Getting ready to light the Lobster Trap Tree

Even though it was cold and snowy lots of people came to watch the lighting
December 14, 2013 getting ready to light

About Donna Ardizzoni

Business Manager, Grandmother, love living in Gloucester, love to swim, walk and of course take pictures. Our company does computer networking, Office Management, Medical Billing, transcription, networking software updates and virus protection
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12 Responses to Getting ready to light the Lobster Trap Tree

  1. Lidia Sands says:

    Love it…I brought my son & daughter to paint a buoy friday..they had a wonderful time:)

  2. I remember two years ago We hung a buoy on the tree to honor my son. A Marine who lost his life to O I F 2005. I still have the Big Green ornament that Ed Collard gave me.. Friends of my son met us there. If was just heart warming and still is.

  3. Fredrik Bodin says:

    When driving up Main Street yesterday, barricades and flashing emergency lights were blocking the street. I instinctively thought of terrorists attacking the courthouse and the police station. But no, it was about Gloucester’s Christmas tree. Thanks for the photo Donna. I know Donna from reporting for GMG, and met Lidia at the GMG party Friday night. There is so much caring expressed in these 5 comments, so let me put in my 2 cents worth: “When I drag my sorry ass out of bed in the morning, facing stress and more work than I can possibly do, I think of the reason I’m here on this planet. And that is to help my fellow human beings and to love all of God’s creatures. Nothing is as important.”

  4. Anonymous says:

    Never saw anything like the lobster trap tree–really cool.

  5. saint707 says:

    This is truly the best Christmas tree anywhere. It is such a great tradition. There will be lots of stories of making buoys for years and years.

  6. Dave Moore says:

    Excellent comments and wisdom:-)

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