an N.S.A. database, along with lots of other info about what … Continue reading

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If you want to make a living playing music, you have to make a living playing music!

One of my favorite local stars, Inge Berge, shared a post on his Facebook page about this “Call For Performers” by the city of Yellowknife, NT in Canada: As we head into Gloucester’s spring/summer/fall busy season, I’m glad he brought … Continue reading

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Downton Abbey: That’s All Folks (Until Next Year…)

I grimace because I care… Season 4 of Downton Abbey is over, and as much as I love to complain about its soap opera excesses, I’m gonna miss now it’s gone. I’m already looking forward to next winter, when the … Continue reading

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Now Knowing That This Year’s World Cup Soccer Tourney Is Being Held In Brazil- An Over/Under Death Poll

Craig Kimberley told me yesterday in the GloucesterCast Podcast that this year’s World Cup Soccer tournament is being held in Brazil. After seeing some of the riots that happen at regular season soccer matches in Brazil I can’t even begin … Continue reading

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After thinking about it I think the frustration comes from not understanding the thought process…

I think the thing that frustrates me the most about people refusing to perform simple internet searches and asking others to do it is the not really understanding the psyche behind people asking other people to search the web for … Continue reading

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It’s never going to sink in is it? ARGHHHHHH!!!!!

I should really just submit and resign myself that there are people that no matter what you do or say or how many times it’s repeated, they will refuse to use a search engine. Need to get me one of … Continue reading

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Creative people battle addiction

Recent events should make it fairly clear that the war on drugs is a dismal failure.  Debate rages (as it should) about what might work and today it seems fitting to look at how creative people help in profound and … Continue reading

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How much could I charge for a seminar to teach people how to look for things on the internet using a search engine?

You may think I’m kidding but I’m dead serious. Or maybe the President of the United States could pay me to do a national public service announcement campaign explaining how to do it.  What would I need like a 30 … Continue reading

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Downton Abbey: Post-Episode Breakdown

First, let’s just get this out of the way: this show is awful. Bad writing and a terrible plot have conspired to ruin what, during the first season anyway, was once a beacon of televised goodness across a crowded wasteland. … Continue reading

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O.K. people can we get anymore lazy?

Please follow the link below to see the newest gadget to become lazy. Have you heard about the smart P.J’s, not sure I would call this smart

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Rant: Someone Needs To Take The Fashion Designer That Decided Aztec Prints Were Gonna Be The “Thing” This Year Behind The Woodshed…

Someone Needs To Take The Fashion Designer That Decided Aztec Print Fashion Was Gonna Be  the “Thing” This Year Behind The Woodshed and Pop a Cap in His/Her Ass. Who was the high powered fashion magazine editor or designer that … Continue reading

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Day One With The Generic Brand Razor…

I shoulda known better. Here was the flawed logic from the post yesterday- So If The Next Time You See me I’m Bleeding Profusely From My Face… Posted on November 14, 2013 by Joey C You can blame it on … Continue reading

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So If The Next Time You See me I’m Bleeding Profusely From My Face…

You can blame it on my decision to take a shot on some CVS brand disposable razors. I ran out of  blades for my Gillette Mach III razor blade shaver about a month ago and finally succumbed to the need … Continue reading

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Poll- What’s Worse? Bad Pistachio or Bad Oyster

Ever be sitting down in front of the TV eating pistachios just enjoying the shit out of them and then run into that one bad one that ruins you for pistachios for years.  I can’t even begin to describe that … Continue reading

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