Motif #1–Rockport MA circa 1954

Old Photos 54 -0001

Courtesy – David B. Cox


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5 Responses to Motif #1–Rockport MA circa 1954

  1. Fredrik Bodin says:

    Very nice photo. I can’t quite make out the words on the roof of Motif No.1: “Rockport, ?, and ?.

  2. MarjieJ. says:

    This photo was taken just after I was born! It was still like this at the time I can remember it from, about 6 yrs old. It is a wonderful memory! Thank you. It was a different kind of charm then, almost old world. I love the charm we have today too, country and comforting!

  3. Harriet Harding says:

    I was born during the summer of 1954 and spent those first few months of life and each summer of my childhood after that over at Wingaersheek in our family “Bungalow.” Great Photo! Thanks for sharing it!

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