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Many GMG regular readers are aware that our friend and fellow GMG contributor Fred Bodin has been hospitalized since late January. Fred has been diagnosed with cancer, is receiving treatment and is undergoing a rigorous course of physical therapy to help him regain mobility that has been impaired as a result of the disease. He is making slow but steady progress.

Fred’s business, Bodin Historic Photo on Main Street, Gloucester, has been closed since January. Running the gallery had been a one-person job, and that person was Fred. With no income coming in, bills have mounted up and, if this jewel of Main Street for more than 18 years is to remain, we must come to Fred’s aid now. Fred is doing his part by working hard at his rehab with every intention of resuming his usual place in the darkroom and behind the counter where he will again be a gracious host when it’s time to party and a good friend to all who walk through his door.

To help Fred deal with his mounting business and other expenses, we have established the “Friends of Fred Bodin Fund.” Please contribute as generously as possible. We need to help this vital member of our community through this difficult time and to say “thank you” for his warmth and friendship over the years.

Checks should be payable to “Friends of Fred Bodin Fund” and mailed to the Fund c/o Marty Luster, 6 Castle View Drive, Gloucester, MA 01930. Donations are not tax deductible.

With your help and with Fred’s determination, Bodin Historic Photo will be back in business soon.

Thank you for your generosity.


Marty Luster and Donna Ardizonni



  • Anna and I will send something over tomorrow.

  • I had no idea Fred was sick! So sad. I can’t contribute a lot but I will help the best I can.

  • We all say “let me know if I can do anything” ~ thanks for letting us know ~

  • Fred is a gem and you both are gems ~ will send check asap ~ have been sick all week myself ~ xoxo

  • Thank you for starting this fund! Fred Bodin is an ambassador for Gloucester…one of the first shops my friend and I entered when first exploring Gloucester. We have stopped in and visited him every time since :) I am happy to help Fred in the small way that I can, and I hope everyone else does too. Get well Fred!! We need you back!
    **an aside….maybe someone could man the store for Fred? **

  • We’ll be glad to send a contribution. Also, is it feasible to open the shop for him, assuming we could be trained to do the basics, though we could never take the place of Fred? We’d need to work out some housing arrangement, but could be in Gloucester for a month if necessary, especially June to sometime in July.

    Just a crazy idea. Check is on the way.

    Bob & Ann Kennedy

  • this is just one of the many reasons why I LOVE THIS BLOG, people are aways trying to help each other….Thank you for organizing this fund for Fred, I will send my contribution soon.

  • Fred and Bodin Historic Photo are very dear to my heart. His shop is always one of my first stops when we hit Gloucester. And seeing his smile when he sees us coming is heartwarming. Thanks for letting us know how we can help. Wish I were there full time to help more. Fred, keep on trucking. We will help in the meantime.

  • Thank you. Besides adding to the contributions, we will put a collection jar in the shop.

  • Sending love, well wishes, and check. Thank you so very much Marty and Donna for organizing this and to Laura for adding a collection jar in your shop.

  • You might want to see if you can get volunteers to open the store for him. Even if it’s only on week ends.

  • wonder if this idea would be of help : there are so many people in Gloucester, and those who visit, who are photographers, (or amateur ones like me). Would it be possible to have photographers contribute one of their pieces…matted and framed …ones that depict the best of Gloucester, have a gathering and sell the pieces…all proceeds to Fred?

    • I’ve suggested that the GMG contributors take shifts and keep the gallery open and have a reopening where people knowing about Fred’s illness could come down and buy some of the inventory he has in stock which would help pay the rent. I think people would be eager to help and contribute even more knowing they were walking away with a nice piece from the shop. I think it also gives all those folks who may have seen something there that they were on the fence about buying a reason to go for it and make the purchase feeling really good about the purchase and knowing the money they spent is going to a great cause.

  • Maybe we could open Fred’s gallery early(8:45 AM) on May 4 when the cruise ship is in. Some of us have taken care of it in the past and it should not be hard to get up to speed. I’ll bring the coffee. nd

  • How about if we have a “mug up” at Bodin’s Historic Studio for Fred and everyone donates a money contribution (any amount)?

    • This is what I’ve been saying. Have an opening and for those who want to make a donation, donate, but more importantly I think it gives people who may have been on the fence about buying a framed piece the opportunity and in this way people walk away with something, feel really good about knowing they are helping Fred and raising more than a bunch if one time $20 contributions.

      • Sounds good to me!

        • MUG UP FUNDRAISER sounds like a great idea to me….Mother’s day is around the corner and that could be a great excuse for people to buy some awesome historic photos of Glostah & Cape Ann.
          Joey you could make a nice basket with some GMG stuff and we can sell raffle tickets :)

      • Everyone’s ideas are so fantastic–and are all in the same vein–and would be a tremendous way to help keep Fred’s doors open for the summer.

        Fred I hope so much you are reading and see how much we would all really like to help in a meaningful way, and in ways that are very doable for this can-do community!

      • It is great to see the generosity of spirit, time and money offered here. When I imagine your blog stats, your readership, and the number of folks who subscribe and read FOR FREE, I sure hope that readers far and wide will consider a donation! I also see some great potential for HS kids to get some summer service hours.

  • Great idea, Joey..I have always wanted to buy a photo from Fred’s collection, but have been one of those on the fence…I could never decide which of the many awesome photos to choose..this would force me to finally pick one…please do it..if Fred allows.

  • Thank you, Donna and Marty, for organizing this effort. Check mailed. Hoping for the best on all fronts!

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