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video: THE FUTURE IS BACK – and it’s a McFly dream come true!

Now, some folks may have seen the Tony Hawk spoof video about hover boards, but this one right here is the real deal. They have a kickstarter as you would imagine, and yes it’s over funding in like a day. May introduce to you the HENDO HOVER BOARD!

Live Blogging: Market Basket Shuts Down

It felt very creepy yet calming at the Basket a few minutes ago. Some might it was bordering on pre apocalyptic.

As we walked through in silence, the only noise being the shuffle of people’s feet and the squeaky wheels of the carts, I realized just how loud all the compressors really are when all the power is running.

The shut down was happening as we shopped. Slowly all of the isles were blocked in the frozen sections, then the curtains cam down on almost everything.

We managed to escape with the goods we grabbed, and swooped up some Halloween candy on our way out before we had to start chopping off Zombie heads!  Spoooooooky!


If you like me, and you have been an iPhone adapter since day 1, your probably pretty bummed about the new iPhone 6+, and it’s mounting issues. So I found this gem of a test video, so you don’t have to go through the pain yourselves.

Is there a Galaxy in my future?  LG? What phone should I get??? I’M LOST!!!!

BUT WAIT!!! Let’s see if the GALAXY 3 bends as well shall we?!!

Live Racing!!! FISH BOX DERBY!!!!!

Get down town and see some fast cars!! Runs from 12-3pm. (these are trial run pictures)

Peep Alex Golizzi’s Ride!



Live Rained in party at Kirsten lane’s

Who could be here? Craig K. and Andy Luman. Where you at Joey? Another party? Booooooo!

Oh, That’s Kirsten and Robin!

The Food! (actually round 2, apps are gone!)

Salad whut?

Lobsta ala Joey

Beets a thumping

Mmmm dear god

Yep, chicken licken good

Dear Baby Geezuz , I love pesto!

That’s Jimmy Stavis, the Fish King, enjoying life!

And this is the face of happy!

Thank you Kirsten for the epic good times!


Moments after the crash,  I get airborne and assess the situation form the air. Quickly, I could see the accident situation, cars involved, and the on-coming traffic backing up. If on call, I believe I could quickly asses similar situations for law enforcement, and the fire department. This would quickly, and in real time, give them the ability to predict traffic backups, and potential problems caused by these type of situations. In the case of a fire, I could in a matter of minutes, be airborne and show the potential threat of fire spreading, or additional breakouts form wind and fly away sparks. Just another day of flying above our fine city. (notice how the GPD and GFD have the situation, and the traffic, perfectly under control and flowing!)


The USCGC Eagle (WIX-327) is a 295-foot barque used as a training cutter for future officers of the United States Coast Guard. She is the only active commissioned steel hulled sailing vessel in American military service.


  1. Length295′ (90 m)
  2. Construction startedFebruary 15, 1936
  3. LaunchedJune 13, 1936
  4. Weight1,655 tons
  5. Beam39′ (12 m)
  6. Draught16′ 1″ (4.90 m)

Walking Dead’s New Set?

Nope, it’s just a typical Friday at the Market Basket. Yep, this snap was taken on FRIDAY! What normally looks like a mad dash for the latest Cabbage Patch Kids release (my age revieled) with folks jamming up supplies for the beach and the weekend cookouts, looks more like an abandoned prison about to run over by zombies.

This thing has a spooky feel at this point. (you know your trying to see who’s vehicles those are)

I guess that’s why it’s singular in the name…Basket.

Let’s hope these hard working and committed folks get their life and jobs back before it’s too late. And let’s hope it’s before it’s starts to look like Fuller, and we start calling it Ghetto Basket.

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