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Community Photos 8/22/14

Eric Schwartz forwards this photo of The Hard Merchandise-

20140819 (DSC_2159) Hard Merchandise (S) (WM)

Wild Collins asks-

hi Joey
when I was a kids in the late 70’s  I remember going to west Gloucester
near Stoner Pier and seeing a big old wooden boat on land I was trying
to get some pic’s or info on it but cant
do you no anything about it

Hi Joey,

This morning I watched as Homie, with incredible grace and style, came in for a perfect landing on the ball that tops our flagpole. He remained up there for a good ten minutes.

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid


honest cole


Cole a mate on the Water Shuttle captained by Capt Pete, found a Black Centurion America Express Credit Card, under the deck at the Studio in Rocky Neck. He did not hesitate and rushed up the gang way, and returned the card to a Studio Employee.

The credit card is is the most exclusive and rare card offered by American Express; it is available by invitation only. Reserved for high end clients, this titanium (not plastic) card guarantees extras such as private jet services, personal concierges, business, savings and much more. The cost of the privilege to use this card is $2,500 a year.

The card was returned to the rightful owner, a prominent Gloucester resident. 

Cole, I applaud you on your integrity and instilling my confidence in our young generation.

Community Photos 8/20/14

Al Bezanson submits-

Last week the 185 ft three-masted schooner Atlantic was anchored for a spell inside the breakwater at Eastern Point.  She is a 2010 replica of the schooner that held the monohull transatlantic speed record from 1905 until 1997.    In Newport earlier this summer with my friend Jay Irwin, the captain invited us aboard when he learned that Jay had visited the original in 1954, and had met the first mate who sailed the 1905 race.  He gave us a grand tour and this photo is one small example of her fit and finish.  Atlantic sank at a dock in Norfolk in 1982 and our friend Lane Briggs (founder of the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race)  made a number of dives on her in an attempt to raise the old girl, but she was too far gone.  He salvaged one of the masts, which was resurrected as a flagpole near downtown Norfolk.

Al Bezanson


Photo from August 2014/Celtic Music at the Stage Fort Park Bandstand/Janet Rice


Len Burgess submits-

Perfect sailing day out in Gloucester harbor Saturday. Got some photos of the ‘Thomas E. Lannon’ from Al Bezanson’s schooner ‘Green Dragon’.  -Len Burgess

If it is Thursday it must be Cape Ann Farmer’s Market Day

Waterfront Festival

Fishermen’s Memorial Service 8/16/2014, photos from Anthony Marks

Community Photos 8/18/14

Cat Ryan forwards-

Gloucester Winslow Homer Breezing Up in Times Square. Collection National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC.

You can see their Roy Lichtenstein’s Look Mickey in the upper right of the photo.

Here in MA, I briefly saw Hopper’s Nighthawks while driving Rt 128, over by Jordan’s Furniture

image001 (14)

Meg McCarthy submits-

Hi Joey, 

My dad lives in Gloucester and have been photographing it over the years. Rocky Neck has become one of my favorite places; such a gem!

Thought I would share a recent photo. 




coming in for a landing American egret from Jaqueline Bennett


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