Pigeon Hill, Rockport, 1898

Looking up a snow covered Landmark Lane. Hopefully, we'll get a similar amount, and not a lot more.

Looking up a snow covered Landmark Lane. Hopefully, we’ll get a similar amount, and not a lot more.

About Fredrik Bodin

Fred Bodin is a photographer who owns a gallery on Main Street in downtown Gloucester, MA. The gallery features Fred's land and seascapes, as well as historic images printed from the old negatives.
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8 Responses to Pigeon Hill, Rockport, 1898

  1. very pretty, I will be out on Magnolia Pier around high tide

  2. Liz says:

    Love seeing these old photos. Treasures! Thx.

  3. Landmark Lane would be awesome sledding if they didn’t plow it. That is if you survived shooting across Granite Street and slamming into the wall on the other side or shooting into Sandy Bay if you cleared the wall.

    I guess it’s not a good idea. ;-)

  4. Fredrik Bodin says:

    A reader of GMG asked me what the wide impression on the left is. Any ideas?

    • I was looking at that too. One can only guess. My guess is that in 1898 kids are still kids. A snowy hill, they will find a way to slide down it. A sled on Landmark lane would be suicide but what if you pulled an old barrel stave out of the barn, tide a rope to one end then jump on the stave holding the rope? After a couple of diggers maybe put some pig grease on the bottom and try again. That groove might be the kid’s last attempt as he jetted off into Sandy Bay after inventing the Snowboard.

      fyi: Spaulding Frost Cooperage was making barrels in Gloucester by 1893. Hoop Pole Cove was named for the hoops that would be incorporated into those barrels (The cove was known for the tree that was easily bent to a hoop.). A barn on Landmark Lane would have an old busted barrel for sure. Presto, Snowboard.

  5. Dave Moore says:

    We used to do Higgans Hill by Andrews corner rt 127 on sleds – the whole crew go the bright idea of going down pulling the sled train feet in the front of the others I was third there were two tree’s have to go through at bottom my older brother bailed we were really going fast and the second guy scraped the tree causing a pile up sled’s up and over OUCH!! Art Jacobson (Sgt GPD) owned the sauna at bottom of hill came out and made sure we were ok and then told us not a good idea kids (Concur with that for sure)!! I was sore for a week after that encounter – and mom was not too happy with my new jacket sled track marks up the back of it…Like John Candy said in home alone one kids their resilient – in a painful way. 

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