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The USCGC Eagle (WIX-327) is a 295-foot barque used as a training cutter for future officers of the United States Coast Guard. She is the only active commissioned steel hulled sailing vessel in American military service.


  1. Length295′ (90 m)
  2. Construction startedFebruary 15, 1936
  3. LaunchedJune 13, 1936
  4. Weight1,655 tons
  5. Beam39′ (12 m)
  6. Draught16′ 1″ (4.90 m)

Community Stuff 8/28/14

Joey, I was wondering if you could help us out? I am a daily reader of your blog and realize that you reach a lot of people. The East Gloucester Vikings Organization is looking for additional players. We are looking for 3rd and 4th grade kids. We can take kids from all over Gloucester and Rockport. We are taking sign ups at our practice field on Green St at our storage container from 5 to 7 on Thursday and Friday this week and all of next week except Monday. Do you think you could help us get the word out? They can also reach out to me direct via email or cell.

Thanks for the help.

Adam Sherlock

Communications Coordinator

East Gloucester Vikings



Rocky Neck infrastructure work
Project follow-up

Dear residents of the Rocky Neck area,

First, of all, thanks to all of you who took the time to come out to our neighborhood meeting on Wednesday night, and to the Rocky Neck Cultural Center for hosting it.
As we saw on Wednesday, the project will be done in two phases, with the water work being the first part of the project and the sewer work following on. It is hoped that the water work will be finished by mid-November and the entire project by January.
There will be some street openings to allow access to the water pipes so they can be upgraded, but there will not be any lengthy trenches along the streets of the Neck. The new technology allows the rehabilitation of the pipes to be done from fixed points along the water lines, so the entire course doesn’t have to be dug up and replaced. The pits to access the water lines will be chiefly at intersections and should not occasion complete road closures. Traffic should be able to get by during the construction, though roads may be briefly closed as equipment is moved around. Police will be on site to manage traffic during the digging and work within the access pits. Overnight and on weekends, the pits will be covered with steel construction plates and the roads should be fully passable.
Temporary water service will need to be installed while the pipes in your area are being upgraded. Crews will need access to your water meter to hook up the connection. The connections are rubber hoses so the crews should not have to dig up your yard to make the connection.
There will be water service interruptions of up to four hours on the day the lines are cut to allow access, but beyond that no prolonged interruptions of service are expected. You will receive 48 hours advance notice of the time when service in your area will be interrupted.
In response to a question posed at the meeting, the main roads will be repaved, not just patched, when the project is completed, but since it will be winter time, the paving will wait until next spring.
If you have particular needs or anticipate a problem with connecting to your meter (some folks had meters in cellars that didn’t have windows, for example), you should fill out the form at the link below and return it to the address on the form. There will also be a construction manager on site at all times who will help with any unanticipated problems that arise.
You can also see the memo and map describing the project that was handed out at Wednesday’s meeting at this link:
Please contact me if you have any problems during the project.

Gloucester Artist, Anna Coniaris Comolli – Revisiting Monet’s Garden Exhibition, French Cultural Center Boston


Hi Joey…

Would love to share this press release from the French Cultural Center Boston with Good Morning Gloucester readership.

Of interest to the Greek, French or Cape Ann Arts communities, this is a celebration of Gloucester artist Anna Coniaris Comolli’s Monet’s Garden solo exhibition of paintings. Anna has also been an advocate of artists for decades organizing and curating many exhibitions.  Anna was actively involved  in the arts as a member and officer in the Boston Visual Artists Union, a trustee at the Institute of Contemporary Art, as art teacher, art consultant. and curator.  I’ve always appreciated her wisdom and support of the arts and artists so hope you may share her exhibition news.

Thanks for keeping the Glow of Gloucester shining in cyberland.

Jo-  Castano  

Anna Coniaris Comolli – Revisiting Monet’s Garden

Exhibition at the French Cultural Center, Alliance Française of Boston


Monet Admires the Gardens: the Sunflower. Oil on canvas, 18’’ x  26‘’. 1986


Anna Coniaris Comolli – Revisiting Monet’s Garden

Oil paintings of Monet’s Giverny gardens and portraits of his contemporaries.


French Cultural Center

53 Marlborough Street, Boston, MA 617.912.0400

September 3 – 29, 2014

Gallery Hours:

Mon.-Thurs. 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM;

Free Event

OPENING RECEPTION* Wednesday, September 10 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Boston, MA – The French Cultural Center is delighted to bring oil paintings of Monet’s Giverny gardens and portraits of his contemporaries by Gloucester, MA artist, Anna Coniaris Comolli in Revisiting Monet’s Garden to its gallery for the September exhibition.

Anna Coniaris Comolli visited the famed restored gardens created by Impressionist painter Claude Monet during his last forty years. Although the day was raining, her experience of these lavish restored gardens inspired a new focus in her art. She was overtaken by the beauty of Monet’s garden and took many photos. Working in a style that she calls “natural realism,” she has created a series of oil paintings, each of which has taken from four to six months to complete. Her paintings reflect Monet’s themes of water lilies, weeping willows, blossoming flowers, and vibrant color.

While Monet painted his gardens impressionistically, Anna has painted them as naturally as possible on canvas to reflect her admiration and respect for his labor and genius. She has conquered the challenges of painting in a dark room from slides that arrested a moment in time. Each of her many thousands of abstract shapes of color has produced its own absolute reality. She has painstakingly solved the problems and complexities of translating all of the magnified visual information onto canvas. This process has resulted in the vibrant paintings in this exhibit, which reflect beauty, harmony, perfection in nature, and reverence for life.

Anna has studied the life and times of Claude Monet. Portraits of himself at different times in his life and of his contemporaries are also part of this exhibition.

About Anna Coniaris Comolli

Anna Coniaris Comolli lives and works in Gloucester, Massachusetts. She has studied art at Vesper George School of Art and costuming and costume design at Boston University. She has worked in theater and opera for a number of years before receiving a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art. Ms. Comolli’s paintings have been exhibited at the Baker Library, Harvard University, University of Tennessee at Knoxville, the Brockton Art Museum and several Boston area art galleries. Her paintings were exhibited at The French Library in 1987, and the French Cultural Center is thrilled to see their return to its gallery. Artist’s web site:

About The French Cultural Center

The French Cultural Center of Boston is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to ensure the vibrant growth of French Language and Francophone Cultures in New England.

Library houses the second largest private collection of French books, periodicals, DVDs, and CDs available in the United States, in addition to offering online accessible resources through Culturethèque. Our school, a member of the Alliance Française network offers language classes and programs for adults and children. Our cultural programming showcases the many aspects of the francophone culture through numerous lectures, concerts, cooking demonstrations, wine tastings, art exhibitions, holiday celebrations and more. Political and artistic personalities often hold talks at the French Cultural Center, making it the center of French culture in Boston. Web site:

*Complimentary French wine will be served at the opening reception

Images and artist information available at web site:


Dear Joey C

As I was researching places to send publicity for my upcoming exhibit at the Cox Reservation Barn in Essex, I came across Good Morning Gloucester. What an amazing resource for the city. I’m from Newburyport which likes to think it has culture covered, but we have nothing that compares. I’ve attached a press release and some images as well as a link to an online media kit. Thanks in advance for your time.

in god spirit


Newburyport Artist Launches New Book of Art and Nature at Essex County Greenbelt Association

Newburyport, MA artist Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord finds the beauty and meaning of nature in the small things she gathers rather than in landscapes and vistas. Embracing the idea that there is an invisible world supporting the one that we see, she finds branches, sticks, and vines to be messengers from that other world. She combines them to create contemplative art objects—part book and part sculpture—that she calls Spirit Books. 

After 22 years of making these wordless volumes, Gaylord is publishing The Spirit Books, a paperback book with evocative images of 34 of the books and explanations of the inspiration behind each one. To celebrate the publication, an exhibition at Essex County Greenbelt Association Headquarters in Essex, MA on September 27 and 28 will feature 20 Spirit Books and include a talk by the artist on September 27 at 11 AM and a book sale and signing. Gaylord is donating 30% of all sales to Greenbelt, Essex County’s Land Trust. Susan chose to partner with ECGA because she believes in their mission of land conservation and is impressed by their success in accomplishing it. It has conserved more than 15,000 acres in Essex County since its founding in 1961. She finds it fitting that income from the sale of work created from the land will go back to supporting it.

Gaylord describes her inspiration and process:

“I feel a deep connection to older powers as I gather twigs, branches, vines, and roots. Using them to cradle books, I link them to the longstanding tradition of books as testaments of faith and belief. Each page is a meditation that echoes nature with both repetition and variety. “Reading” the book is meant to be a contemplative experience that takes the reader out of the everyday world and into a state of gratitude and reverence.”

Since she created her first Spirit Book in 1992 and coined the name, they have been exhibited throughout the US and Canada and in Korea. They have gained fans worldwide through articles and features in books such as 1,000 Artist’ Books, 500 Handmade Books, and 500 More Handmade Books and magazines including Fiberarts, Somerset Studio, and Bound & Lettered as well as online through her website and blog, facebook, Pinterest, and tumblr. 

Gaylord grew up in New Jersey where she spent many hours walking along and wading in the Rahway River. She came to Massachusetts to study English Literature at Boston University. Her love of words led her to calligraphy which in turn led her to the world of handmade books and book art. She has been working as an artist for 35 years. 

See the online media kit for a book preview, gallery of images, bio, resume, and author photo.

Could you please post the following for the chargers youth program.

West Gloucester Chargers
Sat August 30 9-1230
Sears Eastern Ave Gloucester

Thanks CYP

Final Weekend – Cape Ann Ceramics Festival

ceramics festival

“Final weekend of the Cape Ann Ceramics Festival. Contemplation: Fine Ceramics from Cape Ann and Beyond continues through Monday, September 1. This weekend join us for the Art of the Possible: All Clay Inclusive also at the Cultural Center. Opening Friday 8/29, 5-8PM with live music and great food, continuing Saturday 8/30 and Sunday 8/31 from 10-6PM. Hope to see you there.”

Sister Mary Corita Quote of the Week from Greg Bover

August 21, 2014

To be disciplined is to follow in a good way
To be self-disciplined is to follow in a better way

Consider everything as an experiment

Nothing is a mistake

There is no win

There is no fail

There is only MAKE

Don’t try to analyze and create at the same time

They are different processes

Be happy when you can manage it

Enjoy yourself

It is lighter than you think

There will be new rules next week.

Excerpted from the Immaculate Heart College Art Department rules

Sister Mary Corita (1918-1986)


Born Frances Elizabeth Kent, the Iowa native joined the Roman Catholic Sisters of the Immaculate Heart in 1936. She studied art at Otis College of Art and Design and the Chouinard Institute and received her BA from Immaculate Heart College where she laterbecame the Chair of the Art Department. She said her work was influenced by Buckminster Fuller and Charles and Ray Eames, with whom she enjoyed close relationships as she developed her signature style of painting and serigraphy, said by many to have changed the course of modern art. Corita Kent left the sisterhood in 1968, moved to Boston, and devoted herself to a highly successful life as a studio artist. Among her best known works are the “Love” postage stamp from 1985 and the controversial gas storage tanks on the Southeast Expressway in Dorchester which are said to contain the profile of Ho Chi Minh.

Greg Bover

With thanks to Christina Sun, in whose excellent Bowsprite: A New York Harbor Sketchbook I found this excerpt.

Gregory R Bover

Public art: Justin Desilva bookmark and seagull question

Hi Joey,

Artist Justin Desilva has completed several more crosswalks: Our Lady of Good Voyage, Lobsters, Howard Blackburn, and St. Peter’s Square.    He’s had several requests for a postcard or some take away about his temporary project. If you see him, ask for a bookmark. Some of the murals are at different stages in their installation process; you will see him going back and forth to different sites. As this project is temporary, Justin will remove his work at the conclusion of his exhibit.

There is a Google map with updated locations and photographs.

Gloucester Counts Down to Kindergarten streamed across the Sawyer crosswalk. Congratulations GPS, Sawyer Free, CAM, Art Haven and YMCA in partnership with the Boston Children’s Museum for planning what looked like a stellar, joyous event.

Question: Does anyone know how to persuade the seagulls to forego their perch atop the light above the crosswalk by City Hall and Sawyer?!

Info Card 03 PRINT

Hobbit House II

hobbit house II_madfish wharf

Thanks to one of those unexpected miracles of the Universe manifested through dear friend, Alma McLaughlin, I have been given a great gallery space for the remainder of the season back on Madfish Wharf. Hobbit House II (aka Khan Studio & the GMG Gallery), located at 77 Rocky Neck Ave., Gallery 6, is a beautiful gallery overlooking Smiths Cove with great light and energy. The gallery features the works of Joey C., Donna Ardizzoni, Len Burgess, Tom Nihan, Linda Sodja, Judy Wilburn, Belle & Me, Kathy Chapman, and of course, me.

In collaboration with Regina Piantedosi at YUPO Gallery, G4, we are resuming the fun tradition of weekly GMG Mug Ups at Madfish Wharf, now being held weekly on Saturdays at 9:30am so Joey can come, followed at 11:00 by the Rocky Neck Art Walk.

Hobbit House II (aka Khan Studio & the GMG Gallery)
77 Rocky Neck Ave., Gallery 6
Open Thursday – Sunday
Noon to 8:00 pm, except Saturday, open at 9:30 am for Mug Up
Open other days and times by chance

Map update of Justin Desilva’s temporary crosswalks HarborWalk Public Art Challenge

Hi Joey

Artist Justin Desilva is more than half way through his ambitious public art installation, With Every Street There’s a Story. Remember, they’re temporary, so take time to check them out.

Some of the murals are at different stages in their installation process; you will see him going back and forth to different sites. Here’s a map for any updated locations andphotographs. Walkers provide the most comments and questions, which he’s really enjoying.  They talk about Gloucester mostly and they talk about art. He’s been told that his pictures were kaleidoscopic, like stained glass, the quarries, that his red reminded them of some works by Miro, or Braque and Picasso. There have been requests for a crosswalk by their street, house, and business. People driving by have stopped to park and get out of their cars to walk back and look.

Crosswalks in this post include Gorton’s HarborWalk Story Moment #27, Birdseye HarborWalk Story Moment #33, Sea Serpent HarborWalk Story Moment #19, Stage Fort Park HarborWalk Story Moment #42, Katy (from Virginia Lee Burton’s Katy and the Big Snow) HarborWalk Story Moment #30, and Hopper HarborWalk Story Moment #28.

I’m In a Funk, Help Me Pick My Next Painting Project

I’m In a Funk, Help Me Pick My Next Painting Project

I’ve picked out a few photos I took that may be my next painting. If you like any you see here let me know. If you have a photo you may think might make a great Cape Ann themed Painting send it to me, maybe I’ll pick one out. I’ll also post them up on GMG with credit given to you. Remember, I love bright colors.

Send them to me at:

Maybe this painting I did of  "Niles Pond Sunrise" Using one of Sharon Lowes Photos.

Maybe this painting I did of “Niles Pond Sunrise” Using one of Sharon Lowes Photos. In a larger format.

100_2760 100_2831 DSCN0250 - Copy - Copy - Copy IMG_3426 P1010438 P1010444 P1010541 sandr_2_RETOUCHED

Did You Know (Rocky Neck Art Colony) – You’re Invited

RNAC art walk flier

That the Rocky Neck Art Colony is one of the oldest working art colonies in the country, and has been luring artists and appreciators to its picturesque shores since the 1850’s? Today the art colony still draws artists from around the world to paint and experience the magic that is Rocky Neck. Rocky Neck is home to artists and non-artists alike, many unique galleries, The Cultural Center, Gloucester’s Rocky Neck Cultural District, and four restaurants (Sailor Stan’s for breakfast, The Studio and Madfish Grille for lunch and dinner and The Rudder for dinner). The main draw to Rocky Neck Art Colony is of course the unique flavor of the art and artists that make Rocky Neck their home and place of business.

Artists are a special breed of people, who have chosen to pursue their passion and make the world a more beautiful place. The artists of Rocky Neck are especially unique, talented and diverse in the work they create. On Rocky Neck, you can find exceptional traditional representational works, abstract, contemporary, decorative, two and three-dimensional paintings, photographs, pottery, sculptures, jewelry, wearable art, greeting cards, books and more. And you will find some of the nicest people you will meet anywhere.

Starting on Saturday, August 16 and continuing each Saturday through September, the galleries on Rocky Neck will be featuring the Rocky Neck Art Walk. It will start at 9:30 am on Madfish Wharf with a GMG Mug Up at Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery and YUPO Gallery. After having coffee, refreshments and visiting with old and new friends, you can take a leisurely visit through the galleries on Rocky Neck, meet and chat with the artists and learn about their creations and creative process, at a time when the Neck isn’t crowded and parking isn’t a problem.

Come have fun, experience something new, and discover the unique treasure of Gloucester that is the Rocky Neck Art Colony.

E.J. Lefavour

The Answer to What is 1630. Joey’s Invitation He may soon regret!

What is 1630?

1,630 is The number of posts I have done since I was invited to join GMG as an Author. Who knew I had so much on my mind. For the most part it’s been fun. Sometimes I get a little carried away. I still have my comments censored by Joey. He tries to save me from myself. During my first couple of years I would love to bust Joey’s Balls when he went on vacation. Back then he didn’t have the time to check the late night posts. So I took advantage of it. Posting joey’s head on a picture of a guy taking a dump was my favorite.

It’s a lot of brain work to come up with a daily post and post title to catch the readers attention. Sometimes I’ll take a little break to recharge my brain.

I never thought this blog would last this long. It’s going to be interesting to see what’s next for GMG.

Goodluck Joey and all the GMG Authors!


Here are links to some favorite Posts of mine;

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There are so many more. I crack myself up sometimes.

Just google me for more.


Below is my first ever post being a GMG Author


Joey’s Invitation He Soon My Regret!

Joey’s Invitation; “Paul, I’m inviting you to officially join the team. All you would need to do is sign up for a free wordpress account and I have it set up so you would be an author like Mike Lindberg , Laurie Lufkin etc.”

Thanks for the Invite to be a GMG Author Joey. It’s an Honor, but I don’t know.

Here are some of my thoughts and questions

Is this an everyday thing?   that may be tough.
What happens if you miss a scheduled post?
I think I have enough Anxiety in my Life.
I don’t have a lot to say!
I could say something  you and I may regret!
What if I ruin GMG’s reputation? It could happen.
What’s the chances of my Wife putting out more because of  this?
What’s the chance of me getting punched from this?
It could be fun!
It could be a disaster!
I could use it to promote the visual arts in gloucester!! and maybe get a kickback. (just kidding)
I could use it to help Promote  Visual Artist’s in this tough economy.
I could use it to promote my stuff!

I could make a complete fool of myself!  I know! That sounds silly, Does’nt it?

See Joey, that’s what goes through my mind.

Happenings at Trident Gallery

Trident Gallery Live Art Series
189 Main Street
Gloucester, AM 01930

August 17th 2014 at 8pm

Auto-Body-Graphic is a dance-media performance in collaboration with the internet, by Vincent Cacialano, Program Leader, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. He is a co-founding member of the Amsterdam based improvisation group Magpie Music Dance Company, whose guest performers include Steve Paxton, Nancy Stark Smith, Miguel Gutierrez, David Zambrano, Kirstie Simpson, Benoit Lachambre and many others. Vincent’s work has been produced widely across Europe and in America.

Danielle Restaino | Account Specialist
Warner Communications
(p) 978-526-1960 x.225
(f) 978-526-8206

Follow us on Twitter! @WarnerPR | #StrategicSocial™

CROSSWALK ART: next two site specific Justin Desilva public art

Cat Ryan submits-

Hi Joey

Justin Desilva’s 20 part work of art is titled, Every Picture Tells A Story. His crosswalk art enlarges and interprets HarborWalk story moment content through a combination of digital paintings that he’s printed and combined with long stretches of color field painted sky.

Here’s one by the Gloucester Lyceum & Sawyer Free library for the Samuel Sawyer story moment #31, an abstraction of the exterior and trees.

image005 (3)

image010 (2)

Phil bikingimage011 (4)


Acting Director Freyja Sanger with artist Justin Desilva

image012 (4)

This one leads to the HarborWalk story post # for Temple Ahavat Achim across the street by the YMCA.

image013 (1)

image020 (1)

The dory is on Main Street. The Harborwalk story moment #24 is over on Harbor Loop.

image021 (1)

Community Stuff 8/10/14




Get Outside Center Grand Opening


Good Harbor Beach Cleanup


I am an intern with the Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation and wanted to set up a public beach cleanup at Good Harbor Beach. I did a solo clean up 2 weeks ago and picked up almost 17lbs of garbage! I would greatly appreciate if you could spread the word about my project and I would be more than happy to give you more information. The cleanup is scheduled for August 20, 2014 at 6:30 pm. Thanks!

Hannah Nylander

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