About Marty Luster

I'm Marty Luster, a retired attorney and politician. In 2010 my wife, mother-in-law, dog and I relocated from Central NY to Gloucester. I hope my photographs and poetry(?) reflect my love for this place and her people. My picture-poem posts can be seen at and selected black and white images can be found at
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8 Responses to Sasquatch?

  1. Jenn Cullen says:


    I’m fascinated with animal tracks in the snow right now as I just found some odd ones in front of my house on Eastern Point Road, can’t ID them either. I’ll have to take pic and send it to your email for posting.

  2. Tom Halsted says:

    When an otter runs through the snow its tail leaves a long line between the paw prints. If this is a tail (and not a miniature bicycle track), it’s probably not an otter, but could it be a fisher?

    We had coyote (coywolf) tracks in our back yard in East Gloucester the other day, coming up out of the woods behind us, intersecting a rabbit’s. They probably were there at different times since there was no sign of a struggle. The rabbit went on its way, the coyote crossed our yard, on into Bob Perry’s next door, then back across our front yard and out onto Mt. Pleasant Avenue. This morning there were at least two sets of rabbit tracks, this time several signs of a struggle where they intersected, five or six feet apart, then more tracks. No blood. Mating? Playing fool the humans?

    Any animal trackers out there?

  3. Marty Luster says:

    Thanks Tom.
    It looks to be a fisher. I found identical tracks online. The top photo shows where it bounded through the snow. And they do drag their tail.

  4. that is a huge foot print..

  5. Sarah says:

    LOL Where is the crew from the fun fun show “Finding Bigfoot” (Animal Planet) too funny.

  6. Dave Moore says:

    Very good track field…easy to follow…more than likely come back through sometimes they like retracing saves on energy :-)

  7. Deb says:

    Foxes often drag their feet from step to step making their tracks look like this. I have one who routinely comes through my yards and, unlike the Coywolf’s tracks which are single, the fox tracks look like he had skis!

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