Over at Joey’s-


About Sharon

My passions include photography, music, people, teaching, learning, taking risks and asking "I wonder what would happen if I..."
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5 Responses to Over at Joey’s-

  1. Fredrik Bodin says:

    Like it Sharon! Whether PS or not, it looks great. I love that the only color is the life raft on top of the vessel, lower right. I also like the partially resided building above it. Thanks.

  2. Sharon says:

    Thanks,Fred! Nope, the color’s all real. Only PS was levels. There are a couple of others on FB. https://www.facebook.com/sharon.lowe.737

    • Fredrik Bodin says:

      Yes, Mother Nature is better than PS, so good for you! Your FB photo makes you look like a Pirate! Good for you – I’m a pirate too!

  3. Paula O'Brien says:

    Great shots! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Silver Ripple Cottage says:

    Love the vertical and horizontal lines!!

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