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Thank You Brother Joey


Cartoccioo~ Ricotta Filled Italian Donut

After a month of visits back and forth between Boston’s Childrens Hospital’s ER, ENT Specialists, and pediatrician, our daughter Amanda is finally home from the hospital recovering from a very painful double ear surgery, she had a few days ago. Barry, Amanda and I would like to thank our amazing family and friends for all their support, help, phone calls, text messages and prayers throughout this entire ordeal. It has been very comforting to feel everyones embrace. Thankfully we live a stones throw away from one of the best Childrens Hospitals in the world, and Amanda was under the care of an amazing team of doctors and surgeons. This morning brother Joey delivered Amanda’s favorite Italian pastry and bread from Sclafani’s Bakery and “TWO” of my favorite Sista Felicia’s Tea’s from from Lone Gull, after learning about the sleepless night we all had, trying to make Amanda as comfortable as possible. l Thank you God, for blessing me with an awesome brother and uncle to my kids …He knew exactly what we all needed this morning!❤️

Coconut hasn’t taken her eyes off Amanda sense she arrive home!



GHS Athlete Tess Destino Signs National Letter Of Intent To Merrimack College


 Coach Meghan Maclaughlin,Tess Destino, and Coach Amanda Levie

tessy 1

Alex J. Destino Writes~

Our daughter Tess has accepted an offer to play lacrosse at Merrimack College next year. She signed her National Letter of Intent along side her coaches and athletic director today at GHS. A lot of hard work led to this day…

Our friend Falzarano Thom was the director of Cape Ann Youth Lacrosse when our daughter Tess first started to play lacrosse in the seventh grade.About two weeks into the season Thom came over to me to introduce himself. He said “your daughter has a lot of ability…you need to get her involved with a “Club” team.”  At that time I knew essentially nothing about lacrosse.  Thom made a few phone calls which led to a tryout for Tess with Revolution Lacrosse in Boston.   90% of the players involved with this program came from elite private schools around New England. We were a little out of place…but I think they were intrigued with a public school kid from Gloucester who brought a certain amount of grit and toughness to their program.  So, they selected her.  It was a huge commitment for her (and us) but she received excellent coaching, became a very skilled player and traveled all over against the best talent in the country.  Thom, please know how grateful we are to you. Today’s signing for Tess simply does not happen without you reaching out to us.

Thank you and God Bless!


   The Destino’s have been family friends for generations. Our family is super happy and incredibly proud of this beautiful young lady, and share in the excitement of celebrating this awesome achievement. Congratulations Tess! Hope you and your  family, enjoy every moment of this day. Celebrate all the years of hard work, and dedication to the sport you love.

Congratulations Tess & Congratulation Mom & Dad!

A Flock Of Gloucester Peeps Take Over The Florida Keys



carl 5

Twenty Gloucester couples brought the fun from Captain Carlo’s Restaurant/Bar to the Florida Keys to celebrate 2  special Anniversaries, and two Birthdays!

Carl 4


***Note~All Photos submitted by Carl Mckay-Stratton

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Another Mariposa Warehouse Sale In The History Book!

Once again "Shoppers" wiped out the inventory in minutes!

Mariposa Staff Hands Out ” The Shopping Bags”

5 Minutes away from Kickoff!

20 Minutes Away from Sale Time!

You know its close to sale time when the chairs get folded up and returned to the cars!

Live From Mariposa Warehouse Sale…50 Minutes Away From Sale Time!

A Peek behind "Warehouse Doors"

Live Blogging From The Famous “Mariposa Warehouse Sale”


The first Diehard Mariposa shoppers arrived at 3pm today!

#1 in line

Congratulations to Shannon & Lauren Butt, Nancy, Amanda & Erin McMorrow and Roberta Spence(Grammy) From Pelham NH and Belchertown Ma. These lucky ladies will be the first shoppers through the warehouse door at 8pm tomorrow morning!


Tonight these ladies will keep warm in their car knowing their #1 spot in line is secured!


My girlfriends Tanya Frost, Lori Simpson, and Alli Battle were the second group of shoppers who arrived at 3:20 this afternoon and secured the #7,#8 & #9 spots in line


Several groups of women have already gathered in line, and a steady flow of cars continue to steam into the parking lot



…Mariposa shoppers don’t mess around when it comes to tailgating on the Eve Of “Female Super Bowl”… they come prepared with heat lamps, cocktails, and wine!


Ladies….Don’t forget to start your cars often.. to prevent draining your car battery!


Shoppers from  Rye NH, Gloucester, Chelmsford, Brighton, Salem, Newburyport, Newton, Pelham, and Belchertown Ma. are currently camped out at The Blackburn Industrial Parking Lot waiting for the BIG SALE to begin!



The Clock Is Officially Ticking…The Countdown to The Famous “Mariposa Warehouse Sale” Has Officially Begun!





Dear Sista Felicia,

The Warehouse Sale is this Saturday, November 15th. It begins at 8 a.m., but as you know, the line forms much earlier. Due to safety concerns from prior sales we are providing bags this year.  One bag per person will be handed out at the door. No outside bags will be brought into the sale. The bags are a good size, dimensions are as follows:

Depth: 13

Height: 11

Max. load: 55 lb

Volume: 20 gallon

I saw your live blog and pictures from last year. Looked like your group was having fun! We would be happy to have you cover the event for GMG and take some photos of the people waiting in line, prior to the sale



Laura Mackin Marketing Manager MARIPOSA

Cucudiata fig cookies (16)

 I believe everything taste better when served on Mariposa!



The Famous Mariposa Warehouse Sale started on School Street in the church hall of Scared Heart Parish in Manchester By The Sea Massachusetts. Over the years as the popularity of “Mariposa” grew, so did its sale. What originated in a small church hall once per year, moved to Gloucester, for a biannual warehouse sale at the Elks Club. After quickly outgrowing the Elks Club, the Mariposa sale was moved to a Mariposa Warehouse located on Pond Road in Gloucester, and shortly after to it ‘s most recent and current sale location at the Mariposa Warehouse in Gloucester’s Blackburn Industrial Park.

I vividly remember attended my first sales in the church hall with my mother, and Aunt Karen. After thinking about my found memories of waiting in line for hours, in all kinds of weather, chatting it up with women about past sales and the newest collectable pieces we all hopped to be lucky enough to get out hands on to purchase year after year, I realized that the sale its self has truly become a celebrated tradition for women on Cape Ann.  

For years, this Mariposa Warehouse Event has brought droves of women together from near and far, to do what they commonly love to do; Shop, Socialize, and Score awesome bargains. By the time warehouse sales had moved from the Elks Club to the warehouse locations, several of my girlfriend’s had caught the Mariposa Fever and were regularly attending the sales with me each year. The Sale quickly became a special BFF thing we call our “Female Super Bowl!”  

Just as our husbands plan their Super Bowl Parties, we “women” begin planning our “Female Super Bowl” gatherings complete with an overnight Tailgating Pre-Sale Celebration, as soon as the sale date is announced by the company!

 My girlfriends and I have spent many nights standing out in the cold waiting in line huddled together, wrapped in blankets sitting on beach chairs, surrounded by laundry baskets and duffel bags sipping warm beverages and an occasional glass of wine or two, having lengthily conversations about strategizing to get your hands on that one most desirable Mariposa piece needed to complete your collection!

The Mariposa Company definitely holds the record for the fastest sales of inventory in America. Within minutes, (….and I mean minutes), of the warehouse doors opening, the prized Mariposa inventory is wiped out and spoken for by diehard Mariposa shoppers/Fans !  See you at the sale tomorrow!


Photos above from Cape Ann Magazine 2012 & 2013

Clink below to see their beautiful collection’s.

Caramel Apple Crisp Is On The Dessert Menu Tonight!

  • PrintYou will never look at Apple Crisp quite the same way after trying this recipe…It’s scrumptious!

final crispCaramel Apple Crisp

Last November I created and posted this recipe…It’s become a fall favorite in our home…If you love caramel apples, and apple crisp, this is a must try recipe! I can’t wait to serve it for dessert tonight with a scoop of Vanilla Bean Gelato! 

Caramel Apple Crisp

Crumble Topping Ingredients

2 ½ cups flour

1 ¼ cup granulated sugar

1 ½ stick cold unsalted butter cut into bite size pieces

½ teaspoon kosher salt

¼ teaspoon each cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice

1 teaspoon apple pie spice

Crumble Step by Step

1. In medium mixing bowl, combine all crumble ingredients

crisp 19

2. Using pastry cutter, work butter into dry ingredients until crumbly dry texture is achieved; reserve


Caramel Sauce Ingredients

12 Gala Apples

2 cup granulated sugar

2 stick unsalted butter, plus 1 tablespoon

2 teaspoon vanilla bean paste

4 tablespoon dark molasses

Step By Step

1. Using 1 tablespoon butter grease13x9x2 glass baking dish, set aside

crisp 7

2. Peel, core and slice apples 1/8 inch thickness; reserve in mixing bowl

crisp 4

3. Combine sugar, butter, vanilla bean paste, and molasses in medium sauce pan

crisp 5

4. Warm over low heat until sugar and butter completely dissolve and mixture is bubbling, boil 5-7 minutes

crisp 3

5. Pour over reserve apples; mix well; transfer to prepared buttered baking dish

mix 3

mix 4

6.  Arrange reserved crumble mixture evenly over apples

crisp 20

3.  In preheated 375 degree oven, bake 35 minutes or until apples are fork tender

crisp 2

4.  Cool 10 minutes; serve with whipped cream, or ice cream

apple crisp with cream

Daughter Amanda Stops By Todays Podcast Tapping Dressed As An Ostrich !


Amanda 1

Hey Uncle Joey…Look what your wearing in next years Horribles Parade!

Amanda 2

Amanda models her Halloween costume for  Uncle Joey today, and convinces him to wear it in next years Horribles Parade…I love the funny bone my girl has…she has a way of cracking us up on a regular basis!  …with a few minor adjustments and embellishments this ostrich costume can easily be transformed into a GMG Homie Seagull !

DCS/Fisher Paykal Stands Behind Their Products with the Help Of Authorized Vesoc Inc. Repair Service

Print      IMG_5078 Meet George “My New Kitchen Savior”

George from Vesco Inc. High End Appliance Repair Services, an official DCS/Fisher Paykal  authorized repair service company Is “My New Kitchen Savior!”

Yesterday I had a reassuring phone conversation with Kevin from Vesco Inc. about my urgent need to have my DCS/Fisher Paykal appliances back in working order STAT! Kevin promised to have George his best service repair employee at my home today between 10:30-12:00 and also promised that Vesco Inc. would do what ever it takes to get “Sista Felicia’s Kitchen” back up and running in time to rock out some new “Holiday Recipes & Online Videos.” This morning pricelessly at 10:30 am Coconut began barking like crazy by the front door as George walked towards our entryway holding his black tool chest . After quickly glancing at my cell phone for the time, I  thought to myself, wow it’s 10:30, this service appointment is definitely off to good a start. As Coconut and I led George to the kitchen, I asked George if Kevin or the customer service department at DCS/Fisher Paykal had explained to him that  I and GMG’s 65,000 Plus daily viewers anxiously await a working kitchen!


Stand by for an update on a the progress of a fully working DCS/Fisher Paykal kitchen next week when George returns with needed parts and further service repairs!

***I highly recommend using Vesco Inc. for service on any High End Kitchen Appliances!**


5 Gloucesetr Residents Inducted into The St. John’s Prep Brother Benjamin Chapter of The National Honor Society


Congratulations to  my son BJ Mohan, Daniel Powers, Eric Weist, James Turner, and Seth Murray, for their official induction into the St. John’s Prep Brother Benjamin Chapter Of The National Honor Society, last evening. BJ, Daniel, James, and Seth are all current members of the St. John’s Prep class of 2016, who have been recognized for their hard work in and out of the class room. To qualify as a member of this elite student body at St. John’s Preparatory School located in Danvers Ma. students must first qualify academically, and except an invitation to submit an application. Each student’s application is  reviewed by a board of faculty, staff, and current NHS students, under the leadership of Br. Robert Flaherty, CFX.


BJ Mohan, Eric Weist, Seth Murray


Daniel Powers

IMG_5041James Turner, with parents Kathi, and Jim


 Highlighted below is the detailed criteria listed and taken from the St. John’s Prep website, that each student must meet and maintain for acceptance into the St. John’s Prep Brother Benjamin Chapter Of The National Honor Society. 

“The Brother Benjamin Chapter of the National Honor Society is named in honor of Brother Benjamin, CFX, the school’s first headmaster, who served from 1907 until 1917.

The National Honor Society creates an enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulates a desire to render service, promotes worthy leadership, and encourages the development of character in students of St John’s Preparatory School.

Membership is open to members of the sophomore, junior and senior classes. To qualify, students must demonstrate academic achievement, leadership, character and a commitment to community service. Specifically, students must earn a minimum 3.5 cumulative grade point average, contribute at least 30 hours of community service in the prior year and demonstrate leadership and involvement in the life of the school. If you have questions about the National Honor Society, please email Br. Robert Flaherty, CFX.”


 Below is photo gallery of last nights ceremony lead by Headmaster Dr. Edward Hardiman


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Julianna Frontiero’s Fight Against Friedreich’s Ataxia Disease



A Childhood and family friend of Joey and I needs your help…

Tony & Debbie Frontiero write:

Dear friends and family and new friends we haven’t yet met.

On September 22, 2014, our daughter Julianna was diagnosed with a progressive degeneration disease called Friedreich’s Ataxia (Also known as FA, FRDA and the sister disease to ALS). I’m sure most of you are saying, What’s Friedreich’s Ataxia?  So did we.

FA is a very rare debilitating, life-shortening, degenerative neuro-muscular disorder. Currently only 20,000 people in the entire world have been diagnosed with FA. FA is progressive and will affect more and more parts of Julianna’s body over time. It’s affected her balance, so she can’t always walk well and sometimes falls, her hands will shake and she can’t easily coordinated things like putting pegs into a peg board. It’s causing scoliosis in her spine and is already affecting her heart and this is just the beginning. It causes un-coordination of limbs and as time progresses it will affect her ability to speak, see and possibly hear it is known to cause diabetes. Because FA is an inherited disease, once one family member is diagnosed any other siblings has a 1:4 chance to inherit the disease as well. This means our other daughter is now at risk. Worse yet, FA currently has no cure and no effective treatments.

How do you process this kind of news about your child? Our hearts are constantly breaking with fear and the possibility that we may lose our little girl long before she ever gets the chance to experience life. We watch her suffer in pain and cry about her body not working and kids teasing her about the way she walks and it’s killing us.

When we received the diagnosis, Julianna had just turned 11 only 2 weeks before. Our little girl has her whole life ahead of her. As a parent, you begin to ask yourself a million questions starting with – Why? Why my baby? Why not me instead? How can this be happening? To her? To our family?  The answers to the questions never come… Instead, your whole world collapses as you try to process what’s going on. Your life has just changed forever and as a parent you are helpless, you cannot do those things parents do everyday, make the pain go away, tell your child don’t worry everything will be okay. Unfortunately, we can’t stop the pain and we can’t stop this debilitating disease from taking over her life – our life.

Every day for Julianna is different – she has good days and bad but our job as parents is to keep it together so that her life can continue as ordinarily as possible. One day she’s running around playing with the other kids, giggling, laughing and bursting with energy – and other days she barely has the energy or strength to stand up. Julianna is aware of the fact that one day she will have to be in a wheelchair. When she asked me that question, I remember thinking I have to be honest. When I told her yes that she would most likely be in a wheelchair at some point, I remember the look on her face…….. devastation. I swear I couldn’t breathe. She starting sobbing hysterically and as we cried together I thought to myself, how can I ask my child to deal with and understand the very things that I myself cannot comprehend and am unwilling to accept?

Although there is no cure for FA, there are clinical trials, stem cell options and new studies that continually emerge. The medical community has found some success in slowing down the progression of the heart damage but nothing yet to slow down the progression of the many other symptoms associated with the disease.

We want to do everything possible to try to help Julianna but we are overwhelmed at the thought of the expenses that are to come – the travel costs to other countries for new clinical trials, medicine, medical bills, modification of our home and car to accommodate her future wheelchair needs… The list goes on and on… But it is scarier to think about what Julianna’s fate might be if we do not prepare ourselves for the expenses she will inevitably require as time goes on.

We can’t get through this difficult time alone. We need help, and, as humbling as it is to say, we need your help. Any contribution you can make to help Julianna would be greatly appreciated – whether it is a monetary donation or simply sharing this link with your friends and family.

We are not at 501(c)3 organization so any contributions that are given are considered gift donations and are not tax deductible.

(For those of you who do not like to donate on-line you can donate at your local TD Bank, to Julianna A. Frontiero)

We appreciate all of you for taking the time to read this.

Thank you,
Tony and Debbie Frontiero

To help Support this family Click link below


 A night of fundraising has planned by family and friends of Tony & Debbie Frontiero at Captains Carlos on Saturday November 22 @ 7pm

see below for ticket information and details

debi 7


deb 4 deb 3 deb 2

debi 6



Sista Felicia’s Fall Twist On The Traditional Christmas Cucciadatta Cookie



IMG_4935Some say it’s bad luck to break family tradition…but there is always an exception to breaking tradition when the reason truly makes sense, right?  I think the “Fall Theme” sprinkle adornments justifies these traditional Christmas Cookie Delights early appearance on any sweet table this fall! After all, we did officially have our first snow fall yesterday making it feel more like we should be preparing for Christmas rather then Thanksgiving!  


Fall Cucciadatta Cookies

For Recipe details Click See More

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