Found At Shaws- Spotted Dick

When was the last time you had yourself some tasty Spotted Dick?  As far as Spotted Dick brands go, you gotta go with Heinz over Hunt’s, right?  What kind of savage buys Hunt’s over Heinz anyway?  If you see someone at the supermarket at the Spotted Dick section pick up the Hunt’s over the Heinz just back away slowly.  Clearly they’re sociopaths that could snap any moment and riddle the place with AK47 fire.

photo 1

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7 Responses to Found At Shaws- Spotted Dick

  1. Anonymous says:

    The last time I had me some spotted dick it burned a little. I’m guessing maybe the clam I had with it was a little rotten.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ok. I give up…what is this? Can’t say I’ve ever heard of the stuff!

  3. E.J. says:

    Never heard of it, don’t know what it is, and don’t think I would ever buy it – Heinz or Hunts’ variety.

  4. Phinn says:

    I like me some spotted beaver no doubt

  5. Chuck.Cook says:

    Brother inlaw got a can of this for his birthday recently ( Christmas Day! ). Hilarity ensued!

  6. gregbover says:

    Readers of the historical novels of Patrick O’Brien (where the movie Master and Commander comes from) know that this was a favorite dessert in the British Navy around the beginning of the 19th century and probably much earlier.

  7. Dave Moore says:

    Popular in UK sounds like the youtube item on this also…(prank call to heniz (haanzfilms).

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