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Poll- @TheSteveDuJour Has Set The Over/Under On Days Til The First Story About A Person Getting Lost In A Corn Maze Makes Headlines At 7 Days

Just as sure as there’s a New Year’s Eve, A Memorial Day and Labor Day, every year we get treated to the annual story about a person or group of persons who get lost in a corn maze and police … Continue reading

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In light of the recent iPhone releases of the 5c and 5s a poll for iPhone users or potential iPhone users

I’m fairly confident that we can all agree that smartphones of today including Apple’s iPhones and the high end Android phones are incredible marvels of innovation, productivity and communication powerhouses. The iPhone is a great phone, the android powered Samsung … Continue reading

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Interesting Results In The “Will You Carry On A Phone Conversation While Peeing Or Pooping” Poll

While just over 50% of people polled said they wouldn’t carry on a phone conversation while pooping 10% fewer said they would carry on a phone conversation while peeing. Do these people think that the person on the other end … Continue reading

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Poll- Do You Know What Froyo Means?

When speaking to my boy Craig Kimberley night before last I told him that I was on my way to Cafe Bishco with Beasley and Amandacakes for some Froyo. His response? “What are you speaking, Hobbit?” Then again in the … Continue reading

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Vote For Your Choice For New Dri- Fit GMG Shirts

All I wear down the dock from Spring To Fall are Dry fit moisture wicking short and long sleeve shirts.  High quality, moisture and odor control for comfort. Cotton T-Shirts are only comfy under the most perfect of conditions.  Dry-Fit … Continue reading

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Standers vs Sitters On Pavilion Beach. Is There really any debate on this one?

Rick Terselic submits- Hi Joey:  There was a significant amount of friction between the folks on Pavilion Beach during the Greasy Pole competitions this weekend. I’m of the old school that says standing room only!  The sitters were not only … Continue reading

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McElhenny Steals The Show With This Potential Nose Pick

Kim Smith sells out Cape Ann Community Cinema with her riveting Butterfly movie and all anyone wants to talk about is this picture from the after-party. Not less than 37 emails all asking if in fact that move in the … Continue reading

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endangered and threatened species from mary barker- and a Poll

Hi Joey, I had the unexpected pleasure of finding some Snowy Egrets, which are a threatened species, while I was killing some time in Ipswich last week.  One male was vying for the attention of 2 females.  He was putting … Continue reading

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Help Me Decide Which Color For The New GMG Caps

I’m ordering some crazy high quality hi stitch count GMG Caps but need help deciding the color.  I’m only ordering 24 with the mesh back because those are the caps I prefer but I know our readership will probably prefer … Continue reading

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What percentage of helicopter parents would ever admit to being helicopter parents?

You know those people who are up every teacher’s butt thinking their kid is 2000th percentile and their gifted child deserves special treatment and if the kid scrapes his knee have to take them to the hospital? My guess is … Continue reading

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If Someone Handed You a Sandwich That Clearly Had Been Opened And A Bite Taken Out Of It

and never mentioned it had been previously eaten… Would you eat it?   This is how the wrapper looked like after it came out of the bag-

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The Elephant In The Room- This Chick’s Camel Toe

Is it possible she doesn’t know she’s rocking the most obvious camel toe in the history of camel toes? Serious question.  Can a woman have a camel toe like this and not realize it? I’m thinking this chick totally knows … Continue reading

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AP Poll Shows 4 in 5 Americans Don’t Think The Redskins Should Change Their Name

WASHINGTON (AP) — It’s been a rough offseason for the Washington Redskins, and not just because of the knee injury to star quarterback Robert Griffin III. The team’s nickname has faced a new barrage of criticism for being offensive to … Continue reading

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Mayor Kirk Asks You To Vote In This Good Harbor Footbridge Poll

Mayor Kirk is asking for community feedback- Hi Joey, We have a bit of a dilemma regarding the Good Harbor Beach footbridge. The estimate we have for repairs is $65,000. This is basically a temporary fix and carries the risk … Continue reading

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Poll- WiFi On Planes or TV On Planes You Vote.

I’ve flown AirTran this year who boasts of having WiFi equipped planes. On this Jet Blue flight where I am composing this post and will save it as a draft on my laptop until I can get home to a … Continue reading

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Poll: Does It Make Me A Bad Perspon If I Don’t Wanna Clean Up Someone Else’s Pee On A Public Toilet Seat

Here’s the scenario: You walk into a public bathroom to relieve myself (number 1) and the one toilet in there has the toilet seat down and someone else’s pee all over it. I’m just not gonna be the guy who … Continue reading

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Revisiting 2 Coyote vs 1 Deer With A What Would You Do Poll

Here’s the video shot by Shawn Henry which garnered a huge media response. Now the question is if it had been you inside your home watching this unravel, what would you have done?  Would you have watched from inside the … Continue reading

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