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It’s a Bird eats Bird World

When I first spotted this Eagle Seagull eating something I was horrified thinking it was one of the Bro’s I hang out with at the State Fish Pier. I zoomed in and saw it was a unlucky pigeon. It’s sad when a Bird has to resort to eat it’s cousin. That’s life down at the Pier. Hopefully I won’t be hit by a car down there and be picked on by the Gulls. I’m sure my Bro’s won’t let that happen.



The Dragon and the Eagle

The Green Dragon Passes The USCG Eagle  08/29/2014


Breaking News! Hammerhead Spotted in Gloucester Harbor

Breaking News! Hammerhead Spotted in Gloucester Harbor



Mine Field

This in response to the last Lego post.

“Uncle Paul, Close your eyes and hold my hand”

I knew my nephew Tommy was up to something.

I cheated and looked. Tommy was all bummed out that I made it through the mine field.

I may be dumb but I’m not stupid.


I’m very disapointed in you Rockport!


What are Towns thinking? They own Nature now?

I’m sure and I hope this sign is made for Commercial Companys that would haul away the rocks and smash them into decorative stones for Driveways and road shoulders.

“I’ll give you my rocks when you pry  them from my cold, dead hands

                                                                                        -Paul F. Frontiero Jr.

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