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Thank You!

moolongz thank you

I just want to thank all of you who backed my I See Moolongz Kickstarter campaign, and those who didn’t but came to the backer reward and book launch party on Saturday (some of you who I haven’t seen for years came all the way up from East Boston – go Eastie!). It was a great turnout for the book launch party and Spontaneous Collaboration exhibit, and everyone seemed to be really enjoying themselves. Thanks especially to Brenda Malloy who kept me organized during the book signing. Any of you who did not get to come to the party and pick up your rewards, they are on their way to you by mail. This is such an amazing community! Thank you all so much. Love, EJ

James and Anna can use our help

cape ann giclee_chase grant

Any of you who know James and Anna at Cape Ann Giclee know that they are wonderful, knowledgeable and talented people who provide excellent services that we are very lucky to have here in Gloucester.

They have applied for the Chase Mission Main Street small business grant. Chase will award 20 small businesses with a $150,000 grant. The first step of the process is to get 250 votes on their website, voting is done through Facebook sign ins. After that all businesses who receive 250 votes submit a questionnaire about their business, community involvement, what they would do with the money and then, based on the answers, Chase awards the grant.

They entered the competition for the grant because, like most small businesses, $150,000 would help them out a lot and allow them to do some of the things right now that they thought they would have to wait years to do. If they win the grant, the first thing they would do is buy a Cruse scanner which is a large format museum grade scanner that would allow them to scan artwork up to 4 feet by 8 feet in one pass, as well as manuscripts, textiles, negatives and delicate objects. They would be able to offer artists, photographers, museums, and whoever else wanted, high quality scanning for less than they charge now and with quicker turn around times. Another area they would invest in is some AV equipment so that they could do workshops and seminars in the studio with really high quality monitor screens and projectors. New lighting to show off artwork on the walls would be on the list as well. And as most people who have talked to them about promoting art on Cape Ann know, they would really love to have some sort of regular art market, fashioned roughly after SOWA Sundays, here on Cape Ann and this grant would allow them to be a sponsor and make that become a reality. They would also upgrade some computers, add some printers, software and upgrade their bookkeeping system.

It would be great if people could help them out by going to their link at the Chase grant site and voting for them – they need to get 250 votes to even be considered for the grant. You can find the link on the Chase Mission Main Street website at – vote, and then share it with your artist and photographer friends.





After 37 years, Gloucester Music is going out of business.

We wish you the very best Susan, but you will be sorely missed.

 6944842501_02577afbe9Matthew Green Photo of Mr. Pumpkin

Sista’s Favorite Kitchen Gadget of the week



Silicone Omelet Mold by Le’Kue’


Silicone Omelet mold by Le’Kue’, is quite handy during the early morning rush of getting son BJ and husband Barry out the door on time to beat the rout 128 traffic.  At the start of this school year I began fixing BJ and St. Barry “to go” breakfast wraps per their request.  This morning ritual of preparing a hot “to go” breakfast, followed by the quick ‘kiss, kiss, have a good day, here is your warm breakfast, enjoy, wave goodbye close the door,” left me with the not so joyful sink of dirty cooking equipment each morning.

Two weeks ago while washing at the sink, a flash back of a microwave cooking demonstration I attended with my mother, back in the day when Microwaves were the new “Must Have” Kitchen Gadget of the times. The fast, no fuss little mess style cooking revolutionized kitchen around the world. 


I remembered watching scrabbled eggs cook in a glass Pyrex liquid measuring cup quickly, effortlessly, and with little mess within minute’s right in the aisle of the appliance store. The very next morning, happened to be a Saturday, and I decided to replicate that same microwave egg demonstration to son BJ. He thought it was a genius approach of cooking fast with little mess to clean, and was happy with the results. For the next several days their “to go” breakfast wraps and sandwiches were prepared in this fashion, until I scored this nifty silicone omelet gadget made by Le’Kue’ on clearance for $8.00 in Marshalls the other day. This Silicone Omelet mold by Le’Kue’ has definitely made my morning job of fixing a hot “To Go” breakfast for my boys a lot faster and easier. I definitely give this kitchen gadget a two thumbs up for the ease of preparing eggs in an omelet style via the microwave.  

*Note~ Our fist omelet was prepared following the manufactures instructions, of whisking ingredients together before pouring into the silicone mold, but that process resulted in 3 things to clean measuring cup, whisking tool, and silicon mold. I shorten the cleaning item list to 2 by add and whisking all ingredients together in the silicone mold itself just prior to cooking. 

If you like omelet style eggs and find your morning too busy to deal with “cooking” that requires your undivided attention so you don’t burn the house down, find yourself a Le’Kue’ Omelete mold Stat!

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Cape Ann Weather Tuesday Sept 30th , 2014

Marine Forecast :
Small Craft Advisory ….
Tue N winds 15 to 20 kt…becoming NE 10 to 15 kt in the afternoon. Gusts up to 25 kt. Seas 2 to 3 ft. Patchy fog. Areas of drizzle. Vsby 1 nm or less.
Tue Night N winds 10 to 15 kt. Seas 2 to 4 ft. Patchy fog. A chance of drizzle. Vsby 1 to 3 nm.

Pod Cast Weather :

Hourly Forecast :



No Snark Sunday, Post Fishing Reality

Joey C:

Chickity Check The Latest From James Dowd At The Clam

Originally posted on The Clam:

The future can be a scary place. For instance: at some point in the future you, dear reader, are dead. That’s kind of a downer. Sorry. But it’s also true that everything awesome that’s ever going to happen occurs in the future. It’s where every sandwich you will ever eat from here on out resides. The next season of your favorite show is out there. Every upcoming breakthrough and triumph and most importantly, it’s where our kids live.

Downtown Gloucester, 2017

Downtown Gloucester, 2017

The future is something we ignore at our, and especially their, peril. There are aspects of it we can control and lots more we can’t.  But while it makes sense to remain optimistic, being delusional is another thing entirely. So with that in mind, I feel that it is the responsibility of The Clam to point out that, regardless of how we got here and who’s to blame for…

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A Respite to the Rivalry

It was quite possibly one of the strangest last days of Red Sox baseball I’ve ever witnessed.  It was indeed a pleasure to bear witness to Derek Jeter’s last game of major league baseball today within the walls of Fenway Park.  The ball park was teaming with #2 Yankees shirts, pin stripes, and New York fans.  It was almost difficult to remember that we were actually there to wrap up a Boston season and wish them well as we begin to dream of a better 2015.

In true Red Sox fashion, the organization planned an impressive send off to the beloved Yankees #2 and it is one of “those” days that will be written down in the well read history books that make the Red Sox, well, the Red Sox.

I Never Met a Fred I Didn’t Like


I meet a ton of people in my gallery, and always say the same thing to guys who have the Fred name: “Freds are always good looking, friendly, and intelligent.” This Fred from Delft, a city in Holland, was happy to represent from his country. While in the hospital last fall, I decided to delay this post because of the tragic loss of life on Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over the Ukraine. So here’s happy Fred, better late than never.

Live from Dunkin Donuts

Today is International coffee day! All Dunkin Donut locations serving free medium size Dark Roast coffee all day

Monday Sept 29th , 2014 Cape Ann Weather..

Marine Forecast :
Mon W winds around 5 kt…becoming N 10 to 15 kt in the afternoon. Seas around 2 ft. Patchy fog. Vsby 1 to 3 nm.
Mon Night NE winds 10 to 15 kt…becoming N 15 to 20 kt after midnight. Gusts up to 25 kt. Seas 2 to 4 ft. Patchy fog. Scattered showers. Vsby 1 to 3 nm.

Pod Cast Weather :

Hourly Forecast :



Yesterday’s Sun Rise … Thought I would share with you :) My very first Catch .



GloucesterCast With Guests Kim Smith, Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 09/28/14

gloucestercastsquare11 (1)

GloucesterCast With Guests Kim Smith, Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 09/28/14

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Topics Include:

Guest Kim Smith,Guest Toby Pett, Thanks to Earl and Arch, Gloucester Til The End,, Brothers Brew Donuts, Nom Nom Nom,  Cyclocross, Ambie Sausages, Giuseppes, Markou Bread, L’Chaim, Economic Impact Impact Of Cyclocross, Donna Ardizzoni, Adderall and Medicating The Youth Of America,The Excitement Of CycloCross,Erik Fisher, A Passel Of Butterflies, Hard Cider, Russell Orchards, The Popularity and Growth Of Small Farms,Marshall’s Farmstand, Utopia Farms, Apple Dishes, Ribs Dry Rub vs Ribs With Sauce, NFL ON TV, Watching Football for the Game vs Watching Football For Fantasy Football Results, Is There A Stigma Attached To Men Wearing Clogs, Thanks To Cynthia Hill,
Slipper Types, Slippers vs Flip Flops, Are Clogs Less Masculine?, Kim Smith and Her Defending Of High Waisted Jorts, The Value In A Good Retailer For Shoes, Buzz Cutler, John Tarr Store, Mark Adrian, Larsen’s, Fungia Pronounced Voonja, Misconception About People Whose Face Rests In A Frown, Sfingi, Kim Can’t See The Small Type That Toby Keeps Putting In Front Of Her, iPhone 6 and the Hypocrisy Around The Pefect Size Phone, I Wish Microsoft Would Separate It’s Mobile and Desktop Platforms, Will Paul Morrison Get and iPhone 6 Even Though He Claims To Like A Samller Phone, Apple Acting as If They Invented The Larger Cell Phone, Don’t Hate Me Live, Guard Your Upgrade Kim, Kim’s Daughter Live Is Engaged, Pet Peeve When Bridesmaids Complain About The Brides That They Are Standing Up For But End Up Becoming The Worst Bridezillas, Jeter, Cape ann Giclee, the 100th Podcast,

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Thanks To The Earl Foote Band For The Intro Music. Download Gloucester Til the End Free Here At Gimme Sound

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Kim Smith Guest Speaker at the Rockport Garden Club Monday, October 6th

Rockport Garden Club ©Kim Smith 2014Sign Posted at the Rockport Community Center Garden

Next Monday afternoon at the Community House I will be presenting my “Pollinator Garden” program to the Rockport Garden Club. I am looking forward to meeting with this great group of civic-minded gardeners.  I see their signs all around town at the various gardens they maintain and they do a simply outstanding job! The program begins at 1:15 and the doors open to the public at 1:00.

The Pollinator Garden

Following the rhythm of the seasons, celebrated landscape designer Kim Smith presents a stunning slide show and lecture demonstrating how to create a welcoming haven for bees, birds, butterflies, and other wildlife. Native plants and examples of organic and architectural features will be discussed based on their value to particular vertebrates and invertebrates.

Please visit the Programs Page of visit my website for a complete list of program offerings.

Whirling Butterflies (Gaura lindheimeri) ©Kim Smith 2014Whirling Butterflies (Gaura lindheimeri) at the Rockport Community House and Senior Center

Gaura is not a only a fabulous drought tolerant plant for the water-wise garden, it is also a caterpillar food plant for the beautiful day-flying White-lined Sphinx Moth.

Hummingbird-Hawk-Moth-Life-CycleGraphic Source:

White-lined_sphinxAbove White-lined Sphinx Moth image courtesy wiki commons media.

The Rockport Community House is located at 58 Broadway, Rockport.

GMG Represents

Closing Day at Fenway…….

Live From Niles Beach!

September 28 th feels and looks like a summer afternoon at Niles Beach. Thank you Mother Nature! keep them coming!

Good-Bye #2: live from Fenway

Elbert Hubbard Quote of the Week from Greg Bover

“I would rather be able to appreciate things I can’t have, than have things I am not able to appreciate.”

Elbert Green Hubbard (1856-1915)


An Illinois native, Hubbard enjoyed early wealth as a successful salesman for the Larkin Soap Company. Inspired by John Ruskin and William Morris, the self-described socialist founded the Roycroft Press and later the Roycroft Community in East Aurora, New York, whose shops produced furniture and printing that had a profound influence on the Arts and Crafts Movement. During the First World War he was fined and had his passport revoked for printing anti-war commentary. He successfully appealed directly to President Woodrow Wilson for it to be reinstated and traveled to Europe to report on the war. Hubbard and his wife were returning to the States on the RMS Lusitania when it was torpedoed by a U-boat and sank off Ireland, both died. Another Hubbard quote: “Don’t take life too seriously. You’ll never get out of it alive.”

Greg Bover

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