This one’s for you Joey! The good ol’ days when January meant something to me!

Not so long ago, you could find a happy Steeler fan in the kitchen.

About Craig Kimberley

For the past 20 years I've been directing, shooting and editing content for multiple formats. From TV and cable shows, to music videos, to local blogs, it's all been a fantastic ride. Currently I'm directing, shooting, and editing for Trev Gowdy's Monster Fish, and Sasquatch: Mountain Man, both on the Outdoor Channel. I live and create in Gloucester Ma, and I'm passionate about my town. If you don't know about, your sleeping, check it out. Whether it's photo, or video, or film, I'm always ready to shoot. Hit me up anytime for questions, input, work, or feedback! You can find me on Twitter @ CraigShoots (Oh yeah, and I'm a bit of a Pit-Master, so if ya like cooking out, holla!)
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9 Responses to This one’s for you Joey! The good ol’ days when January meant something to me!

  1. E.J. says:

    What fun. I didn’t know you had such culinary expertise. Maybe you should do a Pittsburgh cookbook. I’m sure Sista Felicia would give you some pointers.

  2. LOL! As a lifelong Steelers fan I salute you and your style. However, I have to say, having eaten many a Primanti Brothers sandwich, that looked kind of skimpy to me…

  3. maggiejeanw says:

    Love your post. Born in Pittsburgh, live in North Carolina, love Gloucester…

  4. Great Video Craig. Loved it!

  5. You’re AWESOME!!! That was so much fun to watch!

  6. Craig Kimberley says:

    Thanks yous guyz! Maybe I’ll do more;)

  7. Dave Moore says:

    Very good indeed happy New Year! :-)

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