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Nostradamus. The Oracle. Fred MF Bodin.

You know I pride our contributors on being on the cutting edge providing you with the news way before anyone else. But then you have our boy Fred Bodin just really swinging for the fences yesterday with this bold prediction … Continue reading

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Some Photos From Ed’s Coronation As President of The Cape Ann Chamber Of Commerce Board of Directors

You know normally I’d start out a photo montage mostly about Ed with a photo of Ed but The Photo of The Night Was of None Other Than New Chamber CEO Robert Heidt Getting His Groove On- PRICELESS! Robert’s just … Continue reading

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Just dripping hotness.

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Craig Kimberley’s Take On Fashion Shows

Craig Writes- When someone tries to explain to you fashion, after you make the comment “I just don’t get fashion shows” show them this shit.

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Check Out The Bad Ass New Fish Sign Outside Jon Sarkin’s Fish City Studios

Glosta being Glosta Baby.  You Can’t Fake The Funk! Fish designed By chris williams and jon sarkin

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Thursday night blues party @ The Rhumb Line with Dave Sag and then some,

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Joey C Props and Flops June 2012 Edition

Props: Trader Joe’s Edamame Hummus Surfside Subs Lobster Roll Made With The Mrs’ Recipe McDonalds Tasteful Reconstruction Cape Ann Insurance Stellar Service Burnham’s Field Community Garden New Mural City Hall Restoration Volunteers Who Make Fiesta Happen DPW College Work Crew … Continue reading

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Paul Morrison Contemplates Rubber Duck Pasties For His Upcoming Male Revue Act While At The Dock To Pick Up His Midnight Sun T Shirt

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Alright, who’s the joker that left this for me at the dock?

I’m doing a little clean up around my desk on my last day at work before vacation and I find this bag containing some hair club for men bullshit! Very funny, verrrry funny.  When I find out who is responsible … Continue reading

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Men In New York City Apparently Suffering From Horrible Crotch Lowering Epidemic and Skinny Jeans Poll

This trend has reached epidemic proportions. Fashion forward or just plain ridiculous? You make the call in the poll below the bottom picture. (All photos taken in a 15 minute timeframe in and around New York Central Park) Does Downtown … Continue reading

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We’re Having A Party! What Kind Of Party You Ask? Saturday March 31st At Bodin Historic Photo The Good Morning Gloucester Spring Fling!!!!

It’s On Baby!!! and yes, it’s Gonna Be THAT kind of Party! Spring Fling! A Good Morning Gloucester and Bodin Historic Photo gallery spring party for FOBs, FOGs, contributors, and open to the general public. Saturday, March 31st. Starts at … Continue reading

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Skinny Jeans Hipsters At Lane’s Cove

Dan Stevens Lane’s Cove Photo- I really enjoy your blog — just figured I’d send this photo we took at Lane’s Cove the other day. -dan How to Be a Hipster

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Video- Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Canadian Bacon Captain Hozer Practice Session Down the Dock

Check Out The 2012 Speedo Bikini Dodgeball Facebook Page Here and Like it! The Tournament will start promptly at noon on Sunday March 4th at the Farm Bar and Grille in Essex MA click below for video  

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The Great Rubber Duck Mystery of 2012

So I get back from my time off and sitting on my desk is this box. Zip Code 01581 If anyone has any information on how this wayward duck made it to the dock let me know and you will … Continue reading

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Should I Tell Tuffy That The Tag Is Still On His New Dockers Cap? Nahhhh

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Pop-up fish buoy and a sneak preview at some others… BUOY AUCTION TONIGHT!

Today’s featured buoy (by request) is the pop-up fish buoy by Kelsey Marr! Bidding starts at $20 in the comments section, send us an email ( to confirm. However, for your entertainment, I also bring you a great assortment of … Continue reading

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Maime’s Kitchen Glosta Coffee Roll Bra From Cliff McCarthy

Hi Joey, After viewing the post showing  one of Laura Jacobs nautical-themed bras, I got to thinking about one of your past posts. STRAIGHT SEXY ! You wrote about a coffee roll. Hummm, maybe Joey has something here. So, Hot … Continue reading

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Buoy #2 up for bids!

In case you missed it yesterday, we’re starting the bidding on some of our artist buoys here over the next week so you get a preview of some of the great stuff you can see if you come to Cruiseport … Continue reading

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Let the bidding begin!

Not sure if you’re going to be able to make it to Art Haven’s buoy auction on the 27th? Or just so excited that you want to start bidding now? Here’s your chance! Hopefully you saw this beautiful buoy hanging … Continue reading

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The iPhone Challenged Charity Ciaramitaro Submits Some Halloween Pics

Charity writes- My little Laine and the ghostly bagpiper and his lovely dead girlfriend.

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