House in the Woods

A little paint, a little granite, a new bathroom it could be home!  House actually sits on Route 133 but i do not remember seeing it before!Old House


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18 Responses to House in the Woods

  1. I’ve noticed that house before and wondered about it. You can’t see it when the trees have leaves on them but in the winter it’s quite fascinating.

  2. great photo, love the clouds

  3. Very nice….I’ll have to look for this next time I visit. Is it for sale?

  4. Anonymous says:

    that is the old Webber house in west gloucester its 6 0 years old and more i as a child visited
    it it was very beautilful shame that it has been let go

  5. The photo and sky are beautiful ~ as presented. The photo could be used as an intro to a movie telling a wonderful story or waiting for a story to begin. I love it when a photo sets my mind to a twirl this one did ~ thank you ~

  6. Rob Hall says:

    I love driving by this place.

  7. This was the home that my wife Barbara Jean ‘Webber’ Jones now Todd was raised in. She was raised by Manley & Jenny Webber.This brings back many memories. There was also many others that lived there temporarily . Jennie and Manley lived there a long time.
    Manley worked for years on Gloucester Fishing Boats , Curlew , Emily Brown , Judith Lee Rose and many more. His last employment was at Skippers Gallery .
    Jennies daughter Jenice sold the house after Manley who had retired walked the center lines thinking he still worked at Skippers. The basement is still in its original condition.
    It had four bedrooms . kitchen , living room , Dining Room full bath and small bath . Closets galore ,attic and at one time every room was being used. Jennie , Manley , big Jenice have sisnce past. There was a beautiful painting of this housed by Barbara Bader once at the Hearthside . I think it has long been sold.

    Home of Memories
    581 Essex Ave

    By Peter A. Todd

    This house seems so lonely
    For Happy time past
    If the pages of Life could only
    Make these fond memories last
    For this house holds many treasures
    Of all life’s ups and downs
    Its sadness and all the pleasures
    This house on the edge to town
    A house is like a tree
    With many branches and leaf’s
    For the young crave to leave
    To seek out their beliefs
    The years have taken a toll
    On this old house we all love
    Our young will not let it get old
    God above guides them
    So treasure the memories as they unfold
    Never let time pass you by
    For as your years turn to gold
    God will walk by your side.

    • Lowell Peabody says:

      Thank you for the history. While it may make for an interesting photograph, the story behind, as always, is the prize. Your poem is a wonderful tribute! We can hope that it is saved.

    • Dave Moore says:

      WOW the inside story to hosue – the history and poem go hand and hand here! Thank you for the walk back! Dave :-)

  8. Les says:

    I have always felt so sorry for this lovely old house. It deserves much better treatment than it has received in a very long time. I wish someone would restore it to it’s former glory before it falls into it’s cellar hole.

  9. lands ender says:

    Looks like a good project for This Old House on PBS

  10. Quite the moody stuffy lately, Lowell. Great Shot

    • Lowell Peabody says:

      What can I say? It was there..and I had some clouds. And I was able to do a 180 on Rt 133 without getting hit! Actually really fun in the end getting all the responses including the history from Peter Todd.

      • Dave Moore says:

        Lowell caught it at the right time for sure mom told me that was the only route before the Route 128 bridge went up! She drove across the cut with her father bring lobster’s up to Boston..What a sight to see .:-)

  11. peggy wakeman says:

    Hi Lowell, Thank you for this photo. I have been intrigued by this place for a long time. This helps fill in the dots. Peggy W

  12. James Oliver says:

    This is (or was?) the home of an old friend, Jake Heard, who grew up in the house just up the street on the corner of 133 & Summer St. where his father (the dentist) & mother lived. It’s the brown house that looks like it did back in the 17th century inside! I’m sure he was inspired by it. I helped him shingle the roof years ago with expensive Architect 70 shingle’s to help keep the original look. Being a carpenter, I’d bet his gray house is in mint condition in spite the look of the exterior. When I asked him why he keeps the exterior looking like it needs major renovations, his reply was, “helps keep my taxes down”! With taxes what they are, who can blame him! Personally, I like the “look” better than many alternatives! Beautiful house Jake.

  13. Lowell Peabody says:

    Really great to read all the comments on the picture of the house. Seems to stir a lot of memories and thoughts. Learning its history was special. Thanks to all!

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