Turkey alert in my yard



About David B. Cox

Photographer and Art and Antique Dealer
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7 Responses to Turkey alert in my yard

  1. fb says:

    those robins on main st. told these guys you were serving hot dogs and beans.. word gets around, chef..

  2. Deb Nypaver says:

    That’s fantastic! Great photo…I’d love to have seen that.

  3. Sarah says:

    There are wild turkeys roaming around Gloucester/ Cape Ann? I’ve heard i they roam around wild in other parts of Mass. just surprised right here lol. Wonder where in Gloucester this is approx? :)

  4. E.J. says:

    Great shot, beautiful birds. I love seeing the wild turkeys roaming around Gloucester, although they can be a little aggressive and don’t move out of the way willingly.

  5. Joanne says:

    I had them roost right in my driveway two different times in a year…..crazy and exciting. I live up on Washington Street and have seen them down by Plum Cove beach in the past.

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