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Did You Know?

me_judith portrait color with moolongz

Ellen “E.J.” Lefavour is a painter, photographer, digital artist and writer (and regular contributor to GMG), whose intention has always been to gain whatever knowledge she can and share it with others.

Since 1990, when she left the corporate world to pursue her creative passion and intentional evolution as a human being, life’s path has taken her on many amazing journeys, the most astonishing of which has been the appearance of the Moolongz. These beings unexpectedly appeared on her computer screen while she was manipulating an image in Photoshop, and along with them came this book, to be shared with everyone who has the eyes to see and ears to hear what the Moolongz have come to share with humanity.

E.J. counts herself very blessed to live on Rocky Neck in the seaport City of Gloucester, MA, where many in the community are able to see Moolongz. It is her greatest hope that many around the world will see them, and humanity will rapidly evolve into the joyful, fulfilled and amazing species it was intended to be.

If you agree, back my Kickstarter campaign for any amount you feel comfortable with, from $1, and help the rest of the world see Moolongz.

E.J. Lefavour

Anyone Ever Seen A Crab Like This?

strange crab

I never have in all my years of exploring beaches and tidal pools. Does anyone know what it is?

E.J. Lefavour

Joey Updates-

From Wikipedia-

Libinia emarginata is roughly triangular in outline and very heavily calcified, with a carapace about 4 in (100 mm) long and a leg span of 12 inches (300 mm).[4] The whole crab is khaki, and the carapace is covered in spines andtubercles,[5] and, as with other decorator crabs, often clothes itself in debris and small invertebrates.[4]



Chandon Sunday Art Show at the Gloucester House

gloucester house_chandon Sunday

A bunch of RNAC and GMG artists will be taking part in this great event and Art Show at the Gloucester House this Sunday. We had such a great time during the Valentine’s Art Show hosted by the Gloucester House, and are all looking forward to being back again.  Come out and enjoy Chandon Sunday and check out the art show.  

E.J. Lefavour 

Artist Spotlight Series – Photographer Catie Partridge

catie partridge

I recently came across some photography by Catie Partridge that I thought was great and should be shared with GMG.  

Catie moved to Gloucester in February of this year, but is not new to the city. Her grandparents, both sides, are from Gloucester. Her father, a Hildonen hailing from Lanesville, has family that goes back a few generations in Gloucester and Rockport. On her Mother’s side, she claims her Frontiero heritage and undying love of the sea.

She never lived in Gloucester because her father’s early navy career took her parents away from Gloucester and Massachusetts, but growing up with Gloucester roots was her stability. Christmas times, birthdays and, of course, the Saint Peter’s Fiesta were some of her favorite memories, here in her heart’s home by the sea.

Catie’s passion for photography started at a young age, when her elementary school ran a short program for gifted students that focused on photography. she won her first blue ribbon that year. She is fairly sure almost everyone got a ribbon, but it didn’t matter – something she loved seemed to love her back. To this day she still lovingly blames her teacher for her passion.

The ocean is one of the things she loves to photograph, but when she thinks about it, there are few things she doesn’t like photographing.  She has a special place in her heart for buoys though, perhaps because they bring to mind lobster boats and fishermen, and take her home to a place where she can smell the salt sea air and hear the seagulls cry.

Catie says: “Chances are if you see some silly girl in an odd position on the dock trying to get the right angle on the seaweed stuck to a chain, its me.”  She has photographed weddings, dabbled in portrait photography, and has sold a few photographs to individuals.

Catie is hoping that someday people will enjoy her artwork as much as she does and that she might be able to make her passion for photography into a career. She is happy to share her talent with others and has active flickr and facebook pages she can be reached at while she works on getting a full website up and running.

Above are a few of her favorite Gloucester Photos and you can see more of her photography at


E.J. Lefavour

I See Moolongz

I see moolongz

I See Moolongz is an amazing new illustrated book for all ages about accessing our inner power that the universe just pushed into being, which I have launched a Kickstarter campaign to get published.  Please check out my campaign, and the great Kickstarter video our Joey produced for it.  If you like the concept, please back it.  The Moolongz are waiting for everyone to say: “I See Moolongz”.

E.J. Lefavour

K.I.S.S. at the Book Store and Yoga Joy

Although KISS on the Neck is no more, the K.I.S.S. Tote lives on! 
richard ross 

Richard Ross, the former owner of KISS on the Neck and Cape Ann’s # 1 “Joggler,” continues to manage Kindly Inspiring Sustainable Solutions from his new home in Washington, DC. The social enterprise is still recycling used rice bags from the streets of Senegal while training and employing former child beggars! The regular tote’s can be found at the Book Store on Main Street and this summer, for the first time, Richard and his team are launching K.I.S.S. Yoga! 
Paula Passanissi, who recently opened Yoga Joy, on Main street has started to carry them! Besides contributing to the K.I.S.S cause, we are very grateful she’s brought the joy of  Forest Yoga to the island–both at her studio and on Good Harbor Beach. 
To learn more about Yoga Joy, follow her on Facebook

To be reminded of the K.I.S.S. story, please watch

Nights on the Neck Photos by Len Burgess

July 2014 NOTN_Len Burgess Photos

We had a fun first Nights on the Neck for 2014, in spite of some last minute cancellations by performers.  Len Burgess got some wonderful shots of Three Sheets to the Wind at Trefry Park, Ernie Pigeon at Goetemann Gallery (doesn’t it look like Ernie is sitting in front of windows looking out at the water? – Gordon’s paintings are amazing), Bird Mancini performing by the Rocky Neck Accommodations, Pat Conlon and Fran Clark at the Rocky Neck Gallery.  Unfortunately missing are shots of T Max at the Cultural Center.

Great shots.  Thanks Len.

E.J. Lefavour

Nights on the Neck – Thursday Night

2014 NOTN poster_sm

There have been a couple of changes on the schedule.  Daisy Nell & Capt. Stan got caught off guard by the hurricane and won’t be able to make it back to home port in time, so look for Ernie Pigeon at the Goetemann Gallery.  Clara Kebabian has a new job that won’t allow her to get up to Gloucester in time to play at Rocky Neck Gallery, so look for Pat Conlon and Fran Clark who play acoustic guitar, mandolin, harmonica and vocals bluegrass,blues and a mix of things.  They are a frequent act with Dan King at the Rhumbline and Mike Marker 1.

E.J. Lefavour


YUPO Gallery Opening and A Fine Line

regina piantedosi openings copy
Don’t miss these two great opportunities to see Regina Piantedosi’s exciting work, as well as many others in A Fine Line.
Regina’s YUPO Gallery, G4 on Madfish Wharf, is a great space with some really unique and exciting abstract work, plus Regina’s great energy. Stop by her opening on July 5th from 7-9:00pm.
Also, don’t miss the opening of A Fine Line, an exhibit of drawings and other interpretations at the Cultural Center at Rocky Neck on Saturday, July 12 from 4-6:00pm.

Reminder: Mug Up at Yupo Gallery this Sunday, June 22

Mug up at yupo galleryMug up at yupo gallery

Mark your calendars now.  There will be a Mug Up hosted by Regina Piantedosi at Yupo Gallery, 77 Rocky Neck Ave. Gallery 4 on Madfish Wharf on Sunday, June 22 at 9:30am.  For those of you who know the Madfish Wharf galleries, Regina Piantedosi has opened Yupo Gallery this year in the space where Gigi Mederos and Stevie Black operated Aquatro Gallery last year (next door to Khan Studio & the GMG Gallery space, which is now occupied by Sue Handman).

Regina, a lifelong resident of the North Shore and member of the Rocky Neck Art Colony for two years, has been painting for seven years, but has been a “creative” her entire life. She has lived a full and art filled entrepreneurial life writing, and working as an interior designer and florist.

Regina describes her art as a creative extension of herself, and believes each artist’s work is their fingerprint, unique to them alone. She has always been a non-representational/abstract painter, which is how she interprets her emotions.

Regina is currently using Yupo paper (hence the gallery name), a treeless synthetic product originally produced for printing. Having vast possibilities, it is resilient, eco-friendly and colors explode on it. Ink, gouache (semi-solid watercolors,) acrylic and gold leaf are her mediums of choice, and her art is created with one or any combination thereof.

Regina’s paintings are very bold, expressive and freaky (she actually has a series of paintings called “Freaks”).

A Mug Up with GMG peeps and fobs is way overdue, so plan to come on June 22nd, welcome Regina to Madfish Wharf, enjoy Rocky Neck on a Sunday morning, visit with your GMG buddies and make new friends.  Feel free to bring along something to share.  Regina will be providing coffee and a sweet bread (can’t remember what kind, but she’s Italian and married into the Piantedosi Baking family, so it will be good).  I’ll be there with deviled eggs (I know you’ve just been hankering for them).  Everyone is welcome.

E.J. Lefavour

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