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Bentleys in Essex

Bentley Wings

A group of Bentleys met up in Essex today and after a tour of the Essex Shipbuilding Museum went on their way to Wentworth by the Sea for a weekend gathering of the Bentley Club. All except the more modern examples were British Racing Green, of course..

Love this idea

What a great idea, they should bring the goats out to Ten Pound Island to eat the poison ivy.  Goats love poison ivy. To read please follow the link below from the Gloucester Daily Times.

Rockport Harvest Festival 2014

What a beauty of a day

Jeanne Michela from Schenectady, NY getting All Misty Eyed About G-Town

Hi Joey,

     I’ve been reading the Good Morning Gloucester blog near since it began.   It was a pleasure meeting you.  I have been visiting Gloucester once a year for most years and sitting on the rocks on the Backshore in the morning is my favorite place to be in the world.  The other spots I love are Rafe’s Chasm, Cressy’s half moon beach, sitting on the dogbar and to go to the Sea Rocks.  Every Glosta person I met was friendly, hospitable and interesting.  Can’t wait to come again next year:)  Here’s a few of the pics I took.

            Jeanne Michela from Schenectady, NY


Community Photos 10/16/14

Cruz Ferreras submits-

Olivia and Ava had a picnic brunch at the Benjamin Smith playground on Cripple Cove on a perfect Autumn Sunday morning.

photo 1photo 2

That Nutty Redhead submits-

Hi Joey, this just in this morning, if you’d like to share. Many thanks!!!

​Thank you Heather Atwood for a wonderful article, and I thank the Gloucester Times for this opportunity to share my passion for creating a delicious healthy snack!

You can sample these fine gourmet nuts this Saturday October 18th at the Rockport Harvestfest. ***SPECIAL gourmet FUDGE topped with my signature Praline Sea Salt Nuts will also be available!!! I’ll be in the Harvey Park area from 10-6pm. There will be a host of great food vendors and live music on the wharf so come on down!!! 

You can sponsor That Nutty Redhead to get her product into Whole Foods Market here, many thanks for any and all support!

Community Photos 10/13/14

Hi joey, I took this picture of the sunrise at good Harbor and thought it was worth sharing.  I’m moving to new jersey soon for work and will definitely miss these kinds of mornings the most. 

Amanda Taylor


Hi Joey,

My name is Sam Winslow. I’m 25 and I live over on Nautilus rd. at Good Harbor Beach.

I’ve gotten a couple cool full moon photos over the last two nights, and my Mom recommended I send them to Good Morning Gloucester– you guys are welcome to use them if you’d like! I’ve also got plenty of other Good Harbor/Gloucester photos on my instagram,


Sam Winslow


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