Life Saving Commendation


On 1-3-14 R-1 (LoCoco and Severance) and E-1 (Harvey, Trupiano, Wonson D, Wonson B.) all responded to a cardiac arrest with by-stander CPR in progress.  The gentleman was successfully resuscitated and subsequently went home with his faculties intact.  This crew was given a great opportunity to make a difference and they did.  Their outstanding resuscitation efforts resulted in a life saved and I want to commend them for a job well done.   The GFD is making regular CPR saves above the traditional averages and the credit for this extends to the community for calling 911 and performing CPR until our arrival and for the dedication to excellence demonstrated by our personnel.

I want to thank these personnel and they will be provided with a written Life Saving Commendation.

Best regards,

Eric Smith

Fire Chief

City of Gloucester Fire Department

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The creator of Lover of all things Gloucester and Cape Ann. GMG where we bring you the very best our town has to offer because we love to share all the great news and believe that by promoting others in our community everyone wins.
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6 Responses to Life Saving Commendation

  1. Jenn Cullen says:

    Congrats to all, especially Josh Severance, I’m so proud of you all! This is the kind of work these firefighters do day in and day out, well done.

  2. Awesome. So great to have brave, smart people willing to save lives. We are all grateful.

  3. Dave Moore says:

    Public safety what a team – is a very special calling…Well done stay safe! Thanks You!
    Chief Smith that’s leadership! :-)

  4. Jeanne says:

    We are blessed to have this group of caring, dedicated firefighters watching out for us. Thanks to each of you and our new chief.

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