“A huge duck would f*** you up” — Bruce Springsteen

On Jan 14 — for the benefit of Joey, Paul M. & RD — Bruce Springsteen settled the matter on Jimmy Fallon.  Here’s what he said in response to a question posted on Twitter:

This was, of course, the same night as the “Gov. Christie Traffic Jam” bit which is at least as funny:

Bruce couldn’t make it to the Rhumbline tonight, but Dan King is filling in for him with special guests Charlee Bianchini & Bill Gleason at 6pm — and that will be an excellent show.  Check out the full weekend live music schedule here.

About Vickie & Peter

Vickie grew up in Iowa. Lived in Silicon Valley & NYC. Peter has lived all over (NJ, NY, CH, IN, CA, MA, etc.) We chose to live and raise our family in Gloucester. Owners of gimmesound.com & Van Ness Group. Producers of gimmeLIVE concerts.
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7 Responses to “A huge duck would f*** you up” — Bruce Springsteen

  1. Anonymous says:

    ok, that was awesome. I could see Jimmy trying to flex like the Boss…!

  2. So good! Smiling at the screen!

  3. I agree, more than awesome, amazeballs. Might have to rethink the whole gigantic Rubber Duck visiting Gloucester Harbor. If a horse sized duck could really fuck you up …

    • Vickie & Peter says:

      Perhaps Joey’s real condition is flexilis ingens anatidaephobia?

      • Well worth looking that up. You may have hit the nail on the head although someone sent him a tiny one on a keychain that really spooked him. Threw it right out the window swearing a blue streak Parvus too. He’s got it bad.

        nb. I recovered the tiny duck from the harbor although the LED light is now erratic.

  4. Such great show and that song was just priceless–and Bruce’s arms are gorgeous!!!!

  5. Dave Moore says:

    A true icon with heart – who never forget where he came from and music what a treat! :-)

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