So If You Had Pigeons Crapping All Over The Place Would You Resort To This?

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11 Responses to So If You Had Pigeons Crapping All Over The Place Would You Resort To This?

  1. That’s just Fucking cruel!

  2. Lauren says:

    And their point is? Ass****s. I hope someone reported them.

  3. Corey Moody says:

    Maybe if they stopped feeding them the problem could be solved.

  4. Unless they are eating them that is pretty dumb. Are they really thinking that their pigeon problem will decrease? That’s like thinking a mosquito zapper decreases the population.

    If they are eating them I’ll take four on a stick with a side of those yummy spanish olives and garlic.

  5. Judy B says:

    Pigeons can be annoying — but to do this?! Never!

  6. susan hershey says:


  7. Paula O'Brien says:

    They are FEEDING them! This is wrong.

  8. chuckerdu says:

    Purse seine squab catching?

  9. E.J. says:

    That is dreadful! And what do they do with them after they catch them? I don’t imagine they just take them somewhere else and let them go. I keep thinking we’ve become more evolved as a species, and then not.

  10. Donna Piraino says:

    Yet, raising domestic animals (cattle, swine, turkey, chicken) is OK? I really don’t see a problem…other than, sometimes, there are just too many pigeons!

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