GMG Hard Core Dog Farting

Joey’s sick post about a deer farting got me to thinking and so I loaded up Stella with some beans.

smalldogCould I get this cute dog to rip off a full beaner? Well if you are over 13, click the more button button below. Don’t be eating your lunch. Go ahead. I am learning how to use the “more” button. I promise there are no rubber ducks involved.


Stella building up some decent pressure.


Stella letting it rip.

I have formatted both to the identical size so that if you load them both up into preview or some other photo display program you can toggle back and forth and her tail will pop up.

I could have made an animated GIF but that would have been childish. This post is local because that is Rockport granite and Cape Ann Market Basket Beans.

About Paul Morrison & RD

Good Morning Gloucester reporter possessing the dangerous combination of a Press Pass and a Rubber Duck.
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8 Responses to GMG Hard Core Dog Farting

  1. Carol McMahon says:

    Cute…. but I miss the duck……

  2. Oh s##t ~ is this what we agreed to? No more RD ;( ? I should have known ~ you don’t like soft cookies either ~

  3. Don’t worry, the Rubber Duck will be back once it warms up a bit. She will just be hiding underneath the “Continue reading →” button.

  4. saint707 says:

    Excellent use of the “continue reading” button………..and of course I did. Lol

  5. Dave Moore says:

    It’s all in the observation skills tail goes for either getting ready to Fight when around other dogs or Fart. Sure hope duckie was not too close don’t want to ruffle the feathers :-)

  6. Phinn says:

    Can smell it from here!!
    Man that’s a doozer

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