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Saturdays’ Clean-up

Hello all:

Clean Gloucester and The One Hour at a Time Gang would like to invite you to help out on Saturday at the following places.

When: Saturday November 1, 2014
Where: Dog Park from 8:00-11:00 or
Backyard Growers Program at Burnham’s Field, 8:30 – 2:30
Please bring gloves, rakes, shoves, etc.

You can choose which one fits into your schedule.

Thank you all

Meeting at the Magnolia Library & Community Center

Neighborhood Meeting This Thursday 6pm at the

Magnolia Library & Community Center

Area leaders will be at the Magnolia Library & Community Center, 1 Lexington

Ave., this Thursday, October 30 at 6pm to discuss Sunday’s fire that took our

landmark Magnolia Pizza. This building was also home to cherished neighbors

and friends. Fire Chief Eric Smith and Mayor Carolyn Kirk (and Ward 5 Councilor

Bill Fonvielle, confirmation pending) will answer questions and hear your

concerns. All are welcome.

This is also a call for your help. Eight people who lost everything need our

assistance as they rebuild their lives. Monetary donations are being accepted by

the Magnolia Library & Community Center ( and by

the MHS ( The Magnolia Library has been open

since Sunday and will be staying open this week for residents to drop off goods,

gift cards and checks to help these residents get back on their feet. Please see

magnolialibrarycommunitycenter on Facebook for a list of items needed and

for more information.


Tony from Magnolia Pizza

Tony and Lisa DiMercurio are asking for your help.  They need pictures of the inside of Tony’s Magnolia House of Pizza, ASAP for insurance.


Did you have a birthday party there, took a photo of Tony behind the bar, please look and take the time to send to Lisa and Tony’s daughter Angelica.  Angelica’s mail:

Thank you,  Please feel free to share this information.  If you are having any problems in scanning and sending photos, please call 978-290-3005.  Thank you again





House of Magnolia Pizza coming down

Building loss Magnolia House of Pizza

Please remember if you would like to donate for the residents left homeless, please go to

Thank you


Tony’s Magnolia House of Pizza Fire Photos From Donna Ardizzoni

The four kids on bikes, Colby Rochford, Bryce Rochford, Dylan Rochford and Andrew Litteman were the guardians of Magnolia today. Early this morning while riding their bikes, they saw smoke coming from the basement and immediately went over the firehouse to report this. Smart kids and they should deserve a big thank you. Also if you would like to donate to the fire fund, please go to The Magnolia Historical Society’s website . Please refer to the firefund.

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Devasting fire at Tony’s House of Pizza Magnolia

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