Sista Felicia’s Recipe For Feeding Your Backyard Birds


bird feeder and food reipe (1)

There always seems to be a plentiful assortment of birds feeding and playing in our backyard. For years, I have been drawing our little friends to visit with my used cooking oil, day old loafs of bread, stale cereal and crackers.  After hearing this weeks predicted weather forecast, I  decided to do a little research on homemade bird suet, and learned that with a little creativity and time, I could treat our backyard birds to an ample supply of nourishing goodness! With in 5 minutes of hanging, 3 Red Cardinal, 3 Blue Jay, 2 Yellow Finch, 1 Sparrow, and a woodpecker appeared. My brother Joey ran to grab his camera and we both I sat on the bench in my my breakfast nook peering out the window… As we watched this saying came to mind…”If you build it they will come!”  

A fun project to do with the kids …take some photos and send them to me…I will post them with our growing list of GMG Cooks!


1  3.5 lbs. bag Classic Wild Bird Feed

1/4 cup flour

1/2 cup golden raisins

1/2 cup peanuts

2 cups cornmeal

1 3/4 cups  leftover cooked meat fat, cut in small pieces

2 cups lard, Cut into pieces

1 3/4 cups  leftover/used La Spagnola vegetable olive oil blend cooking oil


30 inch plastic tube fish netting(can be found at fishing supply stores, an onion bag can also be used)

4 12 inch lengths twine

1 plastic saucer shaped container(I like to use the bottom section of my cherry tomato container)

waxed paper

6-8  red berry branch pieces

2 zip tie


1 combine first six ingredients in large mixing bowl; mix well

bird feeder and food reipe (5)

bird feeder and food reipe (6)

2 add fat pieces; mix well

bird feeder and food reipe (9)

3 add lard pieces and oil; mix well using hands

bird feeder and food reipe (10)

bird feeder and food reipe (11)

4 line cookie sheet with aluminum foil; spread mixture evenly into prepared pan; chill overnight in refrigerator

bird feeder and food reipe (12)

5 spread 3 cups birdseed on cookie sheet

bird feeder and food reipe (26)

6 remove mixture from refrigerator; shape mixture into one 18×12 inch log shaped piece

bird feeder and food reipe (31)

bird feeder and food reipe (33)

7 transfer log to cookie sheet with birdseed; roll cover outer surface of log with seeds; transfer to wax paper; wrap

bird feeder and food reipe (42)

8 Tie and secure knot at one of fish netting; open netting pouch using your hands; slide waxed paper wrapped log into tube of netting; Remove wax paper; Secure tight knot; fix one zip tie to the top end of fishing net bird feeder

bird feeder and food reipe (46)

bird feeder and food reipe (49)

bird feeder and food reipe (52)

9 fix 4 holes evenly spaced on sides of plastic saucer shaped container; knot and secure one twine length to each hole; Gather four lengths together and knot; Secure to bottom knot of bird feeder

bird feeder and food reipe (22)

bird feeder and food reipe (62)

10 position red berry branches into holes of fishing net feeder

bird feeder and food reipe (57)

bird feeder and food reipe (55)

11 secure feeder to tree branch or hook to section cup window hook  holder; fill saucer with birdseed; sit back and watch the birds feed!

backyard birds 051

backyard birds 060

backyard birds 058

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20 Responses to Sista Felicia’s Recipe For Feeding Your Backyard Birds

  1. Joan kimberley says:

    Like you don’t spend enough time cooking for people! Im leaving a note in yard with your address.

  2. karen says:

    You should do a cookbook for animals. I bet it would be a #1 seller.

  3. I love this post.. the birds are so pretty.. you amaze me. This would be fun for kids on a snow day. Love to feed the birds. Thanks will try it

  4. Love this post. I feed the birds all the time. Great idea to do with kids on a snow day

  5. Frank says:

    Is This Italian bird feed?

  6. Good for you! You’ve got a Northern Cardinal in red (of course) and a Downy Woodpecker. You are going to get lots of woodpeckers to your suit. Nut hatches, Carolina Wrens, why the list will go on and on. There are 4 more woodpeckers you may get. Red-bellied, Northern Flicker, Hairy and Pileated if your lucky!

    The yellow birds were most likely American Goldfinch. The last photo looks to be a Black-capped Chickadee, but it could be a Tufted Titmouse.

    • Steve…Thank you for your comment and I very much appreciate the info you shared. It’s so exciting to watch the birds feed from my window seat, but I know this new past time is going to cut into my beloved cooking hours! Can you recommend a good website with photos to easily identify the birds.

  7. To coin the overused ~ but in this case appropriate word ~ AMAZING! Anxious to see “what’s cooking” next ~

  8. barbara kelly says:

    Thanks so much for this recipe…my family was just discussing the fact that we need to feed the birds in this cold weather!

  9. mary Foster says:

    What a fabulous idea. I love feeding the winter birds in my yard. I usually buy the pre-packaged suet with seeds and berries.. Where do I purchase the fish netting? I live in Hamilton…Can I buy it in Gloucester?

  10. That is just wonderful. I love feeding the birds but I’ve never made anything that amazing.

  11. Joan Kimberley says:

    I left a note for the birds in my backyard with your address.

  12. daphne says:

    Felicia you are so amazing, I love the bird feeder, I made one today with left over fishing net from the wearable arts show. I have it in the front yard and I’m hoping my friend from the arctic comes back to visit me. We have had a beautiful white arctic owl on the rocks down by the water. He is so beautiful and has golden eyes! I will send you a photo of him. Do you know if owls prefere any one seed over another? Thank you again for this most wonderful post!
    Xxoo, D

  13. Dave Moore says:

    Wow I have not seen one of these since I was back that way – and that was a long time ago! You got all the vitamin and food ranges for these birds – very nice! :-)

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