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Video- Jim Cantore Just Casually Kneeing College Kid In The Nuts

Search Term: Define Professional Hardass Weatherman Search Results- “Jim Cantore” I hope to see this kind of professionalism out of our new weather guy Pete.  Just kneeing MFers in the nuts and going about his business totally unfazed. Pete, if … Continue reading

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Tony Hilliard Rocks The New GMG Cap Downtown!

A handsome devil only made more handsome with the GMG swag! Stylin like a MFer!

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Block Party Debris Field at Bodin Historic Photo

Fred writes- Here’s my measure of our Block Party. This was a family event, and dicey weather was a factor. But the proof is in my sink. Big crowds, respectable sales, and boy were they thirsty. All of the wine … Continue reading

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Live from the Greasy pole: Your Sunday Champ-Nicky Avelis!!!

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Fiesta Hat Ladies In The Hizzouse!

Beasley and Amandacakes Represent! With the Fiesta Hat Ladies!

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Video- East Gloucester Elementary Flash Mob From Martin DelVecchio

Martin writes- My wife Michele decided to mix things up at this year’s end-of-year picnic at East Gloucester Elementary School. Add in some calypso by Harry Belafonte, choreography by Sarah Slifer Swift, and videography by Jason Grow, and here are … Continue reading

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Gloucester’s Finest Pickle Juice Chugger- Marty Behsman

Took that youngster to school I tell ya. Just flat out pickle juice chugging domination right there. The kid is tremendous BTW. Charisma on top of charisma on top of charisma.

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Right On Spitbrook, Left On Daniel Webster, Right On Milf

Oh those crazy Hamilton folk and their street signs. Milf Street Hamilton Ma, Yep, It Exists. This sign on the corner of Milf and Union. Google Map Submit your Own photo of the Milf Street sign to GMG For a … Continue reading

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Who is old school Gloucester enough to remember clear plastic furniture covers?

Dating myself, I remember back in the early 70s when making the rounds with my mom and sister Felicia we would visit all her Sicilian relatives on Prospect and up on Commonwealth, and they always had their living room furniture … Continue reading

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I’m fairly certain the guy at 1.20 has to be dead, right?

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Joey C Kickstarter Project Number One- GMG Vajazzling Studio Project

With the number of Kickstarter campaigns spiraling into the stratosphere I’ve decided to launch my own Kickstarter campaign for the very first dedicated Vajazzling Studio In Gloucester. Let’s be honest, if Short and Main can raise $22K to pay for … Continue reading

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Ladies Night Out At The Castle Manor Inn Featuring Ed Collard

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What Are the Chances This Potential Relationship Works Out Based On This Phone Call?

PSA for all the single ladies and men out there- This shit right here is textbook what not to do the night you meet a potential date. Desperation? check Too soon call back right after they met? check Drunk as … Continue reading

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Cuz If You’re Too Freakin Lazy To Lay Your Body Out Straight There’s A Motorized Recliner For Ya!

Yes.  this Exists.  At Jordans Furniture.  Not A Joke. Pimptastic.

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Craig Kimberley Is A Beast

If last night’s video didn’t prove that he is the most talented man shooting and editing video on Cape Ann I don’t know what would. Absolute Monster. Bottom Line.  End Of Story. Thanks Kim Smith for your awesome videos, thanks … Continue reading

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Eat Pie

Marketing 101 right here.

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Flocked! Alright Who’s The Wise Guy?

Woke up yesterday morning to a flock of Pink Flamingos in the front yard.  Figured they were for the Mrs but nope.  They were for me according to the card.  Who’d like to fess up to being the Flocker?

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