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Young and Salty

We were on our good friends’ boat the other day with their 3 children, our two boys, and two additional cousins.  As we watched all of the children laugh and chill on the bow while we made our way around the back shore of Gloucester, he said, “I love that these kids are all growing up so salty.”

Well, me too.

Today the boys asked if I would do a post in which they could talk about how they haul lobster traps.  How do you say “no” to that!  So, as they hauled some gear, I took a bunch of photos and they taught me what was up along the way.

This is what they had to say….


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Updated With Release Location and Map!: Second Tagged Lobster Landed At Captain Joe and Sons



This is great information, I appreciate your continued support of the tagging program, thanks to many of you this tagging project has been a great success, we’ve obtained recapture information on 24% of the lobsters that were tagged.  This is a very good reporting rate, and although we have yet to analyze all the data we’ve collected, we do have some preliminary results to share.  Out of the 2,200 lobsters we’ve tagged, lobstermen have provided recapture information on 525 lobsters.  Though finer scale movements within the state of NH are extremely important to this study so that we can properly assess seasonal migrations, perhaps the most interesting tag returns have come from Massachusetts.  Since tagging began in 2012, approximately 50 lobsters have been reported in Massachusetts waters, four of which were caught off of Cape Cod and traveled nearly 100 miles.

The lobster that you reported was tagged on 6/16/2013 near the Isles of Shoals and it was a female.  At the time the lobster was tagged it measured 79mm which is sublegal.  Approximately a year later the lobster you reported moved approximately 45 miles (straight line distance), molted and was legal size when caught.  The majority of tagging for this project has been completed; however, we’re very interested in receiving recapture information as long as lobstermen are observing these lobsters.  Thanks again for your support and let me know if you have any additional questions.  I’ve attached a map from Google Earth so you can see where the lobster was tagged and recaptured.



Joshua T. Carloni

Lobster Biologist

Marine Fisheries Division

NH Fish and Game…connecting you to life outdoors,


Matt Cooney Landed This Tagged Lobster A Couple of Days Ago

2014-06-22 11.23.252014-06-22 11.24.562014-06-22 11.24.122014-06-22 11.24.33

2014-06-22 12.03.33

A couple of years ago Dave Jewell caught one and when we contacted the NH Fish and Game authority who was responsible for the tagging program they gave us all the information about where it was released, when it was released and how far it had travelled.  Hoping to get the same feedback on this one.

This was the one Dave caught two years ago-


2012-11-15 13.00.27

Dave Jewell skipper of the Lady J came in a couple of nights ago and handed me this tag which was attached to a lobster and the coordinates of where he caught it off Gloucester MA on November 12, 2012.

There was a telephone number on the other side of the tag which I plugged into Google and it came up as the number to New Hampshire Fish and Game.  So I then Googled New Hampshire Fish and Game Lobster Tag and came up with this result


So then contacting Josh Carloni from New Hampshire Fish and Game’s Lobster Tag program I asked him more about the program and if there was any info he could give as to where the lobster that Dave caught was released or if we could put together a google map to show how far it traveled from September 21st to November 12th-

tag 247

If you have a press release about it or a google map of where certain lobsters were released and where they have been reported, that would be something that would get people excited.  anything visual has great impact.

an interactive google map would be really fun.

especially if you can put this particular lobster on there from where it was released to where it was caught.

Dave caught the lobster at Lat/Long 42.41.8/ 70.25.4

This was the info from Joshua about when it was released and the program itself-

That lobster was tagged on 9/21 near the Isles of Shoals (42 57.186, 70 35.823), it was a female spent egger with a v-notch and it was 93.8mm.  I just had someone put your coordinates into google earth and it appears that lobster moved 20 miles.  If you would like to add something to your blog that would be great.

We’re trying to identify areas in New Hampshire with aggregations of large reproductive females and then track their movement.  It appears the Isles of Shoals area has a large number of large females with eggs and we would like to know why they are there and their associated movement.  Though we’ll be looking a variety of other information from this study, this is the major objective.  We’ll also be tagging smaller females and some males so that we can compare their movements with the larger animals and identify if they’re undertaking seasonal migrations.

We hope to tag a total of 2400 lobsters by November of  2013.  So far we’ve tagged approximately 550 lobsters and we have recapture information from approximately 70 lobsters.  A couple of lobsters have been reported travelling to the Gloucester area and two more lobsters were reported in the Portland ME area.  We really want to spread the word so that fishermen will report tags when the catch them.  There will be a raffle held in 2012, 2013 and 2014 and winners of the raffles (three winners each year) will win a 50 dollar gift certificate to New England Marine Industrial or a Grundens sweatshirt

Dana Johnson Created This Google Map Showing Where The Lobster Was Tagged and Released and Where Dave Caught It 7 Weeks Later After Traveling 20 Miles-

Click Map For Larger View-


My suggestion to Josh is instead of simply having a page where the fishermen can report lobsters caught with tags that he create a page with maps and info of every lobster released and caught with the names of the fishermen that caught them so they can generate more interest in the results with the fishermen as well as the general public and the people who are funding the studies.

Our Quadruple Pincer Clawed and Blue Lobster Has Company With Today’s yellow Lobster!!!

Yellow Lobster-Blue Lobster-Quadruple Pincer Lobster All Landed In Gloucester at Captain Joe and Sons


Crazy, right?  There’s Nowhere that you can go to see these three lobster mutants in the same place let alone same lobster crate but we’ve got them her at our lobster dock, Captain Joe and Sons In Gloucester

Way More Pictures and Video when you click below this first picture-


Another Local Lobster Trap Tag Shows Up On Perranporth Beach Cornwall England!

Dear Joe,

I wrote to you in November 2012 about a fishing tag from the Net Profit, from when it was owned by the late Joe Ciaramitaro.

Last Thursday I found a tag from F/V Endeavour. When I looked it up on Google it looks as though it comes from your area, so I thought that you might be interested. I don’t find many of the rectangular tags, all the ones that I have found are mounted on a board on my garage wall. I thought that you might know some of their owners or where they come from.

As you will see from the photo we do find quite a lot of lobster trap tags. Here in Perranporth  Cornwall most of the them are from Newfoundland and Labrador. We have had a lot of storms this winter & unusually high tides for the last three months. This has resulted in large quantities of plastic being washed up – some from across the Atlantic & a lot from more local places.

Best Wishes,

Chris Easton


Here’s the post from November 9, 2012-

Joe Ciaramitaro Lobster Trap Tag Found on Cornwall Beach in The UK

Posted on November 9, 2012 by Joey C

Chris Easton writes- Dear Joey, Earlier this year I found a fishing tag which I think may be yours. It reads F/V NET PROFIT 7918 JOE CIARAMITARO along the bottom. I enjoy walking along the strand line on my local … Continue reading →

A Cow and a Lobster Walked into a Bar and….

Try as I may, I can’t come up with a good punchline, but I did get an excellent meal out of it!

The Surf and Turf Burger at the Yard House in Lynnfield totally hit the spot during “Mommy and Daddy really need an evening out alone” night on Saturday.   Check out those chunks of lobster!  So good.

maine lobster sautéed in garlic butter, grilled asparagus, swiss and tomato béarnaise with fries

maine lobster sautéed in garlic butter, grilled asparagus, swiss and tomato béarnaise with fries

The Spicy Tuna Roll was pretty unbelievable too.  This photo doesn’t do it justice as we’d already ripped into it a bit, but it was huge and super yummy!

Spicy Tuna Roll: seared rare ahi, avocado, edamame, cucumber with wasabi soy sauce

Spicy Tuna Roll: seared rare ahi, avocado, edamame, cucumber with wasabi soy sauce

The Yard House

Good times, good eats….and the beer isn’t so bad either.

Monstah Lobstah sighted in Washington DC

Hi Joey & Good Morning Gloucester!

Anthony and I attended Monster Jam this weekend (held at Verizon Center in the Chinatown section of DC) where we saw this huge lobster and immediately thought of you. The truck is from Maine, and they really did a fine job of capturing the details — down to red lights where the eyes would be.

The name is Crush Station (clever twist on crustacean) and Bottom Feeder Racing has a facebook page here:


Rick Terselic


1930′s-1940′s Copy-Ocean-Clear Lobsters Consolidated Lobster CO INC Gloucester MA (Bay view)


As I said I would send.  My mother sent this to me of her Father (Chester E. Mac Neil) lived both in Lanesville Duley Street early 30′s and Bay View, Washington Street.  Mom  told me – Lived on Duley Street when she was about 2 around 1933 young child her Dad Chester Mac Neil worked for the Ocean Clear Lobsters – drove out of Bay-view Lobster Company driving a truck. Later family moved to Kilbey Street in the year of 1935, then to Washington Street where mother Mildred Mac Neil lived until late 90′s…The music is for my fond memories of Grampy and Grandmother God knows they were there when we needed them most!  (Chester E. Mac Neil in the sky summer of 1968- wife Mildred Mac Neil (Fitting words of song in the sky please post both thanks you and his Wife Mildred Mac Neil).  Family is way too important!
The man in the Roadie Cap is Chester by left close to van…Mr. Raymond O’Connell (owner) with Brother in Boston pier North Shore Lobster Company State Street Boston according to her.  He drove his truck out of Bay view Mr. Bob Lee worked in office and she said she road with him across cut bridge and sometimes on trips to Boston. I think she said his longest trip was to Nova Scotia?  She told me he stopped driving after injuring his shoulder dislocated never was the same after.  (He had a beautiful garden in on his property I know (we ate vegetables out of it) :-)
Have to rotate view clockwise on PDF…This copy is yours to post (Fred-Capt Joe)…and keep…
Keep up the great work at GMG and I will pass on other’s as they come available to the foundation of my childhood  Cape Ann.
Gloucster Daily Times Obit her passing on into the sky with her father.

Mildred E. (Peters) MacNeiI Mildred E. (Peters) MacNeil, 106, wife of the late Chester E. MacNeil, died Friday, April 11 2002, in the Grey cliff at Cape Ann Nursing Home. Mrs. MacNeil was born Dec. 21, 1896, in Williamstown, daughter of the late James W. and Mildred (Giroux) Peters. Mrs. MacNeil, known only as Mrs. Mac, resided in Bay View with her grandson and his wife, Richard and Carol MacNeil, for many years.

Mrs. MacNeil was an active member of the community and the Sacred Heart Church in Lanesville, where she was a member of the Ladies ‘Auxiliary. She often sang in the Sacred Heart Choir and performed in minstrel shows around Cape Ann. She was a good cook and her pies and doughnuts were “legendary” at Sacred Heart bakes sales. During World War II, she often took in the Annisquam Coast Guard Station attendants, Opening her house to the men stationed there before the facility burned down. She was often quoted saying that was the least she could do, and that she hoped other women overseas were opening up their homes to her sons.   Cape Ann Known for the great cooks passed on through Generations.

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