Paint Factory Restoration – Progress on “E” Building

IMG_0285  Ian Kerr from Ocean Alliance takes notes on progress at the Paint Factory.

They have come a long way. Removed all the paint pasted to the floors, installed radiate heat in the floors, all new walls inside, carpeting, plumbing, yet maintaining as much of the original wood as possible.

See GMG Video on the beginning.

The “E” Building is becoming a love of hard work and dedication.

This will be one of Gloucester’s Pride Land Mark.

GMG will keep you posted on this project.

Below are some photos of the Progress:



However Much More has to be done.


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11 Responses to Paint Factory Restoration – Progress on “E” Building

  1. wm Skipper Publicover says:

    GREAT to see progress after such a long time at Tarr & Wonsons’ !

  2. unfortunately this will be the only building standing there pretty soon. so much for their historic renovation. Very disappointed in their efforts.

  3. Great post and also fun to see you today at Cape Ann Giclee

  4. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Paul. What a farce!!

  5. Dona Lambert says:

    Looks great. Thanks for the update. Dona

  6. J.C. says:


  7. schooner39 says:

    Ocean Alliance purchased the property prior to the economic collapse of 2008 At the time of purchase they had a grander plan and a sincere passion for restoration. Shortly thereafter reality set in budgetwise. I am not close to the situation but I believe Ian Kerr deserves our praise.

  8. fredrikdbodin says:

    I think Ian Kerr has done the best he could with the Paint Factory, considering the economic circumstances. He’s made a commitment to Gloucester to relocate Ocean Alliance here. The City has stated that we need more marine research facilities on the waterfront, on vacant lots such as I4-C2. I’m very sorry to hear about the demise of Cape Pond Ice facility on the Fort, which will hopefully become a location for another marine-related business.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Gloucester needs more praise for people trying to do the right thing and less criticism from folks who haven’t thought through the big picture!

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