Downton Abbey Season Three Finale: Is Matthew Really Dead?

Downton Abbey Matthew and MarySpoiler Alert: Was anyone not left in a puddle of tears after the season three cliffhanger of Downton Abbey? My daughter is convinced Mathew is dead; I however am hopeful. How can they kill off Mathew—he has survived the trenches of WWI, a near fatal war injury (including paralysis), single-handedly saved Downton from financial ruin, and only moments before the car crash, became a new father with the love of his life, Mary.

Heartless producers! I hope they work out their contract dispute with the actor Dan Stevens. It’s not too late to revive him!


Downton Abbey Christmas Special

Liv sends this video along–a bit of British humor to keep we Downton fans from thinking about that terrible visual of Mathew lying crushed beneath his auto, with our favorite butler Carson singing Rumor Has It, Moves Like Jagger, and Put a Ring On It.


  • Oh my gosh! That video is GREAT! I laughed out loud, at work! Thanks for making my afternoon.

    As far as Matthew goes, I’m afaid he is gone. I believe I read that it was his choice. It will give the writers all sorts of options to deal with Mary. I really didn’t like it becaue of the tagedy with Sybil only two weeks ago.

    It will be interesting to see what happens next. Thank Heaven for Maggie Smith and her quips and “looks”. She keeps it going.

    • I laughed out loud too Paula.

      You and Elizabeth and Kathleen know your Downton–just wishful thinking on my part, and as you said, especially dismaying after Sybil. Maggie Smith plays that role spectacularly and with such finesse–she is most perfectly cast!

  • I’m afraid Matthew is REALLY dead. An interview in the NYT with Julian Fellowes confirms that the actors who played Matthew and Sybil both wanted out so they could pursue other opportunities. He gave them the option of returning but they chose to go. He sent them out in style. Sad, teary style.

  • I think Sybil’s husband is going to step in working the farm lands..Cc

  • Thanks for putting the spoiler in the title, above the spoiler alert…

  • I had already seen the spoilers on YouTube so knew what was coming. I wasn’t real nuts about Matthew so am not upset about. However, I was very upset about the stag that got shot…

  • In the words of Joey C…. OY VEY!

  • Oh,please,Kim. Cc

  • I think the internet rule for spoilers is – once it’s aired in all times zones, it’s free game.

    Also – Maggie Smith makes this show entirely. I love her so much! As far as Matthew, I really wish they’d have thought of another way to get rid of him. It just seemed…shoehorned in there. But hey, as long as they keep having gorgeous period costumes, I’m in.

    • Maggie Smith is fantastic–love her endless one line zingers. The costumes make it for me too–and the sets–the season finale’s maternity ward set was impeccable.

  • Sad to see Matthew go; it will be hard to replace his perfect hair…

  • dont miss maggie smith in “quartet” playing at liberty tree movie theatre.

  • Yes, terribly sad about Matthew. He was a great character. But thank goodness Mags is still in it!!

  • That’s what he gets for driving on the left side of the road!

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