Happy Hot Chocolate Days!

Parisian Hot Chocolate ©Kim Smith 2014

Aren’t snow days simply the best? I think I looked forward to them as much as did my kids. As a working mom a snowy day meant magical extra time off with my children, and was a day made even more festive when accompanied by cups of warm cocoa. Most times we made hot chocolate with mini marshmallows and/or with a few drops of essence of peppermint but if I had chocolate squares and heavy cream on hand to whip, we made it our favorite Parisian-style.

For recipe and story continue reading here.

Parisian Hot Chocolate -  ©Kim Smith 2014.Decadent and delightfully rich hot cocoa

*    *    *

photoMary Tucker photo

Mary Tucker submits her heavenly hot cocoa photo that she made today; made heavenly with the addition of a truffle!

I haven’t quite figured out how to add an image to a comment so here’s your photo Mary!

About Kim Smith

Currently creating documentary films about the Monarch Butterfly, Black Swallowtail Butterfly, and Gloucester's Feast of St. Joseph. Landscape designer for the Gloucester Harbor Walk Gardens. Designer, lecturer, author, illustrator, photographer. Visit my blog for more information about my landscape and interior design firm- kimsmithdesigns.wordpress.com. Good Morning Gloucester daily contributor. Author/illustrator "Oh Garden of Fresh Possibilities! Notes from a Gloucester Garden"
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10 Responses to Happy Hot Chocolate Days!

  1. jenna says:

    YUM!!! I loved living in Paris and loved my breakfasts at Cafe Angelina…best hot chocolate served in a pot…together with their eggs benedict avec frites!!! I could live on that for days. Yet another great post, Kim! :-)

  2. Dave Moore says:

    And I bet the children loved this for sure – good way to get them to come in when out having fun in the snow :-)

  3. kate d. says:

    Nothing better than hot chocolate after shoveling snow. Trader Joes was selling a box of peppermint flavored marshmallows covered in dark chocolate. I have been using one in place of the sugar. Very creamy and tasty.

    • Kim Smith says:

      Fantastic idea Kate d!

      At Christmastime I was in Traders Joes and was knocked out by the scent of peppermint oil emanating from their peppermint oreo-type cookie display. The taste lived up to the smell and they were a hit with my cookie lovers!

  4. I love the snow and hot chocolate ~ however this morning I received two surprises, here in Annapolis ~ all snow melted in the rain yesterday and that extra container of whipping cream I bought at Christmas dated February 10 and 3 milk chocolate truffles ~ that will work ~ my surprise of the day :)

  5. Kim Smith says:

    Hi Mary, See your photo above. Thank you! I need to figure out how to add photos to comments, but this is good in the meantime.

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