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Annisquam Arts & Crafts Show 30th Year

Doors open again on Sunday, October 12 at 10 AM.

DSCF0866 Nancy J. Adams displays her Sea Glass Whimsies.

DSCF0872 DSCF0874 GMG’s E.J Lefavour exhibits her recently published “I See Moolongz” as well as her last hit, “Tales of Bong Tree Island” and other samples of her unique artwork.

DSCF0879 Pottery by Marty Morgan

DSCF0882 .

Thank You, Dave

DSCF0697 GMG’s Commenter – In – Chief Dave Moore recently sent packets of postcards and other memorabilia of his home in South Korea to several GMG regular contributors. We met Sunday morning to compare and trade our bounty and to thank Dave long distance for his thoughtfulness.

From L, Marty,Paul M,EJ, Donna, Joey, Sista Felicia, Barry, Nichole, Alicia C.

Please Act Now

We at GMG understand the power of photographs. They can make us laugh, think and appreciate the beauty all around us. Photos can make us feel nostalgic, adventurous or secure.

Photographs can also bring us out of our comfort zones to document and confront the sometimes hideous realty of life in a world torn by war, natural disaster and disease. We have all read of the current ebola epidemic that is devastating West Africa, but the horror of that plague is sometimes softened by the distance between us and the festering cities, villages and remote areas where disease is rampant.

Today’s New York Time features a photo and story that brings it all home. The photo is not pleasant, but it forces us to understand the magnitude of what is happening and the need for immediate and massive assistance. Let the image of that 4 year old girl in her brightly colored dress, lying near death on the excrement covered floor of of a hospital that can offer no aid remind us that we must help.

Please contribute today. There are dozens of trustworthy organizations that are on the ground and ready to provide this desperately needed assistance.


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