Video- Gloucester MA Waterfront , Rockport, Bearskin Neck, 1959-1967 Part 1

Old reels of tape converted to digital files.  Ciaramitaro and Curcuru families.  Benny Curcuru, Auntie Annie, Captain Joe and Felicia Ciaramitaro.  Stage Fort Park, Gloucester Harbor, the Paint Factory, The Dragger Fleet, Downtown, Rogers Street, The Gloucester House, Bearskin Neck, Rockport.  I don’t recognize a lot of the older Italian women and men, feel free to leave a comment with the names you recognize and the time displayed when you see them in the comments on this video.  Thank you

Gloucester MA Waterfront , Rockport, Bearskin Neck, 1959-1967 from Joey on Vimeo.

About Joey C

The creator of Lover of all things Gloucester and Cape Ann. GMG where we bring you the very best our town has to offer because we love to share all the great news and believe that by promoting others in our community everyone wins.
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17 Responses to Video- Gloucester MA Waterfront , Rockport, Bearskin Neck, 1959-1967 Part 1

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this vintage video, getting a feeling for what Gloucester’s waterfront was like 50 years ago, identifying iconic buildings – Birdseye plant, Tavern, Paint Factory, etc. I think Joey inherited his interest in making a video record of the City, like watching fish being unloaded from a boat – his view from the dock. Captivating video.

    • Joey C says:

      My mom had this tape in one of her closets but I don’t know who to attribute for the footage. There’s lots of the Ciaramitaro and Curcuru family in there including our Great Grandfather Benny Curcuru, our Grandfather Captain Joe, cool scees from the waterfront where you see the huge draggers tied up 3-5 abreast at every wharf around the city. We’re not even a teeny fraction of that as far as number of boats that size.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Any ideas on who can convert super 8 tape to digital files? Thanks Joey!

  3. Vicki says:

    That was awesome! I just love seeing all thoses old vintage boats!

  4. Joe T. says:

    Bring back a giant wash of memories of a boy and teen growing up in a Fishing Family with other Fishing Families of Gloucester. Thanks Joey, will have to see if I have any VHS tapes I can convert to DVD of life back then.

  5. Bob says:

    Fabulous footage! I first visited Cape Ann in late ’76, and it is really neat to see what it looked like a few years before. Great family film; wish I had known some of them. And a lot of wooden hulls, long gone. Folks, convert your film now. Soon you’ll be hard pressed to get that work done. I had some old 78′s (wax records, audio letters made by my dad in Europe in WWII) converted to CDs, and I had to furnish a 78 RPM turntable; the tech people couldn’t find one anywhere. Which makes me think I need to convert again, to MP3, before regular CD players go kaput.

    Hope you can get everybody identified…a wonderful legacy for your kids!

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Bill says:

    That was awesome! Seems so different then the world we live in today.

  7. Grace Moceri-Scola says:

    This is great! My grandfather Guiseppe Moceri is on the Holy Family shoveling ice. My father Carlo loved this and called me to tell me.

  8. pclbc says:

    Joey so glad you got it converted. I loved it. What a beautiful Ciaramitaro, Curcuru family pictures. The boats, waterfront, harbor amazaing Thanks so much. love you mom

  9. Sista Felicia says:

    Joey , That was awesome…Wow brought tears to my eyes <3

  10. Anonymous says:

    So loved seeing this video! IT was so awesome to see My husbands dad Sam”Red Top” Curcuru and his sister Josie her husband Mike Chiechi his aunts Grace Palazola and Auntie Rosie Brancaleone His Uncle Joe Ciaramitaro (Joey’s grandfather ) OMG this was wonderfulL thank you Joey for posting this video

  11. Mike Parisi says:

    Hey Joe,
    I remember as a young boy washing pen boards on my fathers boat the St. Rosalie taking out whiting at Capt. Joes wharf and later working on my brothers boat the Salvatore P. unloading while Capt. Joe watched the catch being unloaded.Capt. Joe’s in those days handled 1000′s of lbs of whiting that they processed at the East Main St. site.Great piece ,A reminder of the once great fishing fleet that once feed our nation,now we import over 90 % of our seafood,shame on our government.Let our fishermen fish.
    Capt. Mike Parisi

  12. Jay Moceri's says:

    Giuseppe Moceri father of Busty and Carlo Moceri is at the 6:56 mark on the F/v Holy Family he is the man holding the shovel of ice.

  13. Anonymous says:

    This movie brought back so many awesome memories of growing up in Gloucester in the fiftys and seeing all the women and men brought tears to my eyes. Those were the all my parents friends. My father worked on the RoseMarie. I remember going down to the pier while the took the fish of the boat.Thank you Pauline Puccio Stevens

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