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If Someone Handed You a Sandwich That Clearly Had Been Opened And A Bite Taken Out Of It

and never mentioned it had been previously eaten… Would you eat it?   This is how the wrapper looked like after it came out of the bag-

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The Elephant In The Room- This Chick’s Camel Toe

Is it possible she doesn’t know she’s rocking the most obvious camel toe in the history of camel toes? Serious question.  Can a woman have a camel toe like this and not realize it? I’m thinking this chick totally knows … Continue reading

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AP Poll Shows 4 in 5 Americans Don’t Think The Redskins Should Change Their Name

WASHINGTON (AP) — It’s been a rough offseason for the Washington Redskins, and not just because of the knee injury to star quarterback Robert Griffin III. The team’s nickname has faced a new barrage of criticism for being offensive to … Continue reading

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Mayor Kirk Asks You To Vote In This Good Harbor Footbridge Poll

Mayor Kirk is asking for community feedback- Hi Joey, We have a bit of a dilemma regarding the Good Harbor Beach footbridge. The estimate we have for repairs is $65,000. This is basically a temporary fix and carries the risk … Continue reading

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Poll- WiFi On Planes or TV On Planes You Vote.

I’ve flown AirTran this year who boasts of having WiFi equipped planes. On this Jet Blue flight where I am composing this post and will save it as a draft on my laptop until I can get home to a … Continue reading

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Poll: Does It Make Me A Bad Perspon If I Don’t Wanna Clean Up Someone Else’s Pee On A Public Toilet Seat

Here’s the scenario: You walk into a public bathroom to relieve myself (number 1) and the one toilet in there has the toilet seat down and someone else’s pee all over it. I’m just not gonna be the guy who … Continue reading

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Revisiting 2 Coyote vs 1 Deer With A What Would You Do Poll

Here’s the video shot by Shawn Henry which garnered a huge media response. Now the question is if it had been you inside your home watching this unravel, what would you have done?  Would you have watched from inside the … Continue reading

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North Shore Magazine Best of North Shore 2013 Voting Is Open and GMG Is Nominated Along with Many other Gloucester and Rockport and Essex Favs

GMG is nominated in the “Play” category under best blog again, but there are a ton of local businesses that completely deserve your vote. Many Categories for you to vote for- vote here Our team would appreciate if you, or … Continue reading

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Poll- Is Lenny Bruce Offensive?

Or is Dustin Hoffman playing Lenny Bruce offensive in the movie Lenny? “I’d like to introduce you to all the niggers in my cabinet”

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Serious Question- When Did A Midget Not Become A Midget?

So we’re in the car on the way to Friendlies last night and Snoop Maddie Mad brings up the subject of Leprechauns.  She asks if I ever saw a Leprechaun to which I replied- why yes I had.  Just last … Continue reading

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A Very Important GMG Poll (ok, not really) From John McElhenny

John McElhenny writes- Joey, Everyone knows GoodMorningGloucester readers are the most fashionable blog readers anywhere. I wore this outfit today but a certain woman I may or may not be married to gave me the look that says, “Are you … Continue reading

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Rate This Press Release

Samuel Ina sent me this photo- In the subject line of the email- “Acrylic painting” I replied- sam is there something you wanted to say about this particular painting? To which Sam sent this incredibly informative press release- Yes    Giclees … Continue reading

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2013 Bikini Speedo Dodgeball T Shirt Slogan Poll and Video From Kim Smith

Our Boy Frankie Gwynne has designed the sweetest design  Competitor T Shirts Yet.  Jungle Silkscreen Printing is generously donating the TShirts for our competitors but we are going to leave it up to you, the voers to decide what the … Continue reading

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Snow Poll

To me what we got for snow yesterday was perfect.   A light dusting.  Just enough to make everything pretty and by the time the sun comes out and hits the ground it melts away nice. I understand those snow freaks and … Continue reading

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A Poll from Fr. Matthew

Regular readers might have noticed that some of the posts on GMG have been getting a little… well… earthy, or edgy, bordering on NSFW according to some.  Joey is the founder and moderator of the blog, so he can post … Continue reading

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Ask Joey C: Cocky Teen or Obnoxious Adolescent? With A Reader Poll

This just in to the Ask Joey Mailbag- Horny 32 year old asks- Hi Joey I’d like your opinion on a situation that just happened here at the restaurant. I’m a server at #f%&(*^ Restaurant, I’m 32 years old and … Continue reading

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Is it strange that I enjoy writing on vacation at a beach destination?

I can’t tell you how psyched I am when I finish writing a post like the upcoming Poop vs Lysol post or the MFers Dropping Like Flies post or the St Lucia vs Turks vs Playa post.  I get this … Continue reading

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Poop and Lysol- The Poll

  I’d just like to throw out there the premise that the smell of fresh poop masked unsuccessfully by Lysol is far more offending to the senses than straight up poop. Am I wrong in my thinking here? Like if … Continue reading

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Poll- Do You Care If There Is An NHL Season?

Well The NHL Players Union and Owners Have Come To An Agreement For A Shortened Season.  Are You Upset That It Took This Long To Reach An Agreement?  Do You Even Care About Hockey?  If You Did Care About Hockey … Continue reading

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The Library and Librarians Are Flat Out Some Of The Greatest Local Resources Going- Poll

As I was preparing my list of books to take on vacation there was one I had at the top of that list- Adam Carolla’s Not Taco Bell Material.  Last year in Playa del Carmen I read his first book … Continue reading

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Bump! Vote For GMG Captain Joe’s Lobsterman of The Year- Poll Open Til Midnight December 31st

The Poll Has Been Reset Do To My Stupid Oversight Of Leaving Toby Off Let ‘Er Rip! Based Off Of Most Face Time On The Blog Which Lobsterman Here At The Dock Entertained You The Most In 2012? Vote At … Continue reading

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Do You Sit And Watch Cable News All Day Long After Horrific Tragedies Like What Happened In Newtown CT

First off obviously everyone’s heart goes out to those killed and their friends, families and communities.  There’s nothing you could imagine more terrible. I just can’t bring myself to watch cable news on days like today.  I know there are … Continue reading

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Poll- Discover Gloucester Asks For GMG’s Help Choosing a "Rookie of the Year!”

Hey, Joey- Discover Gloucester could use your reader’s help choosing a “Rookie of the Year! We’re recognizing three new-to-the-scene local tourism-minded people with special Awards at the Discover Gloucester Holiday & Awards Party on December 5, Noon at Jalapenos. We … Continue reading

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Oscar Messes Up Some Little Rat’s Evening and a Cat vs Rat Poll

I don’t know how he does it without claws.  I guess cats are just quicker than rats.  Either that or he’s just relentlessly going for the kills all day long and every once in a while gets lucky. Guess we … Continue reading

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Poll- Did You Shop On Black Friday?

If so, what were some of the things you had on your Black Friday Radar and did you succeed in purchasing them?

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