• Was there an additional charge for delivery? 20% maybe, but it’s your choice and attitude would leave me thinking that “no tip” would be the right amount!

  • If I was you neighbor, knocked on your door and asked you, for $2.00, to leave the comforts of your own house, drive 3-4 miles to pick up pizza, would it be worth it to you?

    • Yes it would. If you read what I wrote I tipped $2.11 but the delivery person didn’t seem happy with that and it was a mike and a half.

      Naybe I’m living un the past. What do folks usualkt tip on a single pizza delivery these days

      • oops…I was off by 11 cents. also, mile and a half each way is 3 miles total. as far as the attitude, you should have asked for the $2.11 back, no need of that.

      • I think you tipped fairtly escpecially since it was so close. This is coming from a delivery person. I would be pissed if I drove like 5-8 miles and only got a 2 though.

    • “to leave the comforts of your own house”

      Oh I’m sorry you had to leave the comfort of your own home TO GET TO A JOB. Pisses me off to no end that service industry people think they’re doing everyone a huge favor. We all have jobs where we have to leave our comfortable beds to make a living. Pizza delivery guy isn’t just some guy who was asked to leave his house to deliver food, he’s ON THE JOB.

      • I agree – the delivery person wasn’t getting up to make one trip to deliver one pizza. He got paid an hourly wage as well and definitely packed his car with insulated bags filled with food for several houses (that’s why they tell you on the phone it could be 45 min to an hour to deliver – because they are putting everyone’s delivery together for one trip). Joey C was for sure just 1 house out of 5 or 6 deliveries. Maybe $3.00 would have been better but $2.11 wasn’t bad and if the delivery person was nice about it, Joey C would have another opportunity to give a little extra next time – it all works out in the end, if your’e nice. Unfortunately, the delivery person’s attitude most likely ruined future deliveries for him since Joey C might rather just go pick up the pizza himself because I doubt he asked for the rude attitude topping.

        • Umm no they dont just shove every delivery into one car. I worked at a pizza franchise that had 10-15 drivers on during dinner time on busy weekends. We almost NEVER took more than two deliveries at once. Even with 15 drivers assume nights it was still an hour wait because there are many factors. the kitchen is usually staffed by 5 to 7 cooks… the ovens take 8 min to cook a pizza. There are times where we had 50 orders in an hour. There is not enough room in the football field sized parking lot for enough cars to have enough delivery drivers to deliver everything under 30 min…. there isn’t enough space in the kitchen to keep up with the sauce and cheese consuming beasts.
          The guy who delivered to above user who was rude is an asshole and a $2 tip is pretty low for a $15 order but doesn’t excuse his rudeness.
          But nothing bothered me more than people who don’t tip because it was “late” or took too long. At a restaurant do you not tip because you had to wait 20 min extra for a table? So why stiff a driver because they are really busy.it’s first vine first serve just like a restaurant. Restaurants don’t even give you an estimated time once you sit down and order your food… if a delivery estimate says 30 minutes or so don’t call asking where it is 32 min later it’s an estimate and 99 percent of employees are doing everything as fast as they can. If it’s 15 min “late” it’s still just an estimate and more than likely not the drivers fault just like it’s not a waiters fault you had to wait 15 min extra for a table at a restaurant.

      • kellyannthegreat

        Thank you! The only person with a brain!

  • $2 or $3. Last few times, the got quarters. Better then nothin’.

  • Single pizza, If there’s already a delivery fee, never more than $2, if there is no delivery fee, than perhaps $4, but since they charge delivery fees, I prefer to pick up rather than deliver these days. If more than a single pizza, it’s variable on my mood, and what i have for change.

    • Delivery fees at all large chains are never all for the driver. I worked at a store where often more than half of my delivery fees a night went to the store. I knew people who worked at a pizza hut who got zero percent if the $2.50 the store charged. Most drivers drive their own cars so what they do receive for the fee is to cover their business expense it is not a to and not considered income. I worked at 5 different stores and none of them paid the recommended amount per mile by the IRS.
      Never ever consider the delivery fee into calculating your tip.

    • The delivery fee goes to the store, not the driver. The driver may get a small portion of this ($1)….quit being a cheap bitch and tip the driver who is putting wear and tear on the car and risking his life everytime he gets behind the wheel because your lazy. Rue of thumb is no matter the order, $3 ok….anything less than that and the drivers will put your delivery on the bottom of their list

  • Robert Publicover

    That’s a tough one, but given the cost of gas (they normally drive their own cars) and that they seldom get a cut of the purchase price 20% seems like a good starting point. But at no point should you be given attitude. I used park cars at the Tavern in the mid-60′s. Getting a quarter was a big tip.

  • In some countries, tipping is a bit different then here. Either way, I always, always, always tip at least 20%: deliver, take-out, eat in, whatever. Now, the exception is: shitty attitude (before tipping), major screw ups on orders (that the sever screws up, not the kitchen), never returning for re-fills, or to check in, or flat out bad food comes to the table and they won’t take it off the bill even after you point it out, kindly of course.
    I’ve always found, when you take very good care of folks, even beyond 20% (remember, they work for shit, and what’s another buck or two) you become a different customer in their eyes. As a result, they remember your name, what you like, make sure it’s fast, and they may even step up you dish, your seating, and your experience. You go the extra mile, and I will too.
    I think back in the “day” folks would tip BEFORE the service: you know To Ensure Prompt Service: T.I.P.

    • I completely agree. Thats always been my approach a t restaurants but I never adjusted my home delivery tipping til niw. I’m gonna up my tipping game for home drluvery th hanks to the input from our great GMG community here for opening my eyes.

  • I personally think that was an ok tip…maybe this will help in the future. http://money.cnn.com/pf/features/lists/tipping/

  • Wait a minute…Your getting a $15 dolla pizza delivered to your crib, IN ITALY??? $15 bucks??? Delivered….In IIIIITAAAALLLYYYY!!! Joey, Joey, Joey…$3.50 would have been good. But, maybe a GMG sticker for their Vespa would have been an even kinder and courteous gesture! Remember, your reppin Glousta, not the Jersey Shore!!!

  • 20% …same as a waiter.

    • For restaueant service its rare that I don’t lwave 20 plus % but may need to re think my pizza tipping. Tough to wrap my mind around a $17 pizza but that must be me getting old is all.

  • yeah.. 2.11 was fine. 3.11 if your feeling good. He’ll get more tips in the next hour.

  • Peter Lee Silveira

    20 per cent or $3.00!

    High Rent district!

  • I’m trying to save the world by over tipping. I would have given him 4 clams.

  • wouldn’t a broke the bank if’n ye’d coffed up ‘n extra buck ‘n brang the tip up’ta 20 % ya cheapskate! Ye never said how were the pizza? Not as good as them pies from glous’ta!

  • I guess the question is was the pizza seventeen dollars in American money or in euros? How did you pay? If in American dollars that probably was not enough if the price was in euros. However the tipping in Italy is not the same as here. Over there 10 percent tip is considered generous at restaurants, as they pay their help more than we do here. So I guess this question is a little tricky. Just hope you are having fun in Napoli as it is the best place for pizza in Italy!

  • Minimum I tip for home delivery is $5. If the order is over $25 I tip 20%.

  • C’mon, Joey- round it up to $3 at least! i would have given $5 :)

  • Getting one tonite, they have to travel 7 blocks the pizza is 16.99 I’m tipping 5.00. More than 25 percent it’s worth it

    • Actually works out to a tip of 29.43%but who’s figuring.. That’s to much. A 20% or $3.40 would be appropriate round up to $3.50. He didn’t deliver as a special service to you. $5.00 happens when you don’t have anything but a $5.00 and shame yourself into not asking for change… I have office hours for tip therapy..

  • Wouldn’t it be nice if I could charge a travel fee for showing up to work each day (I pay $250/mo in gas+ wear and tear)? Or maybe everyone I assist can tip me an additional 20% on top of my check for doing MY JOB! I live in CA where servers make at least $8.00 and food is expensive. I think its ridiculous how restaurants have put an expectation that it’s a customer’s job to ensure the servers are making a decent living by tipping, in addition to paying for already overpriced food and additional charges such as delivery. Then, if we don’t tip to industry standards we get criticized and endure the threat of the quality of food or service being bad. It’s ridiculous. What’s next, should we tip store cashiers for ringing up purchases or else they can make us wait longer? Should we tip bankers for storing our money correctly? The point is, everything we do in A JOB is for the service of others. An expectation that consumers are responsible to pay employees additional is a bit absurd. I’m not saying I don’t tip, I do b/c it’s the expectation, but I do think it was brilliant on the industries part to trick their customers into paying their bills.

  • I CANTTTT BREATHHHH LMAOOO. 11 cents? I would give the poor guy Atleast 4$ You guys are cheep asses man. If it was me I would have thrown the 11 cents on your face and took the pizza back.

  • Wtffffff. At least tip the guy 5$ You guys are cheap asses. You should thank god he only gave you attitude if it was me I would thrown the 11 cents on your face and took the pizza back.

  • So, I think the $2.11 tip was fine on the $14.00 pizza. That’s almost 15% and I don’t know if people are assuming that the delivery guy or gal is like the server, but he/she is not. The delivery people I know got paid at least minimum wage, whereby as a server, we would get paid I believe $2.00 less than the minimum wage. So the pizza deliverer starts with a greater base hourly wage – the delivery person DOES NOT live off tips the way servers do.

    He did not get paid $2.11 to get up off the couch and drive 4 miles to deliver the pizza because 1) he got paid by the pizza business for the time spent in the car and might have gotten paid for gas as well, depending on the establishment, 2) most pizza delivery places limit delivery to 1-2 mile radius (that’s roughly 4-5 minute drive each way IF the deliverer was ONLY delivering to one house) and 3) in all likelihood, the pizza person was delivering to more than one house. Most pizza places make pizzas and keep them warm in the box on top of the pizza stove and when they have several orders, they put them in insulated bags and deliver SEVERAL orders in one trip.

    Finally, all the pizza deliverers I know bring in about $100 in tips (I live in a city/town of about 50,000 people), plus they make the hourly minimum wage. As a waitress, I made $100 per night but made a lower hourly wage. Then again, maybe the delivery person pays for gas or maybe the boss pays some gas with prices being so high now.

    The point is, if you do the math, the pizza person probably drove 2 miles each way and served an average of 3-4 houses, so 4 miles and 4 houses = 1 mile per house and if gas is $4.00/gallon at most and the car goes 25 gallons average, its costing the delivery person 16 cents per delivery. Assuming for sake of low-balling that it took the person 1 hour to do all the deliveries (he was slow) and each person’s order was measly $15.00 with a $2.11 tip. 4 houses x 2.11 = 8.44 for a really slow and cheap hour of orders. If his/her wage is $7.25/hour (minimum wage), then the worst orders’ tip of $2.11 brings his wage up to $15.69/hour minus the .64 in gas, so roughly $15.00 an hour MINIMUM.

    There was no reason for the guy to sulk at the tip. It was decent. Maybe he was just a grouchy guy or mad about something else.

    • I am a pizza delivery guy in California and I get paid 3 dollars per pizza delivered plus whatever the tip was and there isn’t any compensation for gas. I’m not sure exactly how its legal that they don’t pay minimum wage on top of that, but it has something to do with being considered a contractor instead of an employee of the company. There are quite a few pizza places in the area I know that do this practice to save money. Most of the time only one house is delivered in a trip and its usually farther than 2 miles. There have been slow days when the tipping was really bad, and after paying for gas I’ve made far less than minimum wage which really sucks. I live off tips the same way servers do in other states that have less labor laws than California. I would say that as a minimum, $3 is kinda decent and $5 is a good average for most orders.

  • When an order is less than $20.00 it’s good practice to leave $3.00

  • Don’t get minimum wage here. $6 an hr. minimum wage is 7.25. For every delivery you get a $1. Which is supposed to be your mileage reimbursement. Also on a slow day you get maybe make 12-30 a day. That’s working 5-6 hrs w 7-12 deliveries. That’s in Philadelphia center city area. I have to pay the parking meter. Generally tip should be $3 per delivery.

    Minimum wage at 7.25 ft will get you $435. I get $288 guaranteed bi-weekly. I still have to scrounge up $147. Just to get minimum wage. Fat chance of doing that if I’m getting $12 a day. Oh and if it’s slow you get booted out so you can’t even collect a full 8 hr day. Don’t complain about how maybe you should get paid to show up for work. Wear and tear on your car for driving to work. You get a fair wage you get to show up for work park your car and leave at the end of the day. My old job was a 15 min ride away. I didn’t have to pay gas till a week and a half. I’m filling up my gas every 4 days now.

    Now on a good day you can earn 100 if you manage to make 25 deliveries and they all happen to tip $3.

  • Just think how you would feel if you were that person that is what drivers live of… i usually give 5 bucks at least but 3 is decent atleast i give 5 thats just me though

  • Wow, a lot of really cheap people here. Sad and pathetic. 3 Dollars minimum on any order. 4-5 should be standard. If you can’t afford a proper tip don’t order delivery you morons.

  • Consider it costs on average 60.8 cents per mile to own and operate a vehicle. Also consider that a delivery driver has to make the round trip. So multiply the distance between your house and the restaurant by 2. Then multiply that by 60.8 cents and you get a figure that tells you how much the driver is spending out of his/her pocket just to drive to your house. If you live 2.5 miles from the pizza place it cost the driver $3.04 for the round trip. If you tip the driver $2, the driver would then be losing money. Stop being cheap. Also understand that just because the driver appears almost magically at your doorstep there is a lot of work they need to do before magically appearing there.

  • This is beyond ridiculous, the tipping scheme here in the US. Yes I am here performing an audit, but come on Ive lived all around the world and its ridiculous how prices are here: x + tax + tip!!! Anywhere in the world the price you pay is the price in the menu, tipps are for rounding the bill nothing else. 58,30 euro family meal, give 60 euros, thats a 3% tip and nobody will complain if you ask for the change. And you know what? Waiters and taxi drivers live much better in europe than in the US. So the problem is the Industry not the people that you say are cheap for not tipping.
    Instead of complaining about bad tipsters, complain about ur only profit driven government that does not create laws for the employeer to provide you with a decent salary!
    Also I am reading now that you are expected to tip for cleaning my room at the hotel every day? I am here working, my company pays 250$ a night to the hotel and I am suppose to give 5$ from my own money for a service that is included in the hotel price? You gotta be kidding me, its a really fckd up society the US

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