Chocolate Chip Red Velvet Valentine Pancakes


Valentine red velvet pancake final

Chocolate Chip Red Velvet Valentine Pancakes~ Todays fourth and final Kid Friendly Valentine Recipe is a quick, easy and fun dinner to serve your family on this stormy Valentines Day Eve…  In our home we call Breakfast foods served for Dinner, Dippy~Dippy Dinner Nights! For recipe details click see more…

Chocolate Chip Red Velvet Valentine Pancakes


1 Shake ‘n Pour Bisquick Pancake Mix

1 tablespoon red velvet flavoring(sold at major craft / baking stores

¾ cup Mini Chocolate Morsels

1 can Whipped Cream

chocolate Sauce

fresh strawberries

warmed Maple Syrup


1  follow Bisquick manufacturer’s directions; add 1 tablespoon red velvet flavoring to pancake batter; shake until evenly incorporated

2  heat griddle pan; lightly coat pan with cooking spray; pour batter onto hot pan; hello to cook 40 seconds; sprinkle 1 tablespoon Mini morsels over cooking pancake; flip when air bubbles appear; cooked thoroughly

Valentine red velvet pancakes 1

valentine re velvet pancake 3

3  place chocolate chip red velvet pancake on serving  plate; fix whipped cream into heart-shaped; sprinkle with Mini morsels; drizzle with chocolate sauce; garnish with fresh strawberry; serve immediately with warmed maple syrup

valentine red velvet pancake 4


  • You’re amazing! What would it cost to bring my boys to your house during February vacation for a little cooking demo? I’m only kind of kidding. :)

    • Thank you for your kind words, and with all kidding aside, your not the first to ask me that question. I would absolutely love to give cooking demo’s to adults, children and all ages in between. I dream of doing it often, and it’s very high on my bucket list of things to do someday. Unfortunately, I do not have a commercially zoned kitchen space to host cooking demos the way I would like to offer them to the public. Hopefully that someday will be soon!

  • Rick and I are coming to live with you

  • I bet there is not shortage of places your skills couldbe taught around the cape for sure:-)

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