SAFETY VIDEO: Craig’s Winter Tips – Icicle Removal – Snow paths

In lieu of the impending snow & ice storm approaching, I thought I would make a quick video for youz folks.
Watch and share if ya care. And please, send in your own tips or ideas that you want me to do this winter!


  • wow how cool was that! hands down the best video or short film on this blog in months! great camera work and editing!

  • this was awesome and totally needed, i just noticed i have a ton of HUGE icicles hanging off the back corner of my house. thanks!! the life you saved may have been mine!!

  • Much fun Craig and great shots. Ruby’s new coat is smart–she does look so much like a coyote–what a sweet, playful pooch!!

  • Ok, so I went out and tried to clear my icicles, but one set was so huge (hung from the roof on top of the 2nd floor to a few feet off the ground) that I think I made it worse and I almost impaled myself while I was doing it, luckily I jumped out of the way in the nick of time. I got about half of it down, but any advice on what I should do now? There is no window or any easy way to get to that corner of the house from the 2nd floor either. Yikes. Very scary stuff. I should have taken a pic before knocking some of it down.

    • Thanks folks! I should have mentioned the danger, but I was having too much fun! As far as big icicles out of reach, maybe try tossing a bundled newspaper, or a couple of magazines rolled up and banded at it. Anything else may cause damage to your house or gutters. If it’s too risky, just stay out of the area until they fall or melt.

      • I heard a huge crash out back a little while ago, the giant icicles came down, luckiily they didn’t hurt anyone, can’t tell if they did damage at all to deck or house yet, but at least they’re down. :)

  • ;) ~ well ~ youz a good guy! Snowing in Annapolis now!

  • You did look like you were having a lot of fun, I should have realized the danger since these were so ginormous, but luckily no harm came. And I didn’t think about the damage to house/gutters, luckily I am renting. :) The ones that are left are really big and wouldn’t even budge when I poked the shovel at them, so I think I’ll cease and desist. I’ll just have to warn the plow guys when they come to do the lot since they shovel my back deck and the icicles are in the back corner above the deck. I’m still really glad you reminded me to notice them, funny I noticed them on a bunch of other houses while driving around today.

  • It sure is a lot more fun watching you do it than doing it myself…

  • Your Awesome in front of the camera and behind…is their anything you’re not good at?

  • That was awesome, now can you come to my house

  • Outstanding beats. Great tips!!

  • Ha, well Donna, for about $4000 I’ll come by and make it look like June! Thanks for the feedback and fun you guys!

  • Hey my icicles are bigger than your icicles! Get over here !!!

  • Excellent way a head of the game here and solid advice to get rid of them icles – and the path idea is always a plus! Anyone who has ever been under the falling one (ME) Ouch…Looks like both you and the dog had fun out with the chores of getting ready thanks :-)

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