Busy Days and Light Lunches

PrintMuch of today was spent packing up my daughter’s belongs and checking off items on her list needed before heading back to school latter tonight.  So focused on laundry earns and packing we forgot to stop and eat lunch….oops! After a quick scan of the refrigerator and the clock ticking,  we took a few moments to enjoy a light lunch together! It reminded me of  lunch time with my Aunt Gina in my grandfather store growing up… a story I share in my cookbook on page 185…

today lunch

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6 Responses to Busy Days and Light Lunches

  1. lol. Known as being frugal and using up what’s available. I kinda like what’s there. The only part not in my refrig. would probably be the piece of octopus. Just no available inland.

  2. Can you adopt me? love it

  3. Fredrik Bodin says:

    Gad, I could eat this for three days for lunch and dinner! It looks great.

  4. Dave Moore says:

    I really enjoyed the story behind the meal – what a great family and tradition – daughter going to miss mom’s cooking :-)
    P.S. This is good brain food for the studying days ahead! :-)

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