Are you rockin the hipster man-bun?

man_bun_jared_19d9585-19d958rJared Leto

Does the “man-bun” appeal to you? Do you think it practical, sexy, or silly, or does it depend on who is wearing?

David-Beckham-with-a-Man-Buns-580x4352743931PC012_Real_AlbaceteDavid Beckham

First Chair author Lauren Salapetek writes:

According to Vaughn Acord, celebrity stylist to the stars, ““the man-bun” is a real statement maker; it oozes confidence and shows character. But, don’t confuse it with a ponytail – the man-bun is definitely manlier; think samurai. It also frames the face, allowing chiseled features to stand out. And, it is best paired with a beard.”

Here are Vaughn’s tips on how to style the man-bun:

STEP 1: Start off on damp hair. Rub a wax through hair from root to tips that will create separation and definition to hair so when it is pulled back, it is not completely slick. Try: V76 by Vaughn V-Rated Wax.

STEP 2: Next, using your hands, loosely pull hair back above the nape of the neck.

STEP 3: Secure with an elastic pony holder, looping hair through, making it appear as effortless as possible.

STEP 4: You can either wear it completely slick back or leave it as is, but for a slicked look, apply a grooming cream to get rid of any flyaways.

man_bun_alex_19d9585-19d958pAlex Ebert

All images courtesy google image search.

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21 Responses to Are you rockin the hipster man-bun?

  1. If I had the hair I would.

  2. Yes ;). Oh ~ was that buns or bun ~ either way ~ it’s all good :D. Well, maybe not the Alex Ebert do. Gezzzzz ~ I wish I had the “Paul F.” courage to post the last two sentences I just deleted ~
    What’s your opinion?

    • To answer the rest of the question. I do think it is practical and sexy and depends on the man who is wearing it. I think I’m no longer ” rocking” the shaved head when you are not bald.

    • Kim Smith says:

      Even better Mary re bun or buns!! LOL

      • Kim Smith says:

        Mary, to answer your question– Whats my opinion?: I think that if a man can pull off a ponytail, a man-bun would look good as well, and it all depends on who is wearing and if it’s flattering for them (like everything in fashion). Leto and Beckham, yes, and agree definitely a no for Ebert (what is that goofy hunk of hair draped sideways across his hairline?!?

        But I should talk! Somewhere in an old album is a photo of my husband, when he had five-inch long spiked hair, dyed three different colors!

  3. I love it. Ponytails might still be my first choice.

  4. Dave Moore says:

    I second Paul Frontiero’s comments just don’t have the hair I used too…Getting what is commonly know as the V-8 on top backward me red/auburn hair doesn’t have zap it did as before and grey is sweeping upward every color change earned :-)

  5. Joey C says:

    First off being as bald as I am it wouldn’t even be a possibility but even if I did, uhmmmm, NO.

  6. Brooke (@Brooke_Surname) says:

    I actually prefer bald men. Looks manlier.

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  8. Kim Smith says:

    To John- Both scenarios are something that we would never be able to un-see!!!

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