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GMG EXCLUSIVE Video: Behind The Scenes of the Schooner Festival Fireworks Show

Here’s a rare look at the incredible two day preparation for the massive fireworks display at the 2014 Schooner Festival.

Thanks to American Thunder Fireworks for granting us access and to Barry Pett for showing us around the staging area at Stage Fort Park.

Coffins Beach Shipwreck Update

See previous posts on this subject here and here.

I’ve been touch with Victor Mastone of the Massachusetts Board of Underwater Archaelogical Resources and he has provided this further update:

“Right now, nothing conclusive from background research or initial fieldwork except the wreck remains extend much deeper into the beach than we anticipated from our visit in July. We initially thought perhaps 2 feet of sand over the keel. However, we found waterline markings on the stem (“VI” and “V” meaning 6 feet and 5 feet respectively). So, we anticipate more ship structure buried in the sand. We could not definitively find the stern despite probing and digging. Further, no metal fittings were observed.”

Vic also told me that he expects to be back at the site in September. Stay tuned as this mystery continues.img_3389_thumbPhoto by Jim Salem

Silly Wittle Wabbits

By Kathy Chapman


This year the bunnies are really bugging me! I am on the second planting of seeds now, after the first sprouts were chewed off to an inch above the ground. They’re eating everything in the garden. Actually they don’t touch the nasturchums and spicy lettuce but LOVE the kale, beet greens and tender corn salad. And forget about pumpkins, squashes and zucchini! Just when they are ready for harvest they are devoured.

Last month we installed a three foot wire fence around the rows of greens to combat the invaders.



They also love ripe tomatoes, so the toms need to be picked before they are vine ripened and then finished off in window light. They don’t have as great a flavor when sliced for salads, but they are delicious in my canned sauce with basil.


Next year there will be fencing around everything. To be fair, rabbits aren’t the only ones enjoying the garden. My neighbor’s chickens wander over, different species of birds and various sized critters with long tails all eat my organic East Gloucester fare! There is evidence the coyotes are working to reduce the rabbit population, but all I ask is please just leave some for me and my guests!

Photos © 2014 Kathy Chapman

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