Tuesday February 18th 2014 Cape Ann Weather Update !

As of last nights forecast , this event for midday into early evening looks very minor with nuisance snows 1-2″ inches for our viewing area .. Storm is weak and most moisture remains to our North ! Se winds will limit snow amounts . And make it tough to stick on roadways . Even a mix or change to rain is possible , so again no big event ! More weather on Wednesday .. Have a great Tuesday … Thanks for reading …
Peter Lovasco



  • I love Peter’s old-school boombox on the wall in his illustration, cassette-tape player and all. Reminds me of “Boombox Guy” in Spike Lee’s movie, “Do the Right Thing.” Classic!

  • Peter, I’m on top of a hill in Bay View, and it looks like we may be in for 4-5″ possibly!

    • From where I am just got home from work about a 1/2″ to 1″ on the shore . Did you get that 4-5″ Craig ? Just curious but um thinking no huh ? Lots more winter go . Infact March is looking cold / snowy . But hoping that changes ..

      • At the rate it was falling, we were on course to get 4-5…we reached about 1 1/2 to 2, then the mix started..then it stopped…then it turned back to snow..then it stopped…geezuz! So, I’ll keep you posted if it picks up. We usually get a bit more up here, with water effect and all.

        • Yea ocean effect usually helps us with higher amounts . As is I figured the 1-2″ would be just away from immediate shore line . Weird how you’re like only a Mile away if that and u doubled my 1/2″ lol . Mother Nature lol . K raining hard here now . I’m ready for spring :)

  • 2″ AT THE MOST HERE OFF OF WHEELER ST. Just stopped completely.

  • You were right on with this storm. Nice work.

  • See how relaxed you are with the boomer going in the back ground :-) The boom box late 70’s when you could not hear the sounds from the car radio or 8 Trax tape player while sitting in the park or up on the dirt road in the woods :-) Bay view now there is a place a spent many a day grandmother house on Washington park across the street then with Fire Station on triangle before they moved it after the Borden truck pulled up from Vic’s store ice cream

    Led Zeppelin Over the hills and far away with lyrics

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