I’m All In For Getting A Nut Tuck

the Daily Mail reports-

How George Clooney has inspired cosmetic craze for ‘ball ironing’ – that sees wrinkles removed from you know where…


George Clooney has repeatedly joked that instead of his eyes he gets the skin on his testicles ‘ironed’ out, but now it appears he’s inspired a new craze in Hollywood.

Cosmetic expert Nurse Jamie told MailOnline that she added ‘Tighten the Tackle’ to the list of services at her Santa Monica spa, Beauty Park, last year, and it has been a raving success.

Delicately describing the $575 non-surgical treatment, the blonde beautician says it involves using lasers to remove hair, erase wrinkles and correct discoloration on the scrotum.

Listen, I’ll be the first to admit that as I’ve aged, my boys aren’t hanging all high and tight like they used to be.  I’d long thought about getting a little nut tuck to smooth things out “down there” but now that my man George Clooney is endorsing it, I’m ALL IN!

$575 for the non-surgical procedure?  Chump change to freshen up the boys.

Which spa around here offers such services?  We can live blog the procedure.  Maybe do a whole pay-per-view deal.

Thanks George for being brave enough to come forward with your own ball ironing to make it acceptable for men with low hanging nuts everywhere to “tighten their tackle

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14 Responses to I’m All In For Getting A Nut Tuck

  1. Chuck.Cook says:

    Sounds like another service you can add to the “vajazzle” studio you will be opening down at the dock!

  2. Toni says:

    OMG-your mother will read this! What will she say?

  3. Look…I hate to break this to you guys. But, balls will be weird looking no matter what you do. Iron ‘em, ball-dazzle ‘em, doesn’t matter. They’re goofy looking.

  4. Peter Lee Silveira says:

    Joey, I feel like I am at the cleaners also! Do we have choices of no starch,light starch,medium starch,heavy starch or just plain STIFF!

  5. Bill says:

    I’m thinking what ever skin they may remove can be added to plump my lips. I would have the softest lips ever!!!!

  6. karen says:

    This is the best comedy ever lol!

  7. My guys are dying to be “re pinned”. Does the spa have any photos on Pinterest? Maybe “afore and aft” in keeping with the nautical theme. The laser aspect has me shivering my timbers a bit, just sayin’. I watched my own vasectomy couple years ago. It was gripping at times, and a tear jerker. Surgeon wouldn’t let me video it, though. Could’ve been a contender for “best short”.

  8. John McElhenny says:

    This is the day for new nicknames. Joey used to be “Beefcake Joey,” the pin-up model on calendars all over Germany. From now on Joey will be known as “Tighten the Tackle.” Or “Joey Tackle Tightened” for short.

    • Alicia Cox says:

      and John you must be glad you dont need this procedure because you are secure from the skinny jeans! and to think Joey made fun of you for that! Whose laughing now :)

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