Passports Sangria Recipe!!!

On Ladies Night we posted a Vine of Sally making the super delicious Passport’s Sangira. Readers wrote requesting the recipe and here it is, brought to you by Sally!

 A dollop of homemade raspberry puree (Passports makes their own puree)

Splash of orange juice

Glass of red wine

Fresh squeezed lemon and lime juices

Top off with a dash of club soda or 7 Up, depending on individual preference for sweetness

Garnish with an orange slice

Thank you Sally!!!

Passports  ~ Three Courses for $35.00 ~ Make Your Reservations Now for New Year’s Eve!

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Passports Has Reopened Newly Renovated and Offering 20% Off All Gift Certificates Through New Year’s Eve

About Kim Smith

Currently creating documentary films about the Monarch Butterfly, Black Swallowtail Butterfly, and Gloucester's Feast of St. Joseph. Landscape designer for the Gloucester Harbor Walk Gardens. Designer, lecturer, author, illustrator, photographer. Visit my blog for more information about my landscape and interior design firm- Good Morning Gloucester daily contributor. Author/illustrator "Oh Garden of Fresh Possibilities! Notes from a Gloucester Garden"
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9 Responses to Passports Sangria Recipe!!!

  1. Fredrik Bodin says:

    Sally is the best!

  2. Oh Boy! Tomorrow is going to be a snow day in Annapolis! I have your orange infused wine recipe and all the ingredients ~ now sangria to consider ~ but no raspberries ~ maybe another day.
    Best part ~ today ~ my copy of “Oh Garden of Fresh Possibilities!” arrived! I can sit and sip and read and plan while looking out at my snowy sleeping garden ;)

    • Fredrik Bodin says:

      We all enjoy the snow days that loosen our schedules. At times here, it’s against the law to drive. However, one must shovel, which I need to do in three places.

    • OMG ~ just reviewed the orange wine recipe ~ store in refrigerator for 5 days! Guess I’ll have to “empty” another bottle of wine and make the recipe for later!

    • Kim Smith says:

      Mary–thank you!!! I hope so very much you enjoy my book and will find it relevant for your sleeping garden.

      Yes the orange wine- 5 days, and then another week or so after that before it is ready–but very much worth the wait.

      Counting my blessings today and appreciating so much GMG Friends of the Blog like yourself, Anne, and Dave, with your always thoughtful responses. Thank you Mary.

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