Open again for business

From Green Dragon – inbound

Liberty 04

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The creator of Lover of all things Gloucester and Cape Ann. GMG where we bring you the very best our town has to offer because we love to share all the great news and believe that by promoting others in our community everyone wins.
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5 Responses to Open again for business

  1. Wow, what a moment that must have been ~ beautiful shot!

  2. Dave Moore says:

    A very welcoming item indeed and never truly left other than visits to the to this fine lady holding the light to follow! ;-)

  3. Hilary McKinnon says:

    I remember passing the Statue of Liberty for the first time and realizing that it faces out to sea and that most NYCers probably only see it’s back view. What a sight it must have been for those coming from the “old country” before all the mega sky scrapers were there. I was impressed. My grandmother and her family (Piscitello) did this, even has her name etched into the wall monument there, I wish we had discussed what it felt like but never did. Her and my grandfather did go to the World’s Fair there way back when and came back with a bronze statuette of it, but the torch had been broken off somehow.

  4. schooner39 says:

    We were about 50 hours out of Norfolk and caught the start of an early morning flood at Sandy Hook for a fast sail with the current through the Narrows, up the East River, Hell Gate and into Long Island Sound, a scenic detour on a passage to Maine.

    Last Sunday the Statue reopened after a twelve day shutdown for lack of federal funds. The state of New York is reimbursing the National Park Service $61,600 per day until federal funding is restored.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I wish I had taken that trip on the Green Dragon. So much fun and learn so much! Thanks Al.

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