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Phyllis A relaunch and quick haul

Hi Joey,

We had an exciting and a bit tense time at GMR on Tuesday.  The Phyllis A, who had been up on the rails for 3 months, was relaunched, quickly moved over to the next bay (guys on ropes moving her) and hauled out on the travel lift.   She had not been re-caulked before the relaunch as we anticipate taking many of the planks off pretty quickly. We expected a bit of leakage, and were not disappointed.  Doug Parsons figured she took on about 4000 gallons before she got positioned on the travel lift.  Doug had 3 pumps running to try to keep up.   Joe Maletti lifted her up slowly to let the water drain to reduce her weight before the final haul out.   We all crossed our fingers hoping she would stay together on the lift.   She made it through with flying colors.  Richie Arnold, the Phyllis A’s last captain was on hand for the excitement.

The Phyllis A was moved over behind  the Gloucester Marine Railway office building on Wednesday.   She’ll be there as we complete the next phases of reconstruction.   Saturday, Doug and I will be aboard photographing the fo’c’sle so we have photo documentation of her layout before de-construction.   We plan to use those photos later to aid in accurate re-constsruction.  We encourage everyone to come by and visit the Phyllis A as she has her face-lift.   Please visit the Phyllis A website at if you are interested in learning more about the Phyllis A , upcoming events, or volunteering in her restoration.  We also  have 2 FaceBook pages, the Phyllis A Marine Association and Friends of the Phyllis A Marine Association.  I’ll be doing regular photo posting on FaceBook as the restoration continues.

The Phyllis A Marine Association is also excited to welcome Beth Welin as our Education Director.  Beth’s high energy and creative ideaswill be a wonderful fit for our mission to promote the history and importance gillnetting in Gloucester.

Mary Barker

Science All Around Us Has Raised Over $18K Surpassing Their Halfway Point!

This is wonderfully exciting news not only for Captain Tom, Colin, and Nubar, but for our community at large. If you haven’t yet backed their Kickstarter program to raise funds for the the pilot of the series, Science All Around Us, the first of which will be created aboard Gloucester’s own Schooner Thomas E. Lannon, now is the perfect time. With less than two weeks to go, the project will not go forward unless the full $35,000. needed for the pilot is raised.

Read More About the Project from Captain Tom Elliis and Joey Here

If you have already donated, you can continue to help by spreading the word to reach as many people as possible during the fundraising campaign. Let your friends and family know about this exciting series and share the links on Facebook and Twitter.

More from Colin on the Science All Around Us



Phyllis A’s Moving Tuesday 11/11

Phyllis A’s Moving

Tuesday 11/11
(or Wednesday – depending on weather)

We have changed the restoration plan, with the immanent State Funding, and tomorrow the Phyllis A will be launched off the Railway, lifted with the Travel Lift, and moved to a repair spot in the parking lot of the Gloucester Marine Railways.
This move and funding allows restoration work to progress from the Community Preservation funding work, in the stern, straight through to the bow!

It should be very exciting day!

We will post the final plans/ any changes tomorrow morning, in case you want to come see!

Keep watch!

Such exciting things are happening!!!!!


visit our website


Phyllis A’s
Moving Update

During afternoon coffee, I got updates from Doug…
After lunch on November 11, the Phyllis A will be launched, floated around to the Travel Lift and lifted into the parking lot.
As long as all goes well, everything should be done by 2pm. (IF they run into any issues, things may hold off until Wednesday. But everything is going to be just Fiiiine.)
So come on by the Gloucester Marine Railways and watch the fun.

The restoration of the Phyllis A

Hi Joey,

The restoration of the Phyllis A continues in earnest at Gloucester Marine Railway.  This week the iconic red pilot house, spars, and engine were removed.  She is being lightened up before coming off the rails and then picked up on the big blue travel lift.   There is a spot waiting for the Phyllis A in the parking lot, so she can have more extensive work done without tying up the railway.    We are actively seeking volunteers to help with her restoration and to help with mailing and other office type work too.  Please come by the Steel Drive behind Fosters on Saturday 8-4 to help support the Phyllis A’s restoration, while getting rid of your unwanted steel.    

Mary Barker

Madhouse Today…

I swear you couldn’t dream up this scene to paint it just the way it was at that very moment when I snapped the shot in between offloading boats.

You couldn’t have dreamed up the clouds or the sun breaking through at just the right angle to lead straight down the harbor to our dock. You couldn’t have dreamed up the lobster boats waiting to offload at just the right perpendicular locations to frame the shot on either side of the lobster boat’s mast that was tied up at the dock. Picture perfect.

Sometimes amid the madness you don’t really have time to take it all in because you’re ass deep in work but that one capture you managed to fire off brings it all back and reminds you that yes indeed, it wasn’t a dream.

Fred’s Twice–Yearly Haircut

MaherBirdseye4966wm MaherHaircut4957wm

I went to my friend Laureen Maher’s Beauty Bar Salon on Parker Street in Gloucester: My first cut was at Den Mar Nursing/Rehab in Rockport. Because of my cancer, it pretty much stopped growing, except for unruly curls on the sides. Laureen is also a painter, like my sister “Painter Barb,” who took the portrait. Laureen displays some of her work in the salon and has a few pieces my gallery. Thank you Laureen for the trim and thank you hair for not falling out (yet). Chemo treatment #5 today.

The Tuna Were Biting On Tuesday – Photos from Anthony Marks

First at the dock after 4:00 pm was the Allyson from Kennebunkport
Maine with a 387 lb tuna. Next up at the dock was the Amanda & Andy II,
Capt Jim Santapaola and crew landed a 777 lb whopper of a tuna. Last
but not least was the Gannet with Capt Andy Santapaola, Jim’s son at
the helm with a 585 lb tuna. They were all beautiful fish!

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