• This is Norwood Court. The second house on the right is 5 Norwood Court. This house was originally owned by my Grand parents Norm and Dora Elwell. I was sleeping the house the night of this fire. Even though I was 5 years old I can remember my mother waking up my brother Carl and I and telling us we had to get out of the house. There was a skylight in that bed room on the back of the house. I could see the flames through that skylight. Browns stored boats in a building behind the house it was only about 20 feet from the back. The firefighters actually sat on the roof with hoses to keep the house from going up in flames.
    The top of the house showing in the right top corner is the Rydout house and across the court was the Quinn house which is not in the picture.


  • Yes! My wife (Sharon MacFarland Day) lived in the second floor apt of Mrs Rideout’s house (her Grandmother). Sharon and her two sisters and one brother and her mother (pregnant with her fifth child) were all at home at the time. Her dad was in Virginia. The Brown’s fire in one of the favorite family stories.


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