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WTF Wednesday!

The First Look at the

Japanese Poop Museum

I hope they

have an online store. I’d love to get me one of those hats.

poop shute



POOP Happens!

Looks Like we have a Winner!

One of the Hazards of living on Cape Ann



Breaking News! Warning from Wingaersheek Beach!

Warning from Wingaersheek Beach!





Giant Chess a Giant Hit at the Block Party


Chris Frontiero’s  Giant  Chess at Gloucester’s Main St. Block Party Saturday Night.

Was a

Giant Hit!!

Made possible by a $1,000 grant from Awesome gloucester that Chris was awarded.



Contact Chris Frontiero if you’d like to have “Giant Chess” at your Function or Event.

Email Chris Frontiero at:


Chris contemplating his next move.

Reward Offered by M S Foley Stoneworks of Gloucester, MA,

M S Foley Stoneworks of Gloucester, MA, offers reward

In his announcement, Mr. Foley says the following:
“Almost Free Stone Sculpture

foley sculpture

This photo is of “Infundibulum”, a local granite abstract sculpture I carved in 2012. Its value is in the $2,000 to $3,000 range, but I like it very much, so I keep it overpriced when it is shown. This sculpture is yours if you can meet this challenge….

I would like to see a single scientific study, without glaring bias or irregularities, which concludes both the safety (for human consumption) and effectiveness (in dental cavity reduction) of fluoridated drinking water. The study must be double-blind, placebo controlled and peer reviewed, and covering a study with a duration of over 5 years.

I have searched several months now for a study like this, and have failed to find a single one. It is important to me, so if you find one which meets the criteria, Infundibulum is yours with no strings attached.”

Contact Michael Foley at:

Michael Foley
Gloucester, MA 01930

AP NewsBreak: Obama opens East Coast to oil search

Maybe Gloucester will become the next “Big Oil” Port in the World. Was this the illuminati’s, i mean our Politicians reason for shutting down the Fishing industry. Conspiracy Theory. Maybe. Think about it.

AP NewsBreak: Obama opens East Coast to oil search (from @AP)

C13_fig_13_4-aquatic-science-texas 01-Signs-%20Illuminati-Real



Do You Remember When? The Worlds Gone Crazy!




1988: US warship shoots down Iranian airliner

An American naval warship patrolling in the Persian Gulf has shot down an Iranian passenger jet after apparently mistaking it for an F-14 fighter.All those on board the airliner – almost 300 people – are believed dead.

The plane, an Airbus A300, was making a routine flight from Bandar Abbas, in Iran, to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

The USS Vincennes had tracked the plane electronically and warned it to keep away. When it did not the ship fired two surface-to-air missiles, at least one of which hit the airliner.

Navy officials said the Vincennes’ crew believed they were firing at an Iranian F14 jet fighter, although they had not confirmed this visually




WTF Wednesday

Dog Bark Park Inn: Idaho

Dog Bark Park Inn offers patrons a chance to stay in the belly of a 20-foot tall beagle — literally. The inn was built to resemble this canine species and is a fine example of chainsaw wood art. The Times, a British newspaper, has declared it one of the wackiest of hotels. Although lodging costs $90 a night, it’s free for visits.

dog hotel

For Marty Luster in Black & White

For “Mahty Lusta”

Because everyone loves Marty’s B&W Photos


“When you photograph people in color you photograph their clothes.

When you photograph people in Black and White you photograph their souls.”

                                                                                           Ted Grant

One of my favorite photos of Paul

One of my favorite photos of Paul

Enter the World of the Sperm Whale


Enter the World of the Sperm Whale



From Amy Kerr;                 bannerlogo

“The RV Odyssey is equipped with a video camera in the bow which allows us to observe the behaviors of the animals we study and capture some great footage. We’ve seen many different species during Operation Toxic Gulf 2014, but the focus of our work is the sperm whale–the largest toothed predator on Earth.

In this Odyssey bowcam video the sounds you hear are not mechanical boat sounds, but the clicks of the sperm whale, as explained here by Dr. Peter Madsen. These are the sounds we listen for that allow us to track sperm whales. Also keep in mind the animal you’re seeing, as graceful as it is,  is the size of a school bus, so a pod of sperm whales is the animal equivalent of a fleet of school buses swimming around the Odyssey.

We will continue to track and biopsy sperm whales, the apex predators of the Gulf, for the duration of this campaign so that we can better understand the impacts of the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

[Check out bowcam footage of Atlantic spotted dolphins here.]

State of the Art Gallery’s Paul Frontiero Sr. Artwork Sale 2014

The Late Paul Frontiero’s Paintings available only at

 the State of the Art Gallerys  on Pleasant St

and Rocky Neck.


YOU  CAN CALL US AT (978) 395-1783 (Roger Armstrong) )OR (978) 395-1915 (Sharon Pablo)

The late Paul Frontiero Sr. Art Exhibit continues 2014.

Thanks to all who came out for the opening back in September. I had a great time talking to everyone about my Dad’s Artwork and Life. I was surprised to meet his collectors from years ago. Some came from far away to view and purchase a painting. My Dad would’ve been so happy.  Thanks again, Paul Jr.

Many Paintings are still available through State of the Art Galleries Through out the summer of 2014

‘From Ships to Shores’: Doryman left fishing to pursue painting

By Gail McCarthy Staff Writer

The son of a Gloucester fisherman, the late Paul Francis Frontiero Sr., began fishing with his father at the age of 12.

He did not know then that this would become his way of life for many years. He never finished Gloucester High School because his father was injured while fishing and he had to leave his studies. As a result, he spent many years laboring in jobs at sea.

Frontiero, born in 1925, even worked as a doryman, an avocation that became extinct; with the innovation of the motorized trawler, the dory fishing industry began to wither in the late 1930s. However, he remained in demand on the port’s fishing vessels because of his skills as an engineer and cook.

For the entire story click here



For more info on the exhibit contact:

Throw Back Thursday Art Rocks! from 2010


motif rocks

“Art, Rocks!”

Better Late Than Never!

I received an email a few weeks ago from a 10 year old boy who when he was nine years old at the time he found one of my “Art,Rocks!” a Rock that I left at T-Wharf in Rockport on 09/04/2010. I think that was about 9 months ago. I remember leaving it there after having a cup of coffee and watching the Lobstermen get ready for their day. About 5am. I always wonder about the ones I leave that don’t get reported back to the email I leave on them. Currently the last three that I’ve left in the past two weeks that I never gave notice on GMG Have not been reported back. Which is fine. In this world we live in now, maybe people think there is a catch too this thing. Maybe they think I want money for it. Emails like Coopers who found it is payment enough! I will never ask anything for them. An email would be nice but, If I don’t get a response that’s fine too! Mystery and fantasy is what makes life! isn’t it?

Here’s the email from Cooper and Photos of the “Art, Rock!” He found! Who could ask for anything more?!!!! Thanks Cooper!

Am I a little weird? Maybe! :)

from Cooper;

Dear mr or mrs frontiero. I picked up one of your pictures of the motif in a parking lot in rockport on 9-4-2010. I am very sorry not to get back to you sooner. I am a 10 year old boy and I’m in fourth grade at st johns in Beverly Massachusetts . I picked it up when i was nine with my aunt and little sister delaney who is now 6. That is my lucky rock because that day I won a contest at bearskin neck country store. You are a beautiful artist. Sincerely , Cooper

“Click here to view past “Art, Rocks!” Posts

I’m Not a Writer, so please forgive any errors! :)


Wicked Tuna

Wicked Tuna

“The Lily”

The Lily Resting at Intershell Wharf





Following National Chocolate Day, July 8 annually celebrates National Chocolate with Almonds Day, also celebrated by many as National Milk Chocolate with Almonds Day Filled with health benefits, this treat is a delicious combination that is loved by millions across the country.

Perhaps your favorite today would be a chocolate candy bar filled with almonds, a bag of chocolate covered almonds, chocolate brownies filled with chopped almonds or any of the many other combination that are available. Whichever option (or options) you choose, it is sure to be a delicious and enjoyable treat !

◦reduce the risk of heart attack
◦lower ‘bad’ cholesterol
◦protects artery walls from damage
◦help build strong bones and teeth
◦provide healthy fats and aid in weight loss
◦lower the rise in blood sugar and insulin after meals
◦help provide good brain function
◦nourish the nervous system
◦alkalize the body

Following is a “tried and true” recipe for you to enjoy:


Within our research, we were unable to find the creator and origin of National Chocolate with Almonds Day, an “unofficial” national holiday

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