Joey C Kickstarter Project Number One- GMG Vajazzling Studio Project

With the number of Kickstarter campaigns spiraling into the stratosphere I’ve decided to launch my own Kickstarter campaign for the very first dedicated Vajazzling Studio In Gloucester.


Let’s be honest, if Short and Main can raise $22K to pay for a Pizza Oven, my drumming up the dough for a Vajzzling Studio should be a no-brainer.

If Duckworth Bistrot can enter a contest for a new door, if EJ can pull off a Kickstarter for her Owl and The Pussycat book, if some crazy cat lady can get a felt costumes for kitty cats project funded, then there’s no way in hell we would fail in our quest to raise enough dough for a fancy local  Vajazzling studio.


It’s all the rage. Screw this lobster business crap.  Stinky bait, angry lobstermen, early morning start time and long hours vs Vajazzling coochies for a living.  Hmmm this is not a very difficult decision.

I’ll just need a back up man to take care of the not-so-attractive patrons.  Paulie Walnuts is looking for work.  Bingo!  Paulie Walnuts and me Vajazzling coochies all over the North Shore.

Help me make my Vajazzling dream a reality.  Look for my upcoming Gloucester based Vajazzling Kickstarter campaign which will be forthcoming.  I will offer many levels of pledges starting with base level backers and working our way up to more comprehensive “rewards” for more substantial backers. 

Short and Main offered a $100 option for-

Receive a signed copy of Food & Wine’s latest cookbook, “America’s Greatest New Cooks” featuring Nico and Amelia Monday. You’ll also receive a menu from opening night and a thank you video from Matt in his lobster suit.

Hell I’ll toss in a signed GMG DVD, a couple Homie Stickas and a video of me in a monkey suit singing the start spangled banner for a hundred bones.

Disclaimer: woman I live with and may or may not be related to through marriage will not be pledging.

If Jennifer Love Hewitt is all in for Vajazzling it’s good enough for me.

If this works out (and obviously it’s money in the bank) we’ll get Kim Smith in there to penizzle up dude’s man-parts.

We could take over the world Vajazzling and Penizzling women and men all over the North Shore.

Editor’s note:

Over/Under on the amount of time before we see a Kickstarter project for the Paint Factory project offering people the right to come in and paint or landscape the joint for a mere $100,000? 

I’m saying within six months and I’m taking the under.

About Joey C

The creator of Lover of all things Gloucester and Cape Ann. GMG where we bring you the very best our town has to offer because we love to share all the great news and believe that by promoting others in our community everyone wins.
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12 Responses to Joey C Kickstarter Project Number One- GMG Vajazzling Studio Project

  1. no thanks says:

    Will the GMG Seagull logo will be available as a Vajazzling pattern?

  2. Judy says:

    I get it.
    But. $10. cash if you don’t. I’m good for it, just tell me where to leave the envelope.
    And thence started the negative Kickstarter I-love -you-as-a-person-but-PLEASE-don’t-open-the-gate-to-this-particular-circle-of-hell.
    #LoveDante #lovekittehs #loveevery??##!!!ontheplanetbutPLEASEstop (#nolovetovagi-jay-any-WTF-ever-but-please-just-stop)

  3. Definitely the GMG Logo, available in multiple colors. Also, The Man at the Wheel. Maybe the Thatcher Lighthouses, for good measure

  4. karen says:

    You are such a hoot joey!Lol

  5. Anonymous says:

    Will Alicia Cox be the voice of Vajazzle?

  6. CoachDeWolfe says:

    I’ll be the photographer

  7. alicia cox says:

    Oy vey..

  8. Lisa F. says:

    THis kept me up laughing all night. I totally think a lighthouse. One red sequin on top.

  9. karen says:

    I was thinking out of order for an oldie or maybe not don’t want to insult any oldies but goodies lol.

  10. Don’t drag me into another hair brain scheme of yours. Talking me into this GMG Blog crap is enough. :)

  11. Aaah, Joey_C, might want to rethink this: Angry women because of bad/painful vajazzling, and maybe still a fishy smell!

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